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Survivor Thoughts – Episode 3

February 25, 2010 4 comments

Not sure if I’m going to recap Survivor.  I do love the show, but Dalton Ross does it so well, and it’s not as easy to recap as the Idol competition.  Let’s just try some random thoughts and see how that goes.

What I will say is that 99% of my friends are really missing out by not watching this show.  Still one of the best shows on television, and this season’s cast is off-the-hook.  I could watch Boston Rob and Russell all day.  I’m glad to see Parvati already has his game.

Russell’s up to his old tricks again, hiding the machete to drive everyone crazy.  A better move than the socks he hid last season.

Oh boy.  We’ve got Coach and his Tai-Chi again.  This time he’s singing.  Although he is considerably less annoying than last time around.  No dragonslayer yet.  And I am enjoying his “relationship” with Jerri.  At least it gives me a reason to not mind when Jerri’s on screen.

This season is so interesting.  With so many past winners, it’s hard to make any predictions.  Normally, you would see all the former winners go first, but there are so many, and frankly most of them are less of a threat than are people like Cirie, Candace, Amanda, Boston Rob, Russell, etc.

I do hope they get rid of James ASAP.  Remind me why he’s on the “Heroes” team?  He’s certainly no longer a hero.  Those suspecting ‘roid rage are most probably on-the-mark.

On to the reward challenge.  They’re playing for the luxury items they brought with them.  Wow.  Tom beats Russell in about 1.5 seconds.  Candace takes Parvati out.  Coach vs. Rupert.  The Dragonslayer vs. The Pirate.  Out goes Coach.  Cirie easily takes Jerri down.  What’s going on with the Villains in this challenge?  Next, JT takes Tyson out.  What’s up with Tyson kissing JT?  That guy is hilarious.  And Amanda takes Danielle out.  Can Colby take Boston Rob?  WOW.  That one surprised me?  I figured Boston Rob would best the fading Colby.  And for the win, Randy vs. James.  HAHAHAHA.  Nowhere near a contest.

Of course, James needs to curse out Randy after his victory.  What is it with this guy?

Turns out, this is also an immunity challenge, and the Heroes have very deservingly one.  Finally time for the Villains to turn on one another.  As Randy points out, the girls are turning it on pretty thick to sway the game in their direction.  Randy is also right that they should get Parvati out right now.  She has way too many friends on the other side.

Parvati’s charms sure aren’t working on Coach, who I must reiterate is a whole lot less annoying this season.  A lot.  Well, at least until he started going on about how he is the only honorable person out there now.

It looks like it’s coming down to Randy vs. Parvati.  Jerri Mantaray wants to punch Parvati in the face.  I love Parvati’s comments.  “She is the fakest fakey McGee I have ever met.  She’s just a big old cougar.”

And the loser is…RANDY.  Poor guy.  That was a mistake on the Villains’ part.  They really should have gotten rid of Parvati.  Randy has no game and would never win.  I wonder what happened behind-the-scenes, because it sounded like Jerri was so focused on voting Parvati out, and the only other name they read was one for – gasp – Boston Rob.  And that was just a “message” from Randy.

At least none of my favorites are gone yet.

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American Idol – Live-Blogging Elimination Show 1

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh no!  Group performance.  Not too bad.  Clear reminder, however, that the girls ARE better than the boys this year.  Again – that’s not saying much.

Ugh.  Haeley is safe.  So we have to contend with Paris II for at least another week.

Between Katie & Janelle.  So sad.  Janelle is the first to go.  Not fair, but I guess I didn’t vote,  so I have no right to really complain.  I liked her, and she is most definitely better than most of the guys.

Oh how I love my Allison Iraheta.  I like the song, too.  Unfortunately another counterpoint to how bad the folks are this year.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  Paige is safe.  Take that, Slezak.

Whoa – Lacey is safe?  No way.  She was universally panned.

Now it’s between Didi and Ashley.  Buh-bye, Ashley.  No surprise.  You made a really bad choice and you have way too much attitude.  Stop being so pissed off.  It was your mistake, and you’re not as good as you think you are.

Time for the boys.  First up…Big Mike.  SHOCKER – he’s safe!  This one’s never going away.

John Park is safe too.  Good for him.  He was blah, but good to know America isn’t too racist.  He was certainly better than most of the boys.

Yay for Todrick.  Was certainly worried about him.  He screwed up last night, but he is definitely talented.

So it’s between Tim Urban and Joe Munoz.  Oops.  Spoke too soon.  America IS racist.  Tim, the worst performance of the night, is safe.  Joe goes home.  I wasn’t a fan, but he didn’t deserve it.

Up next…performance by Kris Allen.  I do feel bad that I haven’t made any effort to listen to his music, after campaigning hard for him to win.

Ryan announces that “Idol Gives Back” is back.  And here’s Kris Allen!  He just got back from Haiti.  How can you not like him.  Did Glambert go to Haiti?!?!?!?

Chris’ performance tonight is apparently available on iTunes, and 100% of the proceeds go to Haiti.  Ah, nice.  He’s singing “Let It Be”.  Guess I still won’t be getting familiar with his original music.  Amazing.  This guy really looks and sounds exactly like he did a year ago.  I wonder if he’ll ever really feel more like a “star”.  I’m impressed that Idol is actually trying to pimp him out.  I thought they were going to just pretend as if he didn’t win.

Performance paled into that of Allison Iraheta, unfortunately.  Too bad her song’s proceeds don’t go to Haiti.

OK.  Final men’s results.  Casey James is safe.  No surprise there.  Where there is a big surprise is that Jermaine Sellers is safe.  He was horrific.

Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia are both safe, much to no one’s surprise.

So we’re left with Tyler the ’70’s wannabe, and Carol Brady.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Carol Brady is safe!  He deserved it.  His voice was great.  He could be a sleeper.  EDDY – put your money on Carol Brady.  No sadness over Tyler’s departure.  He and Ashley can take their attitudes and head off into the sunset together.

Fare The Well, Janelle, Ashley, Joe, and Tyler.  We hardly knew ye.  Truly.

Were you happy with the result?

American Idol Recap – The Mehn – First Look

February 24, 2010 2 comments

AKA – The Worst Crop Of Men In Nine Seasons

Oh boy.  I now understand why they are saying this is the year of the girls.  Not necessarily because they are particularly good, but because the guys are particularly bad.  Wow.  Really?  This is the best 12?

Some great comments from Simon tonight.  My favorites:

  • “If you lose it tonight or you forget the words…your career is over.” – introductory words to the group
  • “I think you’ve totally blown your opportunity tonight.” – to Jermaine Sellers
  • “We absolutely made the right decision the first time around by not putting you through.” – to Tim Urban
  • “You come across as someone who’s gone to ‘Pretend To Be A Rock Star School'” – to Tyler Grady
  • “I don’t know who was happier for that to end, you or me.” – to Alex Lambert
  • “Obviously, the cougar here loves you” – to Casey James about Kara

A horrific night on Idol.  Saved by the last two performances.

Todrick Hall – “Since U Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson
Already liked him based on his original song during his audition, then I learned he was in the Color Purple with Fantasia, which earned him a lot of points.  Really liked that he changed up the song, but he definitely changed it way too much.  Simon was really harsh on him, but you know, it was pretty fair.  It did little so little justice to one of the greatest pop songs in the last five years.  That being said, I still like him.  Hope he doesn’t go.

Aaron Kelly – “Here Comes Goodbye” – Rascal Flats
Good voice.  Really nothing special.  “Absolutely, positively will be here next week.” Really?   I feel terrible saying this, but is this kid good looking enough to be the American Idol?  I guess the judges are hearing something I didn’t this week.  He strikes me as a less good-looking, less talented David Archuletta.  And I can assure you I’m no Archie fan.

Jermaine Sellers – “Get Here” – Oleta Adams
Started off really gross.  Got better in the middle.  Overall, not good though.  Flat, sharp, pitchy, thin,  ick.  And anytime he just sang the melody, it was unbearable.

Tim Urban – “Apologize” – One Republic
Best looking guy this season.  Reminds me a little of Ace Young, but with an eh voice with a terrible falsetto.  Why would he choose that song?  The recognizable portion is the falsetto, and he has none.  He was awkward and weird.  But I bet he goes through because of his looks and his having originally been rejected.

Joe Munoz – “You and I” – Jason Mraz
Well, he got the first “For Me, For You” of the season from Randy.  Kara said he was the best of the night.  And sadly, sadly, that may be true.  Agree with Simon – forgettable and limp.  But the best  so far.

Tyler Grady – “American Woman” – The Guess Who
Guy has attitude, confidence, and a definite look.  Wasn’t off key.  Didn’t annoy me.  Wow.  That’s all I have to say?  As you can tell, I’m really enjoying tonight so far.

Lee Dewyze – “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol
I bet everyone watching knows five guys like this.  Doesn’t come across as anything  special.  Aside from the fact that he actually plays guitar, it was honestly like a bad Karaoke performance.  Simon thought this was the best performance by a mile?  Wow.  Well, I guess we’ll get another chance to hear what we think.

John Park – “God Bless The Child”
Didn’t love him, but for me, most definitely head and shoulders above everyone else tonight.  He can actually sing.  I do understand Simon’s commentary though.  You do have to have an amazing voice to tackle that song and there was little connection with the audience.

Michael “Big Mike” Lynche – “This Love” – Maroon 5
Ewww.   Ewww.  Ewww.  Wait – Ewww.  I have zero interest in this guy.   I haven’t from the very beginning.  Still have no clue why the judges are in love with him.  Ewww.  Can’t stand him.

Alex Lambert – “Wonderful World” – Sam Cooke
Aside from having Carol Brady’s hairstyle, I really liked him, to my surprise.  I was actually typing while I listened, so I didn’t notice all the performance issues.  He did actually sound really good.  Poor thing.  So he was scared.  He was wearing a Carol Brady wig.

Casey James – “Heaven” – Bryan Adams
Thank the good Lord.  There is a male contestant with star potential  Good song choice.  Good performance.  Good looking.  Kara needs to get her hormones under control.  Eddy – buy Casey James on InTrade immediately.

Andrew Garcia – “Sugar We Are Going Down” – Fall Out Boy
First of all, dude is a stay-at-home dad.  Great guy.  Thought he was terrific.  Kind of surprised to hear the judges’ reaction.  He was 3000 times better than everyone except Casey, and he was still twice as good as Casey.   Best comments from Twitter: “Is it just me, or does Andrew Garcia look like a latino Danny Gokey with a tattoo on his neck?” and “Is it just me, or does Andrew Garcia look like that old man from ‘Up’?”

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Alex Garcia
  2. Casey James
  3. Alex Lambert
  4. John Park
  5. Joe Munoz
  6. Tyler Grady
  7. Lee Dewyze
  8. Aaron Kelly
  9. Todrick Hall
  10. Jermaine Sellers
  11. Tim Urban
  12. Big Mike

Who I want to go home: Big Mike & Jermaine Sellers

Who I think will go home: Anyone could, except Casey & Alex, Gross Big Mike,  Simon’s improbable love, Lee Dewyze.  I’m going to put my money on the minorities, though, because as they say in Avenue Q, “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist.”  So say goodbye to some combination of Jermaine Sellers, John Park, and Todrick Hall.

I hope Carol Brady makes it through another week.  And did I say I hope Big Mike goes home?  Just wanted to be clear about that one.

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American Idol – The Lizzadies, Take 1

February 23, 2010 2 comments

Idol  is back.  I just love the live shows.  The past few weeks, there has been no contest for me between Idol and Lost.  I watch Lost ASAP, and I watch Idol afterward.  But once it’s about the singing and once it’s live, I want  to be live too.  Lost will just have to wait. Here goes…

Paige Miles – “All Right Now”, Bad Company
Despite the fact that the poor thing got virtually no air time prior to this week, she made great impression.  What a strong performance.  Possibly the strongest opening performance I have seen on Idol.   Looking forward to many more.

Ashley Rodriguez– “Happy”,  Leona Lewis
OK.  I still do not understand where these people come from.  How can you come out on your first-go and tackle a Mariah, Whitney, Celine song?  How many times have we been taught our lesson about this.  Now Leona Lewis is not up there with the previous three, but the marketing machine is sure trying to make her so.  Ashley has a great voice, but it was most definitely obscured by the fact that most of the viewing public knows and associates this song with Leona.  I think Ashley deserves to go simply based on the stupid decision.

Janelle Wheeler – “What About Love”, Heart
Great song that I never think about.  Eh performance.  A mere shadow of how amazing she was during Hollywood Week.  Song choice again.  Good song, not for her.  I am going to write a book about song choice.  It will be two pages.  Not that difficult.  What I like though is that she took it so much better than did Ashley Rodriguez, who was pissy and annoyed.  Bad strategy, Ashley.  Good on you, Janelle.

Lilly Scott – “Fix A Hole”, The Beatles
This girl really seems like the real deal.  Amazing talent.  Didn’t love the song and this particular performance that much, but I think she  has such a nuanced voice.  What’s with her  look.  I don’t completely get  it.  Simon doesn’t think she has star power.  Possibly because that terrible hair color makes her look all washed out.  She looks like she has really nice parents.  So why has she been living out of her car?

Katelyn Epperly – “Oh Darlin”, The Beatles
I just loved this performance.  She sung the hell out of that song and made is sexy and sultry and very different from the original.  She definitely deserves to go through.

Haeley Vaughan – “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”
Why is she dressed like a dirty nurse?   I thought her performance was screachy and strident.  I really want to not find her annoying.  Really.  But I can’t.  I fear she is going to become like Paris Bennett to me.  I love Simon Cowell – “You were like a wind-up doll who couldn’t stop smiling throughout the performance.”  He was, as usual, correct.  A mess.

Lacey Brown – “Landslide”, Fleetwood Mac
I just like her personality and her determination.  She took the rejection last year very well, and she approached this year with a lot of maturity and dignity.  I thought the performance was kind of gross, unfortunately.

Michelle Delamor – “Fallin'”, Alicia Keys
Yeah, she’s beautiful.  Totally agree with Kara – she’s very commercial looking.  It’s pretty clear to me that the Idol machine wants her to go far.  I think she’s just OK.  Or at least, she was just OK tonight.  I also agree with Kara that she wasn’t quite believable.

Didi Benami – “The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson
I really liked her.  No artifice.  Just flat-out good singing.  No vocal gymnastics or crazy belting.  Great song choice for her.  Seemed to really fit her.  Fair for Simon to say that too many people are trying to sound like Adele and Duffy, but I think he was a bit hard on her.

Siobhan Magnus – “Wicked Game” – Chris Isaac
Interesting.  Good voice.  Weird to hear that song sung that way.  She reminds me of Anna Paquin for some reason.

Crystal Bowersox – “Hand In My Pocket” – Alanis Morissette
Great performance.  Hard to hear anyone but Alannis sing that song, but she did a good job.  I agree with the judges – she’ll be a lot better.  She was my favorite coming in.  Mama Sox.

Katie Stevens – “Feelin Good” – Michael Buble
Who knew this was Michael Buble’s song?  Um…I guess she’s doing his version?  Idol machine really likes Katie Stevens.  They gave her the power slot.  Good thing I like her too.  Nothing particularly original or interesting about her, but she has a very solid voice.  I thought the performance itself was better than they gave her credit for, but things sound different in person.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Paige Miles
  2. Crystal Bowersox
  3. Katelyn Epperly
  4. Lilly Scott
  5. Didi Benami
  6. Katie Stevens
  7. Siobhan Magnus
  8. Michelle Delamor
  9. Janelle Wheeler
  10. Ashley Rodriguez
  11. Lacey Brown
  12. Haeley Vaughan

Who I think should go home: Haeley Vaughan, Ashley Rodriguez

Who I think will go home: Ashley Rodriguez, Lacey Brown (maybe Didi Benami?)

I’m not quite sure why everyone’s touting this year as the women’s year.  The only people I think are really special right now are Paige Miles, Crystal Bowersox, and Lilly Scott.  But there wasn’t anyone even approaching the chills I got on first hearing Fantasia, LaToya London, or even Amy Adams in Season 3, Katharine McPhee, Mandisa, or Paris Bennett in Season 5, or Mindy Doo or Kiki in Season 6.  Am I hearing things wrong?

Check out the following recaps from folks I like…
Michael Slezak’s Recap

American Idol – Hollywood Week – Group Day

February 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Why, oh why do they have the Idol contestants perform a group number in the final Hollywood Round every year?  It never really makes any sense to me.  This is a competition to find the singular American Idol each year – a star.  I’m sure there are better ways to judge their talent than in a group.  Who cares if they work well together?  Who cares if they can collaborate?  I remember in Season Five, Elliott Yamin’s group was completely dysfunctional, and their screen time made us think Elliott was an arrogant punk, when he was actually anything but.  I suppose they like the opportunity to stir up some drama and show us the contestants’ personalities?  Again, reminder to self.  Don’t tune in next year until after Hollywood Week is over.

I suppose they needed to create some drama and tension, since there was little suspense in who made it through to the next round.  As the cuts took the group of 96 down to a still-huge-71, only the eggregiously bad seemed to be cut in this round.

Not a lot of individual performances to comment on tonight, since we heard at most ten seconds of any one performer.  A few thoughts on the contestants…

  • What was up with all the Gaga and Gwen Stefani?  The songs those groups chose didn’t exactly show off their voices and are too strongly associated with their original performers to be enjoyable.
  • Janell Wheeler, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, and Katie Stevens seem to be locks for the final 24.  Kara even told Katie “you could be the potential winner” for no particular reason.  And since it came from Kara, Katie shouldn’t be getting too excited.
  • I still think Mary Powers is terrific, despite the fact that they tried to portray her as a diva monster tonight and the fact that she creepily reminds me of Lisa Rinna.
  • Tim Urban, while attractive and strong-voiced, bugs me in that same way that Ace Young did.  He’s too self-conscious of his not-as-good-as-he-thinks-they-are-looks and doesn’t evoke any emotion when he sings.  And he seems even more contrived than did Ace.
  • The new folks I’m rallying behind tonight are the Jermaines – Sellers and Purifory.  I just wrote wow next to their names.  Look forward to seeing more.
  • Buh-Bye, Amanda the drama queen.  Thank goodness.  We don’t need another Mikayla Gordon.
  • I’m still not really grooving on Michael “Big Mike” Lynche and I’m still disturbed that he skipped the birth of his first child.

I am still really loving Ellen.  She’s funny – not hammy – and not sappy at all.  She’s able to be direct without being offensive.  I knew she would be a good addition.

Gokey Alert: During a flashback to last year, I was surprised to see how much thinner and more attractive Danny Gokey was during the early rounds.  I understand why he developed an early fan base.  Still confused as to why he made it to 3rd place, outlasting Allison Irahetta last year.

Burning Questions: What happened to the big Coke sponsorship that seemed to be in place since the beginning of Idol history?  It looks like the judges all had weird Vitamin Water mugs on the table in front of them.  Did Vitamin Water really pony up enough to unseat Coke from their mega-sponsorship?  And why didn’t they just give them bottles that look like what they sell at retail?

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American Idol – Hollywood Week Round 1

Amid my excitement at the end of the now very routine preliminary rounds, I forgot that I don’t  really start loving this show until it goes live with the final 24.  I think it’s the live aspect of this show that makes it so exciting, as well as the opportunity to see full performances and full critiques.  Since the fourth season or so, Hollywood Round has been condensed and edited down so much that it’s still hard to develop opinions or significant attachments to anyone.  But of the moments we were allowed to see…


  • Lilly Scott may have been my favorite of the night.  Not sure how to describe her style, which included long platinum/purple hair, but I certainly didn’t expect her to sing Ella Fitzgerald, or that voice to come out of her.  Amazing.  So unique.  Sounds like she could already be a star.
  • Andrew Garcia sang a very cool version of “Straight Up” by our dearly departed Paul Abdul.  Kara thought it was “genius”.  I think that was a bit much.  But it was very good.
  • Crystal BowerSox (is that a real last name?), the single mom who looks like she’s 16, but is really 24 sang an acoustic version of  “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.”  This song always makes me think of Kelly Clarkson’s performance in season one, but it was so different, and in some ways, almost as good.
  • Mary Powers.  Wow.  What a powerful voice.  Wow.

Strong Contendors

  • The show started off with Katie Stevens singing “For Once In My Life”.  She was terrific, attractive, and picked a great song.
  • Having met her at last week’s auditions, we see Haeley Vaughan again, and she’s terrific.  I’m not sure I have ever seen an African-American woman sing country music.  She’s 16, adorable, and I’ve never seen anyone quite like her.
  • Didi Benami took some horrific Kara DioGuardi song and made it sound amazing.  She’s got a great voice and should do well.
  • Michael Lynche sang a good acoustic version of John Mayer’s “Waitin’ For The World To Change” after learning that his wife’s water broke and having virtually no reaction.  He really chose this above being there for the birth of his first child?  The guy is 26.  He could certainly come back next year.
  • Casey James. Somewhat hot shirtless guy.  American will love him.  No sparks from this end just yet.

The Bombs

  • Most eggregious were the woman who did a completely merit-free version of Left-Eye’s rap from “Waterfalls” and the guy who butchered Anita Baker’s classic, “Sweet Love”.
  • Vanessa from the south who came to Hollywood on her first trip in an “air-o-plane”.  Ewwwwwwww.  Ellen says she is unique, but hiding inside and scared to death.  I just heard gross.  But in the end “we say goodbye to the country girl who stole our hearts.”  At least she got to ride on an air-o-plane.
  • Maddie Curtis. Bad song.  Bad performance.  But her dress was worse, which got no comment whatsoever.
  • Jay Stone.  The guy who beatboxes and sings at the same time.  Not sure why they put him through in the first place.  He was no Blake Lewis.
  • I’m sorry, Eddy, but Skiiboski – Ellen told him he was scary.  He was simply not talented.  Goodbye.


  • Tim Urban sang a serviceable version of David Cook’s “Come Back To Me”.  It never fails to surprise me when people choose to sing songs by former Idols.  He was fine, but I didn’t expect him to move on.  He did.
  • We saw a couple of brief moment of the very attractive good-voiced cancer survivor Justin Williams who somewhat inexplicably was not passed through to the next round.

Enjoyable episode, but not incredibly exciting.  Ellen was a great addition to the mix, as I suspected she would be.

What did you think?

Navigating the Digital Frontier – Session 4

Session 4 – CONTENT: Digital Publishing – Building, Growing, Monetizing, and Managing a Digital Content Business

Content companies (TV networks, magazines, newspapers)  have all expanded into the digital sphere.  Publishers often manage some of the most sophisticated sites on the web and are locked in a competitive battle for consumers’ attention.  Journalism and the future of publishing are among the most hotly debated topics in media today, with some pundits heralding the commoditization of content while others still insist that content is king.  This session will cover the major issues facing digital publishers today and will give students a basic understanding of the best practices and considerations when running a content business.  Students will study the skills necessary to run a profitable web publishing business, including revenue generation and audience development.  This is a key practice to build and maintain a site’s audience using tactics such as web design, SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, web usability, and writing for the web.

Guest Speaker:

Michael Wertheim, Digital Media Management Consultant/Acting General Manager, Observer Media Group; Former General Manager, (Entertainment Weekly).

Michael Wertheim is an independent Digital Media Management Consultant, currently at an engagement as Acting General Manager at The Observer Media Group.  With more than 10 years experience in the digital media industry, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge in launching, building, growing, and monetizing digital products to his clients.

As the General Manager of from 2007-2008, Michael launched Entertainment Weekly’s digital business and oversaw all business and operations, growing the site from 3MM monthly unique visitors to 11MM monthly unique visitors, generating more than $10MM in revenue, and driving the site to profitability.

Prior to his role as General Manager at, Michael held various positions in business development, partnership development, and online marketing at Time Inc. and American Express.  Michael was also a member of the founding team of Smarter Travel Media, where he held various role, including Director of Content Development, Director of Marketing, and Director of Business Development.

Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College, where he concentrated in Media Studies, and received his MBA from Stanford Business School.

Audience Development Strategy for publisher

Assigned Reading:

  • Chapters 10, 11, 14, The Long Tail
  • Chapters 8-10, The Facebook Era

Select Optional Reading:

Digital Publishing/Journalism



Social Media

Email Marketing & RSS

Search Engine Optimization & Link Building

Digital Video

Tablets, eReaders, and Mobile

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