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Navigating the Digital Frontier – Session 4

Session 4 – CONTENT: Digital Publishing – Building, Growing, Monetizing, and Managing a Digital Content Business

Content companies (TV networks, magazines, newspapers)  have all expanded into the digital sphere.  Publishers often manage some of the most sophisticated sites on the web and are locked in a competitive battle for consumers’ attention.  Journalism and the future of publishing are among the most hotly debated topics in media today, with some pundits heralding the commoditization of content while others still insist that content is king.  This session will cover the major issues facing digital publishers today and will give students a basic understanding of the best practices and considerations when running a content business.  Students will study the skills necessary to run a profitable web publishing business, including revenue generation and audience development.  This is a key practice to build and maintain a site’s audience using tactics such as web design, SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, web usability, and writing for the web.

Guest Speaker:

Michael Wertheim, Digital Media Management Consultant/Acting General Manager, Observer Media Group; Former General Manager, EW.com (Entertainment Weekly).

Michael Wertheim is an independent Digital Media Management Consultant, currently at an engagement as Acting General Manager at The Observer Media Group.  With more than 10 years experience in the digital media industry, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge in launching, building, growing, and monetizing digital products to his clients.

As the General Manager of EW.com from 2007-2008, Michael launched Entertainment Weekly’s digital business and oversaw all business and operations, growing the site from 3MM monthly unique visitors to 11MM monthly unique visitors, generating more than $10MM in revenue, and driving the site to profitability.

Prior to his role as General Manager at EW.com, Michael held various positions in business development, partnership development, and online marketing at Time Inc. and American Express.  Michael was also a member of the founding team of Smarter Travel Media, where he held various role, including Director of Content Development, Director of Marketing, and Director of Business Development.

Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard College, where he concentrated in Media Studies, and received his MBA from Stanford Business School.

Audience Development Strategy for publisher

Assigned Reading:

  • Chapters 10, 11, 14, The Long Tail
  • Chapters 8-10, The Facebook Era

Select Optional Reading:

Digital Publishing/Journalism



Social Media

Email Marketing & RSS

Search Engine Optimization & Link Building

Digital Video

Tablets, eReaders, and Mobile

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