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American Idol – Hollywood Week – Group Day

Why, oh why do they have the Idol contestants perform a group number in the final Hollywood Round every year?  It never really makes any sense to me.  This is a competition to find the singular American Idol each year – a star.  I’m sure there are better ways to judge their talent than in a group.  Who cares if they work well together?  Who cares if they can collaborate?  I remember in Season Five, Elliott Yamin’s group was completely dysfunctional, and their screen time made us think Elliott was an arrogant punk, when he was actually anything but.  I suppose they like the opportunity to stir up some drama and show us the contestants’ personalities?  Again, reminder to self.  Don’t tune in next year until after Hollywood Week is over.

I suppose they needed to create some drama and tension, since there was little suspense in who made it through to the next round.  As the cuts took the group of 96 down to a still-huge-71, only the eggregiously bad seemed to be cut in this round.

Not a lot of individual performances to comment on tonight, since we heard at most ten seconds of any one performer.  A few thoughts on the contestants…

  • What was up with all the Gaga and Gwen Stefani?  The songs those groups chose didn’t exactly show off their voices and are too strongly associated with their original performers to be enjoyable.
  • Janell Wheeler, Casey James, Andrew Garcia, and Katie Stevens seem to be locks for the final 24.  Kara even told Katie “you could be the potential winner” for no particular reason.  And since it came from Kara, Katie shouldn’t be getting too excited.
  • I still think Mary Powers is terrific, despite the fact that they tried to portray her as a diva monster tonight and the fact that she creepily reminds me of Lisa Rinna.
  • Tim Urban, while attractive and strong-voiced, bugs me in that same way that Ace Young did.  He’s too self-conscious of his not-as-good-as-he-thinks-they-are-looks and doesn’t evoke any emotion when he sings.  And he seems even more contrived than did Ace.
  • The new folks I’m rallying behind tonight are the Jermaines – Sellers and Purifory.  I just wrote wow next to their names.  Look forward to seeing more.
  • Buh-Bye, Amanda the drama queen.  Thank goodness.  We don’t need another Mikayla Gordon.
  • I’m still not really grooving on Michael “Big Mike” Lynche and I’m still disturbed that he skipped the birth of his first child.

I am still really loving Ellen.  She’s funny – not hammy – and not sappy at all.  She’s able to be direct without being offensive.  I knew she would be a good addition.

Gokey Alert: During a flashback to last year, I was surprised to see how much thinner and more attractive Danny Gokey was during the early rounds.  I understand why he developed an early fan base.  Still confused as to why he made it to 3rd place, outlasting Allison Irahetta last year.

Burning Questions: What happened to the big Coke sponsorship that seemed to be in place since the beginning of Idol history?  It looks like the judges all had weird Vitamin Water mugs on the table in front of them.  Did Vitamin Water really pony up enough to unseat Coke from their mega-sponsorship?  And why didn’t they just give them bottles that look like what they sell at retail?

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