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American Idol Recap – The Mehn – First Look

AKA – The Worst Crop Of Men In Nine Seasons

Oh boy.  I now understand why they are saying this is the year of the girls.  Not necessarily because they are particularly good, but because the guys are particularly bad.  Wow.  Really?  This is the best 12?

Some great comments from Simon tonight.  My favorites:

  • “If you lose it tonight or you forget the words…your career is over.” – introductory words to the group
  • “I think you’ve totally blown your opportunity tonight.” – to Jermaine Sellers
  • “We absolutely made the right decision the first time around by not putting you through.” – to Tim Urban
  • “You come across as someone who’s gone to ‘Pretend To Be A Rock Star School'” – to Tyler Grady
  • “I don’t know who was happier for that to end, you or me.” – to Alex Lambert
  • “Obviously, the cougar here loves you” – to Casey James about Kara

A horrific night on Idol.  Saved by the last two performances.

Todrick Hall – “Since U Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson
Already liked him based on his original song during his audition, then I learned he was in the Color Purple with Fantasia, which earned him a lot of points.  Really liked that he changed up the song, but he definitely changed it way too much.  Simon was really harsh on him, but you know, it was pretty fair.  It did little so little justice to one of the greatest pop songs in the last five years.  That being said, I still like him.  Hope he doesn’t go.

Aaron Kelly – “Here Comes Goodbye” – Rascal Flats
Good voice.  Really nothing special.  “Absolutely, positively will be here next week.” Really?   I feel terrible saying this, but is this kid good looking enough to be the American Idol?  I guess the judges are hearing something I didn’t this week.  He strikes me as a less good-looking, less talented David Archuletta.  And I can assure you I’m no Archie fan.

Jermaine Sellers – “Get Here” – Oleta Adams
Started off really gross.  Got better in the middle.  Overall, not good though.  Flat, sharp, pitchy, thin,  ick.  And anytime he just sang the melody, it was unbearable.

Tim Urban – “Apologize” – One Republic
Best looking guy this season.  Reminds me a little of Ace Young, but with an eh voice with a terrible falsetto.  Why would he choose that song?  The recognizable portion is the falsetto, and he has none.  He was awkward and weird.  But I bet he goes through because of his looks and his having originally been rejected.

Joe Munoz – “You and I” – Jason Mraz
Well, he got the first “For Me, For You” of the season from Randy.  Kara said he was the best of the night.  And sadly, sadly, that may be true.  Agree with Simon – forgettable and limp.  But the best  so far.

Tyler Grady – “American Woman” – The Guess Who
Guy has attitude, confidence, and a definite look.  Wasn’t off key.  Didn’t annoy me.  Wow.  That’s all I have to say?  As you can tell, I’m really enjoying tonight so far.

Lee Dewyze – “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol
I bet everyone watching knows five guys like this.  Doesn’t come across as anything  special.  Aside from the fact that he actually plays guitar, it was honestly like a bad Karaoke performance.  Simon thought this was the best performance by a mile?  Wow.  Well, I guess we’ll get another chance to hear what we think.

John Park – “God Bless The Child”
Didn’t love him, but for me, most definitely head and shoulders above everyone else tonight.  He can actually sing.  I do understand Simon’s commentary though.  You do have to have an amazing voice to tackle that song and there was little connection with the audience.

Michael “Big Mike” Lynche – “This Love” – Maroon 5
Ewww.   Ewww.  Ewww.  Wait – Ewww.  I have zero interest in this guy.   I haven’t from the very beginning.  Still have no clue why the judges are in love with him.  Ewww.  Can’t stand him.

Alex Lambert – “Wonderful World” – Sam Cooke
Aside from having Carol Brady’s hairstyle, I really liked him, to my surprise.  I was actually typing while I listened, so I didn’t notice all the performance issues.  He did actually sound really good.  Poor thing.  So he was scared.  He was wearing a Carol Brady wig.

Casey James – “Heaven” – Bryan Adams
Thank the good Lord.  There is a male contestant with star potential  Good song choice.  Good performance.  Good looking.  Kara needs to get her hormones under control.  Eddy – buy Casey James on InTrade immediately.

Andrew Garcia – “Sugar We Are Going Down” – Fall Out Boy
First of all, dude is a stay-at-home dad.  Great guy.  Thought he was terrific.  Kind of surprised to hear the judges’ reaction.  He was 3000 times better than everyone except Casey, and he was still twice as good as Casey.   Best comments from Twitter: “Is it just me, or does Andrew Garcia look like a latino Danny Gokey with a tattoo on his neck?” and “Is it just me, or does Andrew Garcia look like that old man from ‘Up’?”

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Alex Garcia
  2. Casey James
  3. Alex Lambert
  4. John Park
  5. Joe Munoz
  6. Tyler Grady
  7. Lee Dewyze
  8. Aaron Kelly
  9. Todrick Hall
  10. Jermaine Sellers
  11. Tim Urban
  12. Big Mike

Who I want to go home: Big Mike & Jermaine Sellers

Who I think will go home: Anyone could, except Casey & Alex, Gross Big Mike,  Simon’s improbable love, Lee Dewyze.  I’m going to put my money on the minorities, though, because as they say in Avenue Q, “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist.”  So say goodbye to some combination of Jermaine Sellers, John Park, and Todrick Hall.

I hope Carol Brady makes it through another week.  And did I say I hope Big Mike goes home?  Just wanted to be clear about that one.

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  1. Eddy vdP
    February 25, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Wholeheartedly agreed! This dozen was worse than the little limp bizkit bastards. And though you might not like me for it, I just have to suggest this: let’s bring back Ski-bo-ski! Madly talented, wildly entertaining – but unfortunately often misunderstood. Least he would add is some spice to this otherwise dull, flat, overly safe, pretend-to-be-a-rock-star Brady bunch….

    Keep the recaps coming!

  2. Mike D
    February 25, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    You are frickin hilarious. My favorite Wertheim quote of the post: “Well, he got the first “For Me, For You” of the season from Randy.” Classic. Also, love how you’re calling the mullet guy Carol Brady.

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