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American Idol – Live-Blogging Elimination Show 1

Oh no!  Group performance.  Not too bad.  Clear reminder, however, that the girls ARE better than the boys this year.  Again – that’s not saying much.

Ugh.  Haeley is safe.  So we have to contend with Paris II for at least another week.

Between Katie & Janelle.  So sad.  Janelle is the first to go.  Not fair, but I guess I didn’t vote,  so I have no right to really complain.  I liked her, and she is most definitely better than most of the guys.

Oh how I love my Allison Iraheta.  I like the song, too.  Unfortunately another counterpoint to how bad the folks are this year.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  Paige is safe.  Take that, Slezak.

Whoa – Lacey is safe?  No way.  She was universally panned.

Now it’s between Didi and Ashley.  Buh-bye, Ashley.  No surprise.  You made a really bad choice and you have way too much attitude.  Stop being so pissed off.  It was your mistake, and you’re not as good as you think you are.

Time for the boys.  First up…Big Mike.  SHOCKER – he’s safe!  This one’s never going away.

John Park is safe too.  Good for him.  He was blah, but good to know America isn’t too racist.  He was certainly better than most of the boys.

Yay for Todrick.  Was certainly worried about him.  He screwed up last night, but he is definitely talented.

So it’s between Tim Urban and Joe Munoz.  Oops.  Spoke too soon.  America IS racist.  Tim, the worst performance of the night, is safe.  Joe goes home.  I wasn’t a fan, but he didn’t deserve it.

Up next…performance by Kris Allen.  I do feel bad that I haven’t made any effort to listen to his music, after campaigning hard for him to win.

Ryan announces that “Idol Gives Back” is back.  And here’s Kris Allen!  He just got back from Haiti.  How can you not like him.  Did Glambert go to Haiti?!?!?!?

Chris’ performance tonight is apparently available on iTunes, and 100% of the proceeds go to Haiti.  Ah, nice.  He’s singing “Let It Be”.  Guess I still won’t be getting familiar with his original music.  Amazing.  This guy really looks and sounds exactly like he did a year ago.  I wonder if he’ll ever really feel more like a “star”.  I’m impressed that Idol is actually trying to pimp him out.  I thought they were going to just pretend as if he didn’t win.

Performance paled into that of Allison Iraheta, unfortunately.  Too bad her song’s proceeds don’t go to Haiti.

OK.  Final men’s results.  Casey James is safe.  No surprise there.  Where there is a big surprise is that Jermaine Sellers is safe.  He was horrific.

Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia are both safe, much to no one’s surprise.

So we’re left with Tyler the ’70’s wannabe, and Carol Brady.  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Carol Brady is safe!  He deserved it.  His voice was great.  He could be a sleeper.  EDDY – put your money on Carol Brady.  No sadness over Tyler’s departure.  He and Ashley can take their attitudes and head off into the sunset together.

Fare The Well, Janelle, Ashley, Joe, and Tyler.  We hardly knew ye.  Truly.

Were you happy with the result?

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