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Survivor Thoughts – Episode 3

Not sure if I’m going to recap Survivor.  I do love the show, but Dalton Ross does it so well, and it’s not as easy to recap as the Idol competition.  Let’s just try some random thoughts and see how that goes.

What I will say is that 99% of my friends are really missing out by not watching this show.  Still one of the best shows on television, and this season’s cast is off-the-hook.  I could watch Boston Rob and Russell all day.  I’m glad to see Parvati already has his game.

Russell’s up to his old tricks again, hiding the machete to drive everyone crazy.  A better move than the socks he hid last season.

Oh boy.  We’ve got Coach and his Tai-Chi again.  This time he’s singing.  Although he is considerably less annoying than last time around.  No dragonslayer yet.  And I am enjoying his “relationship” with Jerri.  At least it gives me a reason to not mind when Jerri’s on screen.

This season is so interesting.  With so many past winners, it’s hard to make any predictions.  Normally, you would see all the former winners go first, but there are so many, and frankly most of them are less of a threat than are people like Cirie, Candace, Amanda, Boston Rob, Russell, etc.

I do hope they get rid of James ASAP.  Remind me why he’s on the “Heroes” team?  He’s certainly no longer a hero.  Those suspecting ‘roid rage are most probably on-the-mark.

On to the reward challenge.  They’re playing for the luxury items they brought with them.  Wow.  Tom beats Russell in about 1.5 seconds.  Candace takes Parvati out.  Coach vs. Rupert.  The Dragonslayer vs. The Pirate.  Out goes Coach.  Cirie easily takes Jerri down.  What’s going on with the Villains in this challenge?  Next, JT takes Tyson out.  What’s up with Tyson kissing JT?  That guy is hilarious.  And Amanda takes Danielle out.  Can Colby take Boston Rob?  WOW.  That one surprised me?  I figured Boston Rob would best the fading Colby.  And for the win, Randy vs. James.  HAHAHAHA.  Nowhere near a contest.

Of course, James needs to curse out Randy after his victory.  What is it with this guy?

Turns out, this is also an immunity challenge, and the Heroes have very deservingly one.  Finally time for the Villains to turn on one another.  As Randy points out, the girls are turning it on pretty thick to sway the game in their direction.  Randy is also right that they should get Parvati out right now.  She has way too many friends on the other side.

Parvati’s charms sure aren’t working on Coach, who I must reiterate is a whole lot less annoying this season.  A lot.  Well, at least until he started going on about how he is the only honorable person out there now.

It looks like it’s coming down to Randy vs. Parvati.  Jerri Mantaray wants to punch Parvati in the face.  I love Parvati’s comments.  “She is the fakest fakey McGee I have ever met.  She’s just a big old cougar.”

And the loser is…RANDY.  Poor guy.  That was a mistake on the Villains’ part.  They really should have gotten rid of Parvati.  Randy has no game and would never win.  I wonder what happened behind-the-scenes, because it sounded like Jerri was so focused on voting Parvati out, and the only other name they read was one for – gasp – Boston Rob.  And that was just a “message” from Randy.

At least none of my favorites are gone yet.

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  1. Mike D
    February 26, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    I totally agree – what is up with James this season. What a dick. He is really annoying me. I always liked Rob but he is just great TV all around. I think its entertaining too how Russell is insecure about not being the Alpha Male vis a vis Boston Rob, and Boston Rob thinks he’s just a chump.

  2. Michael Wertheim
    February 26, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I love Boston Rob. Love him.

  3. eileen
    February 28, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    I agree with everything you said. It’s a great season so far. I never did like Randy and I am glad they booted him out.Got to win challenges at this stage of the game and he was the weakest link.

    What did Russell’s wife say when she saw her husband canoodling with Parvati?

  4. Michael Wertheim
    March 1, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Eileen – you crack me up. You take this about as seriously as I do! I think Russell’s wife has a lot more to worry about than his canoodling with Parvati.

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