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American Idol Recap – Top 10 Results Show

OK.  This show has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark.  WTF with that mashup intro of “Clash of the Titans” and “American Idol”?  First of all, it couldn’t be a more blatant attempt at corporate synergy.  But more importantly, it was completely irrelevant.  What Titans are clashing on Idol this year?  Tim “Abs are All I Gots” Urban and Katie “Only-Randy-Thinks-I’m-A-Little-XTina” Stevens?  Almost no titans this year.  Poor Ellen.  What a year to join.

First guest performer tonight is RUUUUUUUUUUBEN.  Where have you been, dude?  And what happened to the other half of you?  I mean, he’s still big, but I would venture to say not much bigger than Big Mike.  Good for you, Ru.  You were on a fast collision course with a heart attack before.  And you’ve reminded everyone why you won, and again, how far Idol has fallen.  Ru’s going on tour with Gayken this summer.  Wow.

After another “Clash of the Titans” promo, on to the results…

LEE…Please stop talking, Lee.  All of you guys talk too much during the results shows.  You’re safe.  Please sit down.

CASEY…Also, please stop talking.  You too are safe.

AARON…Sorry that Ryan/Simon banter derailed these guys from giving you your results.  You too are safe.

SIOBHAN and KATIE…Could it be?  Could Siobhan be in the bottom 3 and Katie be safe?  Naw.  Siobhan is safe and Robot Katie is in the bottom three.

A welcome break from the boring results comes in the form of Usher.  Is it wrong to say I liked Ruben better?  Ush – you can get both a better song and better choreography than that.  Best part was the guest appearance by

Back to the results…

DIDI…Also has loose-lipped syndrome.  He asked you whether you will pull the guitar out or not.  It was a yes or no question.  And…you are in the bottom three.



And we’re left with TIM and ANDREW.  Andrew is safe, Tim is in the bottom three, and I successfully called tonight’s bottom three.

Immediately sent back to safety is…ROBOT KATIE.

Oh no.  Please don’t let Didi go home.

Wow.  We are treated to a THIRD guest performance.  This time from Diddy, which I ultimately find to be a lot more impressive than Usher’s performance, even if the song kind of sucked.  Apparently, his new name is “Diddy Dirty Money”.  Usher must be pissed that Diddy and RUUUUUUUUU stole his thunder almost completely.

And we’re finally on to the moment of truth.  As predicted, Tim Urban lives to see another day.  Very unjustly, DIDI has to sing for her life.   And…my DVR cut off before the end.  I barely have to go check Twitter to know that the judges do not use their save on Didi.  Of course not.  They need to save it in case their dearests Lee, Siobhan, or Big Mike are “unjustly” voted out.

Well, I picked it right this week, but I still think America got it wrong.  Didi – you most certainly deserved to outlast Tim and Katie.

Instead of featuring a great former performance, I’m going to feature one of last night’s performances.  America, if you’re listening, this is who you voted through instead of Didi Benami.  Enjoy:


American Idol Recap – Top 10 Performance Show (plus a little DWTS)

March 30, 2010 2 comments

I never thought I would say this, but I had to tear myself away from the “Dancing With The Stars Results Show” to watch this week’s “American Idol”, which should speak very clearly to what is wrong with this season of Idol – CASTING.  I am not a big DWTS fan. I usually do not watch it, and when I do, I watch it sparingly and fast-forward through the show.  But this season, the producers put together a great cast that makes the show worth watching.  Idol, on the other hand, cast a bunch of mediocre folks who make the show a chore to watch.

At the time I am switching over to Idol, Buzz Aldrin has been declared SAFE on DWTS, despite his terrible performances.  But this guy WENT TO THE MOON.  Of course, America is voting for him.  Some soap opera dude and Niecy Nash, some very funny woman from Reno 911 who I have never seen before are also safe.  The big shocker so far is that Pamela Anderson, who performed quite well, sexed it up, and got great scores, is in the bottom two.  Guess that says something very clear about how the American public feels about Pamela Anderson!  All this plus a great performance to a Lady Gaga song make me not want to change the channel.  But recap, I must…


Tonight is Soul & R&B.  Should really be my favorite night, based on the music.  We’ll see.  Usher is the guest mentor tonight.  Ah, Usher.  What happened to your last album?  New album is out today, apparently.  I wish you well, Ush.  You were hot on the charts a few years ago, and good for you to plug the album somewhere it can actually make a difference.  Anyway…these lame-o’s are lucky to be meeting someone of your caliber since most of them will go back to obscurity in ten weeks.

Siobhan – “Through the Fire” – Chaka Khan
Ooooh, I love Chaka.  Great song.  I thought she sounded pretty gross, unless she was screaming.  Gross.  Gross.  Gross.  I honestly like her less every week.  Randy thought it was all over the place.  Ellen agreed.  Kara agreed with me on the fact that the screaming was the only good part.  Simon thought it sounded like she was singing while running a marathon.  For some reason we have 10 minutes’ worth of judges’ feedback on Siobhan and we follow her backstage to see her moping.

Casey – “Hold On, I’m Comin'” – Sammy & Dave
This guy really has a good voice, and after Siobhan, he sounded like the second-coming.  But why doesn’t he move while he sings?  Dude needs to get a head mic and move around the stage with his guitar if he’s going to play.  He’s just too stiff.  The judges think he was safe.  I would agree.  But at least he’s enjoyable.  And he makes Ryan look like a midget.

Big Mike – “Ready For Love” – India.Arie
This guy is so big he makes guitar look like a ukelele.  I thought it was a good song choice for him, and he sounded great.  This guy can truly sing, despite the fact that I like him about as much as I liked Mikayla Gordon.  A big part of his game, Mike says, is connecting with the audience.  Well, dude, you haven’t been connecting with me.  But tonight you turned down the cheesiness significantly and you are keeping your ego in check.  Good on you.  I didn’t hate you.

Didi – “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” – The Temptations
At the risk of sounding like Paula Abdul, Didi looked beautiful tonight.  And wow – I never thought much about the meaning of that song.  She looked like she was tortured throughout the whole thing.  Ellen was right.  It was WAAAAAAAY dramatic.  And Simon thought it was “like swimming in jelly.”  But I still thought it was enjoyable.

****DWTS BREAK****
Back to the DWTS results show for a bit…Beach Boys sing “California Girls” and “Kokomo”, “Fun, Fun, Fun”.  Sadly, the dancing and the guest bongos and guitar by John Stamos far overshadow the vocals.  There does come a time when everyone should retire, guys.  At least you outlasted George Michael.  Next, Evan “I’m not gay” Lysacek is safe, no surprise to anyone.  Following that, Hot Bachelor Jake is safe.  And finally, Nicole Sheherzinger is safe, which is good, since she was clearly the best performer last night.

Tim Urban – “Sweet Love” – Anita Baker
Well, this guy was already starting at a disadvantage.  Perhaps one of the very best songs of all-time, originally sung by a master songstress.  And then by Careina Williams of the Opportunes.  I think it would be fair to say that this was the decidedly white version of Sweet Love.  Yup.  Ellen was right – “WHY did you choose that song?”  Kara was right as well – “You took the soul out of that song.”  But Simon was also right.  No matter how bad he is, the audience loves him, and I bet he’ll be back next week.

Andrew – “Forever” – Chris Brown
I don’t know the original, but seems like it was finally a good song choice for Andrew.  I didn’t cringe once during his performance.  Randy agrees – “Andrew is Back! Best performance (for me) for a LOOOONG time.”  I certainly agree with Kara – “That was one GIANT leap in the right direction.”

Katie Stevens – “Chain of Fools” – Aretha
Oh, Katie, Katie.  Forget about Aretha.  How could you try to take on a song Fantasia absolutely OWNED in season 3?  It wasn’t bad.  But certainly no ‘Tasia.  HAHAHA – Simon said EXACTLY what I was thinking – for Randy to compare her to Christina Aguilera was crazy.  I love Simon.

****DWTS BREAK****
Some Haiti tribute to Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”.  I guess it is Wyclef’s song, and dude is Haitian, but kind of a weird choice for a Haiti tribute.  Some news anchor is safe, as is the terrible Chad Ochocinco.  Shockingly, Kate Gosselin is safe.  I think America just wants to see her prove to them that she actually DID have a role in the dissolution of her marriage to that awful John Gosselin.  The blowup between Kate and he partner last night was very revealing.  Sadly, Shannen Doherty is then the first to go home, which along with Buzz’s safety proves how much likability factors into this competition.  She was certainly decent, but has never been America’s sweetheart.  Sorry to see you go, Brenda, but glad that Pamela Anderson and crazy Octo-mom are still in the competition.

Lee – “Treat Her Like a Lady” – Cornelius Brothers
This guy looks scared to death and still looks like the doofus who works down the hall in the office.  Dude definitely sounded good.  The judges have obviously decided that they want him in the top two, because they all heap praise on him, including Simon saying “this is the night your life may have changed forever.”  Um…ok.

Mama Sox – “Midnight Train to Georgia” – Gladys Knight
Oh, Crystal.  What a song choice.  Also one of the best songs of all time.  Her big surprise is that she’s playing piano this week, instead of guitar.  Wasn’t my favorite performance of Crystal’s, but she is still most definitely my favorite.  LOVE.  HER.  LOVE HER.  Please fast-forward directly to the finale.

Aaron – “Ain’t No Sunshine” – Bill Withers
Good.  Nothing special.  Good.  Just a’aight for me too, dawg.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Mama Sox
  2. Casey
  3. Lee
  4. Big Mike
  5. Aaron
  6. Andrew
  7. Didi
  8. Katie
  9. Siobhan
  10. Tim

Bottom 3 prediction: Tim Urban, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens

Who’s going home: Sadly, and unjustly, Didi Benami

Dear Katie Stevens: Shame on you for not watching the following YouTube video of Fantasia’s performance of “Chain of Fools” in Season Three.  Had you watched it, you would certainly never have even attempted that song:

American Idol – Top 11 – Results Show

March 24, 2010 2 comments

We open with a horrific group version of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”  Most of them can’t get even half of the lyrics right.  What a shame.  It is, after all, my go-to karaoke song and my lead vocal from The Opportunes.

After a decent performance from Miley Cyrus and a drawn-out recounting of last night’s performances, the bottom three are announced: Paige, Tim Urban, and…NOT Andrew Garcia, but Katie Stevens.  Wow.  That “Straight Up” performance has truly carried Andrew far, and I overestimated Katie’s fan base.

That being said, Katie is not surprisingly sent back to safety almost immediately, leaving us with Paige Miles and Tim Urban as this week’s bottom two.

To continue our tween week on American Idol, and to make me feel like I am truly now an old man, we are treated to a performance by Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato.

And finally, we are put out of our misery and Paige has the least amount of votes.  And in acknowledgment of how horrific Paige was last night, Simon insists that she’s not singing for her life – they are unanimous before hearing anything – Paige was horrible and is gone for good.

To remind everyone once again of why we watch this show, here is certainly one of the best Idol performances of all time:

Survivor – March 24 2010 – Rob vs. Russell

March 24, 2010 1 comment

Probst announces that there will be a double-elimination tonight, with both teams going to tribal council and voting a member out.  The teams each compete for individual immunity, with the Heroes going first.  Lucky for her, Candace wins individual immunity, because apparently, Amanda was gunning for her.  Then the Villains square off, and my man Boston Rob brings it home, saving him from the wrath of Boss Hog…I mean Russell…for at least another week.

Boston Rob and Candace then square off for the reward, which comprises the winning tribe having a hot-dog feast while watching the losing tribe’s tribal council.  No surprise here.  Boston Rob wins it for the Villains.

Rob and Russell are still duking it out.  This one is really tough to watch, as I think they are two of the greatest Survivor players of all-time.  A Russell-Rob final two would be the best finale ever.

Cut to the Heroes, where Colby has already given up, telling everyone not to worry, to just vote him out and not give the other team any information.  Ah, Colby.  How far ye have fallen.  As James said, “It’s very disappointing to see a grown man give it up like that.”  Rupert then goes on and on and on about how ‘Roid Rage is a god and deserves to be in the game.

Back at the Villains’ camp, Rob and Russell are scrambling like crazy.  Rob comes up with a move that Russell separately comes up with and he calls “genius smart”, not expecting anyone to figure it out for themselves.  Ah, Boss Hog, do not underestimate Boston Rob.

At the Villains’ tribal council, Russell shockingly gives Parvati the immunity idol in an attempt to win over Parvati and especially Coach’s deep trust.  WOW!!!  It worked.  Parvati is saved from what would have been her ouster, and Russell is SAFE, getting two votes, to Tyson’s three.  Can I please say again how much I love Russell?  Sad to see Tyson go too early once again, however.

Then it’s on to the Heroes, as the Villains enjoy their hot dog feast.  Rupert acknowledges that the Villains are schooling the Heroes on how to be heroes.  James prattles on with some jibberish before insulting Colby and rejecting any sense of politeness and chivalry.  This dude has truly gone off the deep end.  He’s so rude – how could he expect anyone to vote for him were he to make the finals.

Jeff goes to tally the votes and – HOLY COW – the Heroes come to their senses and get rid of James and save Colby.  Wow.  I must admit, I did not see that one coming.  These guys have made the wrong decision every week, I never thought they would spare Colby in favor of ejecting ‘Roid Rage.

WOW.  What an episode.  Two shocking tribal councils.  I feel sorry for all the folks that don’t watch this show.  It’s really the best show on television.  If only American Idol were a quarter as good this season.

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American Idol – Top 11 Performance Show

The theme tonight is Billboard #1’s – any song that appeared at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list.  And…Miley Cyrus is the mentor.  Umm…a 17-year-old mentor?  Really?  Hannah Montana?  Maybe she could be a mentor for Katie Stevens, but anyone else?  Crystal Bowersox must have lost it when she heard.

As far as I am concerned, Idol has now officially jumped the shark.  There was one performance tonight with star quality and at least four people who wouldn’t even make it to first round of callbacks for my college a cappella group, let alone the American Idol top 11.  If I were the Idol producers, I would choose songs for each of the contestants next week, arrange them, and make them rehearse with vocal coaches and any other experts who can help them.  This season is an embarrassment.

With that, on to the performances…

Lee – “The Letter” – The Box Tops
This is what this guy chooses to sing of all #1’s?  Doesn’t he watch this show.  So overplayed.  He sounded good and performed it better than he did his previous performances, but still not sure what the hype is about this guy.  Randy says he “knocked it out of the box.”  Ellen says “my favorite pen is back.”  Kara says “the progress is tremendous.”  And thank goodness, Simon is surprised that he chose that song, saying it was quite corny.

Paige – “Against All Odds” – Phil Collins
Great song.  One that Katherine McPhee did no justice in Season 5.  And one that Paige is murdering.  Was this the “Smile” version of “Against All Odds.”  Oh, please let this be the last time we have to hear from her.  Please.  To quote Randy, “Yo, man.  Yo, wow.  That was honestly terrible.”  Kara thought it was the worst vocal of the season.  Honestly, I have no idea how she could be so bad.  There was zero redeeming about that performance.

Tim – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – Elvis
This kid has really solidified his place in the competition.  I mean, he’s no Elvis.  But he has been solid, and he knows he’s good-looking, and has gotten his mojo back.  Every tween girl in America is mass-texting for him.  Randy hated him.  Ellen thought it was an audition for “High School Musical,” but acknowledged that there will be a large group of people who loved the performance.  Kara agreed.  Simon thought it was “completely and utterly pointless and silly.”  Since Simon says he has absolutely no chance of winning, he is practically guaranteed a spot in the top 10.

Aaron – “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” – Aerosmith
Song was way too big for him, and just exposed that he is no Archuletta.  And once again, I am no particular fan of Archuletta.  You don’t choose that song if you can’t really sing it full-out.  I don’t know who is paying the judges to pimp this kid.

Mama Sox – Janis Joplin – “Me And Bobby McGee”
Hilarious to watch Miley Cyrus critique Crystal.  And once again, this woman is the real deal.  It’s difficult to watch her in the same competition with these other folks.

Big Mike – “When A Man Loves A Woman” – Percy Sledge
I’m sorry.  I hate him just from his outro schtick.  Miley loves him.  He definitely sounds good.  But look, dude.  This competition is not JUST about vocals.  It’s about how much people like you, and dude – you like yourself way too much for the rest of us to like you.  Thank goodness Kara thought it was overindulgent and loungy.  Or as Simon put it, “it’s like when you want one scoop of ice cream and you get 11.”

Andrew – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” – Marvin Gaye
This guy has ZERO soul.  Wow.  If he weren’t Latino, I would say he is the whitest singer I have ever heard.  This guy deserves to go almost as much as Paige does.  Perhaps even more, given how much of a front-runner he was.

Katie – “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – Fergie
Well, she was better than Paige and Andrew.  Solid performance, thought a bit pitchy, but certainly no one who deserves to be on American Idol.  No idea why the judges actually liked her.

Casey – “Power Of Love” – Huey Lewis and the News
Huey finally gets some respect.  What a great song.  Look, he sounded great, but didn’t do anything with it, and certainly didn’t perform it.  Did he listen to the judges last week?  Simon was right: “no effort, no originality.”

Didi – “You’re No Good” – Linda Rondstadt
Not sure what I think.  But I do like Didi.  I kind of agree with Kara that it felt like she was playing a character.

Siobhan – “Superstition” – Stevie Wonder
Again, she can really sing.  But she is a weird, weird performer.  She feels too restrained.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Crystal Bowersox
  2. Siobhan Magnus
  3. Lee Dewyze
  4. Casey James
  5. Big Mike
  6. Tim Urban
  7. Didi Benami
  8. Aaron Kelly
  9. Katie Stevens
  10. Andrew Garcia
  11. Paige Miles

If there is any justice in the world, Paige will go this week.  Please explain to me how she is the best African-American woman that auditioned for Idol this season.  Andrew could also go, and there is always the possibility that Didi won’t make it.  I would put my money on Katie squeezing through another week.

American Idol Top 12 – Results Show

Sorry I wasn’t able to blog about last night’s show.  It was actually a good one, as everyone seems to sound better in a bigger venue for some reason, and I no longer felt like this season was a total practical joke.  In short, still hate Big Mike (and glad Simon finally called him out), still love Crystal Bowersox, don’t know what the judges were hearing with Siobhan, and thrilled to hear that Paige actually DOES have some talent.  More comments along with the results.

And on to the results…

  • Paige is first.  That woman really did sound great given that she had laryngitis.  And, unfortunately for her…she is in the bottom three.
  • Lee: Apparently, people not only like his voice, but think he’s easy-on-the-eyes.  Someone tell me what I’m missing.  He’s safe, which is no surprise.
  • Siobhan is next.  Yes, she stands out and is different, but last night, she was just weird.  But she is deservedly safe.
  • Aaron.  Dude was fine last night.  Actually don’t hate him anymore.  He’s safe.  But he’s no Timberlake.
  • They then pull Andrew and Tim up together.  Two performances that were just eh last night.  As expected, Andrew is safe (seriously riding that Paula Abdul cover as far as it can go).  Tim winds up in the bottom three.
  • Didi is first up after the break.  I thought she was pretty good last night and want to see her stay…and she’s safe.
  • Crystal‘s up next.  I just like her more every time I see her.  She’s just 100% authentic.  And so, so talented.  And so, so safe.
  • Surprisingly, Ryan calls Katie up next.  Has to mean she’s safe, no?  And it does.
  • Oh, Big Mike.  I love that Simon called you “corny and a bit desperate.”  And he still is, saying he’s “in it for the people.”  Well, BM, the “people” are not all in it for you.  But clearly some of them are, because you’re SAFE.
  • And we’re down to Casey and Lacey.  Zero surprise here, as Lacey is in the bottom three.

So the bottom three are:

  1. Paige
  2. Tim
  3. Lacey

And immediately, they send TIM back to safety.  Geez.  This kid really does have nine lives.  Looks obviously go a long, loooooooooooooooooooong way.

And Paige is safe.  Glad to see that after a much improved performance this week.  And after hearing Lacey sing again.  I really like her, but she didn’t have a chance in hell of winning the competition.

I can’t believe it, but they brought the judges’ save back, and they make Lacey go through the process of singing for her life, even though everyone in the room and at home (including Lacey) knows that the judges would never use the save on her or on anyone in the first week of the final 12.  And so…Lacey is sent packing, after Simon announces that it was unanimous.  Come on, Simon.  Did you have to say that?  Oh, well.

Completely unexciting results show with no surprises.

For a little American Idol rewind, check out the most shocking elimination show of all time.  I don’t think any will ever compare:

Survivor Recap – Week 5 – ‘Roids and Chocolate

We start off, as expected, with everyone on the Heroes tribe mad at JT for voting Cirie out at Tribal Council.  It was a move that could end up not being good for everyone’s favorite good ol’ boy, but actually a move that should help everyone else in the game, as Cirie is always a serious threat.

We join the Villains tribe being led in some Tai Chi-related session by Coach.  Almost all of them exchanging looks with one another about the ridiculousness of Coach.  Meanwhile, Russell is off finding the hidden immunity idol once again.  Is this going to be a replay of last season, or is this going to blow up in Russell’s face this time around?

At the reward challenge, the Heroes inexplicably refuse to partake in the free chocolate snack offered to them, saying they prefer to remain focuses.  Am I missing something here?  How would the chocolate take away from their focus.  As far as I can tell it would likely give them more energy, as well as tangible motivation for the chocolate reward.  Oh well, their loss.

James injures himself and is out of the challenge.  Rupert clearly throws Jerri against the fence and then insists he didn’t mean to do that.  Well – she got the best of him.  Jerri scores for the Villains, and the Villains win the reward.  Too bad, Heroes.  Maybe if you had just tasted the chocolate in the first place.

At the reward challenge, Russell reveals to Parvati that he has the hidden immunity idol.  Smart of him to tell her.  He’s absolutely right – you need to tell someone else so that you can actually leverage it to do something with.  Then he approaches Coach, which has to have thrilled the guy since his ego is so fragile.  As expected, Coach bows down to Russell, honoring him for trusting him.  Now I really, really love Russell in this game, but I love Rob a lot more.  And this does not bode well for Boston Rob.

Amanda gets all emotional about the potential of James leaving the game due to his injury.  Really?  You guys became that close?  Amanda – your big brother has ‘roid rage.  But apparently, James is still well enough to stay in the game, which even I think is good, since it would be pathetic for him to be evacuated two of the times he has played.

The Villains come from behind in the immunity challenge to win immunity once again and further decimate the Heroes tribe.  So Boston Rob is safe for at least one more week.

Everyone is debating whether or not to vote James out.  Given the crazy this guy has brought this season + his current injury, I feel like it’s a no-brainer.  That being said, it looks like we have a replay of last week, where JT is the swing vote, and everyone is questioning his loyalty.

‘Roid rage comes out once again at Tribal Council.  Not sure what has made him hate Tom so much, but there is certainly no love lost there.  If I were JT, my vote would now be set.  Go with Tom, dude.

Love Tom’s comment as he casts his vote: “James: All Mass, No Class.”

And the votes are…Tom…Tom…James…James…Tom…and finally, TOM is voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.  The Heroes really are a big mess.

Next week looks like the battle between Rob & Russell intensifies.  I hope this one continues for episodes to come.

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