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American Idol Recap – Gentlemen’s Surprise

The first surprise tonight is that the men were singing instead of the women. Apparently, Crystal Bowersox is in the hospital, so the men switched it up and she should be back tomorrow.

The second surprise is that tonight wasn’t a wholesale train wreck.  I guess that was to be expected.  Anything would be better in comparison to last week, and these guys were going to have to step their game up this week given the feedback they got.  I still don’t think any compare to even Danny Gokey, however, which is a very sad thing to say about this season of guys.  And given how I feel about Big Mike, the fact that he is #2 on my list should also say something about this season.

Top Quotes of the Night:

“It was like going from a pussycat to a lion in one week.” – Simon re: Big Mike

“We all got the memo, the cougar’s a fan.” – Kara re: Casey

“The only time you should be nervous is when you’re useless.” – Simon

Now on to the performances…

Big Mike is first. “It’s a Man’s World” – James Brown.
Big Mike’s best moment yet, as far as I’m concerned.  He didn’t make me cringe.  I don’t know about a standing “o” from Randy, but definitely better than anything last week.  Again, this isn’t saying much.  I still think that all this guy has going for him is that he is a big football player, and everyone loves to watch the football player sing.  It would be nice if he had an ounce of humility.

John Park.  “Gravity” – John Mayer
I love this song.  But he was just blah.  Not much else to say.  Not really necessary, because he’s not going to be here much longer.  Would be nice to see an Asian guy make the top 12, but ain’t gonna happen in 2010.

Casey James – “I Don’t Wanna Be” – Gavin DeGraw
The anointed one took the stage next.  I was prepared to be disappointed, because I just loved Elliott Yamin’s Season 5 performance of this song.  I wasn’t completely disappointed.  It’s a great song, and I’m impressed that he played guitar.  Vocal performance was just ok.  He’s not a rocker.  Ellen was right that he has a stiffness about him.  Kara was totally right about him as well.  He didn’t take the song to another level.  Simon was also right – no grit.  I just think he’s no Elliott.  But he is giving Bucky Covington a run for the money when it comes to his silky golden mane.

Alex Lambert – “Everybody Knows” – John Legend
Look, kid.  I am rooting for you.  But you’re not going to win that many new fans by saying at least you didn’t throw up before the performance.  Thankfully, you seemed a lot more at ease this week.  Good pick in John Legend.  You sound nothing like him, so no real comparison.  It sounded a lot more like a John Mayer song.  I really like Alex’s voice and I’m glad the judges gave him much better feedback.  The Florence Henderson ‘do looks more like a traditional mullet this week, however, and it’s really time for that to go.

Todrick Hall – “What’s Love Got To Do With It” – Tina Turner
Way better than last week.  Decent song choice and good strategy to choose something where he wouldn’t be compared to the original performer.  That being said, I didn’t love the down-tempo version.  Judges didn’t like him very much.  I wonder whether he’ll ever sing a song by a male artist?

Jermaine “I Rocks My Onesie” Sellers – “What’s Goin’ On” – Marvin Gaye
The guy wears a onesie.  A freaking DINOSAUR ONESIE.  And he has what I can describe only as a lump in the front of his forehead.  Any performance by this guy had to be better than his performance last week.  And it was.  But it was nothing special.  And even if it were special, no one is going to vote for an adult who wears a dinosaur onesie.

Andrew Garcia – “You Give Me Something” – James Morrison
The closest performer to the aforementioned Danny Gokey, both in terms of quality and ocular accessories.  His wife, on the other hand, is sporting a Rihanna ‘do.  Unfortunately, the performance was pretty eh.  Not a great song choice for him.

Aaron Kelly – “My Girl” – The Temptations
I repeat – David Archuletta lite.  And while I certainly feel for the kid – he’s only 16 – he does need either some Retin-A or some heavy foundation.  I don’t know what all the judges other than Simon were hearing.  I thought he was much better last week.

Tim Urban – “Come On Get Higher” – Matt Nathanson
It had to happen, didn’t it?  He could not have been worse than he was last week.  He was actually decent.  Of course, the only judge who agrees with me is Simon.  His better performance + his looks + his sharing that he prays before singing should get him through to next week.

Lee Dewyze – “Lips of an Angel” – Hinder
I still don’t really get this guy.  Nothing special.  In any other year, they would be tearing him apart.  “The one to beat”?  Come on.

Performance Ranking So Far

  1. Alex Lambert
  2. Big Mike
  3. Casey James
  4. Lee Dewyze
  5. Andrew Garcia
  6. John Park
  7. Aaron Kelly
  8. Tim Urban
  9. Todrick Hall
  10. Onesie

Who I Think Should Go Home:
Onesie, Tim Urban

Who I Think Will Go Home:
Onesie, John Park – possibly Todrick.

The bar is set really, really low this season. Now off to watch LOST.

Seems like a lot of my opinions were echoed around the web, including my ranking of Alex Lambert first.  Check out the following recaps for more:

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  1. Michael Cordy
    March 2, 2010 at 9:27 pm

    Enjoying your live blog. My vote is the dark horse Alex. Hoping for a hair cut too!

  2. Mike D
    March 3, 2010 at 1:53 am

    Really, you put Carol Brady at #1? I get the underdog thing but #1? I agree about Lee – don’t really get why he’s the one to beat. For me, for you, keep up the great blog!

  3. howard
    March 4, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Your analysis is spot on. I think the judges did a poor job in selecting the male finalists. Almost makes me want to skip the men’s performances altogether and watch Middle Ages battles on History International.

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