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American Idol Top 20 – Results Show

Uh oh…”I Gotta Feeling” sung by the top 20.  Not terrible.  But certainly funny to watch Bowersox singing Black Eyed Peas.  I just wish Haeley Vaughan would stop smiling for two seconds.  Well, I guess she will probably cease her grinning by the end of the show.  Have I mentioned how much I can’t stand Big Mike?

After the break, we are already facing the results:

Tim Urban – SAFE
Big Mike – SAFE
Casey Hall – SAFE

Now it’s between Todrick Hall and John Park.  And going home is…JOHN PARK.  Oh well.  No big loss.

Lee Dewyze – SAFE
Aaron Kelly – SAFE
Alex Lambert – SAFE

So we’re left with Onesie and Andrew Garcia.  Please tell me there is no surprise here.  Whew.  Onesie is sent packing.

OMG.  I never ever thought I would be glad to see Danny Gokey.  But there he is, reminding me once again of how pathetic this season of contestants is.  He’s singing some lame country-ish song and even though he’s not nearly as good as he was in any of his performances last year, he’s still way better than anyone else on the stage.

Now we have the ladies’ results.

Lilly Scott – SAFE
Paige Miles – Yay.  She’s SAFE.
Katie Stevens – SAFE

So it’s between Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor.  I have a bad feeling about this one.  But no!  My prediction was right and Michelle Delamor is sent home.  She wasn’t terrible, but she was nothing special.

And finally…

Katelyn Epperley – SAFE
Crystal Bowersox – SAFE
Siobhan Magnus – SAFE

And we’re left with Haeley and Lacey.  Oh no.  Now I feel bad for Haeley.  She looks so pained and sad.  Poor thing.  She’s only 16.  I’m so glad we don’t have to sit through another performance by her, however.  Fare the well, and congrats on making it another week, Lacey.

So I’m four for four this week.

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