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Smile Though My Heart Is Breaking

Quick take on Idol right now, since I’m getting home at 11:30 and need to watch Lost tonight.  Firstly, Crystal Bowersox rox.  No question about it.  That woman is talented and authentic and has the teeth to prove it.

But this message goes out to Paige Miles.  Oh, Paige.  You were my top pick for the women in week 1.  I really was pulling for you.  Then you revealed your penchant for coloring inside the lines with crayons in week two and I started to suspect that there wasn’t much behind the glimpses of the voice we saw in week one.  But tonight, I must say, it is time for you to go.  The judges could not have been more accurate in saying that you have no idea who you are as a singer (nor do you know what sounds good for your voice).  Your rendition of ‘Smile’ was so unbelievably tepid, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.  That was raising your game?

Or perhaps I should give you more credit.  Did you know you were going to leave on Thursday night and wanted to have a song that would perfectly reflect that upcoming moment?

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