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American Idol Results Show – Choosing the Top 12

Ryan started us off by saying we could be in for a surprise or two.  Uh oh.  Could he mean Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly, or something even more surprising?  Honestly, the only thing that would really upset me would be if Crystal Bowersox went home.

Group number wasn’t half bad.  Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”.  I like these folks better as a group than as individuals.

Ryan announces that it’s Rolling Stone next week AND that we can start downloading performances on iTunes next week.  I would put my money on iTunes making a lot less money off of Idol this year.

The ladies’ results are first:

Didi’s up first.  And she has made it into the top 12.

Siobhan is next, with a wink from Simon.  And no surprise, she has also made it into the top 12.

Paige and Katelyn are next.  Uh oh.  One in.  One out.  OMG.  Paige made it into the top 12?!?!?!  Oh no.  I mean, I like her, but she was horrific.  Poor, poor Katelyn.  She was most definitely robbed.  She really deserved that spot.  Lilly Scott looks miserable for her.  They must have been BFF’s.  Paige had better bring it.

Now to the boys…

Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey are brought up front.

Casey is safe.  No surprise.

Tim is safe as well.  Wow.  That guy sure did turn things around for himself.

They tried to create tension between Todrick and Lee and lead us to believe that perhaps Lee could actually go.  But in the end, the annointed Lee Dewyze makes it through, and Todrick is going home.

On to the guest performance.  Scott McIntyre and Matt Giraud performing Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It”.  A bit weird of a pairing.  But it reminds me that I did like Matt.  He seems to have had that growth on his head removed finally, and so he’s shed his ubiquitous hat.  Apparently, “Scotty The Body” has an album out.  And Matt has an album on the way.  Again, a reminder that the guys last year were so much better than the guys this year.

Crystal’s up next.  And she looks very nervous.  Why?  Maybe she wants to stop here?  She doesn’t really look thrilled to have made it.  Looks like she might have liked this all to have ended here.  Perhaps she promised to cut her dreds and get Crest Whitestrips if she hit the top 12 and that reality has finally sunk in.

Now it’s Big Mike’s turn.  And…the absentee father makes it through.  Absolutely no surprise.

Ryan asks Lacey if she knows who she is and what her style is.  She gives one of the most incomprehensible answers I have ever heard, but she does happen to make it through to the next round.  Good for her.

Ewwww….Aaron Kelly has made it through to the top 12.  Why?  What a waste.  Doesn’t bode well for Andrew Garcia…

We’re down to Alex and Andrew.  The dark horse vs. the front-runner.  Oh no.  The dark horse is gone!  So sad.  It just doesn’t seem like Andrew is going to go all the way, and Alex was getting better and better.  I was looking forward to seeing the dark horse transform over the next few months.  But good for Andrew.  It would have really stung to have fallen so far so quickly.

So we’re left with Lilly and Katie.  I will be completely shocked if this one turns out to be a surprise…and it IS a big surprise.  Wow.  Lilly Scott goes home.  Not completely shocked – I bet she and Crystal split a lot of votes.  But most definitely shocked that she is going home and Katie is making it through.  Cut to Crystal – she looks even more miserable than she did before.  She’s definitely taking in the fact that the other alterna-girl is not going to be there with her.

So sad.  America pretty much got it wrong.  Alex Lambert, Katelyn Epperly, and Lilly Scott most definitely should have held the spots now held by Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, and Aaron Kelly.  Todrick, my man, it was time for you to go.

Given the surprise votes tonight, I probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to pick a top 6 and a bottom 6…

Top 6:

  1. Crystal Bowersox
  2. Casey James
  3. Siobhan Magnus
  4. Didi Benami
  5. Lee Dewyze
  6. Big Mike

Bottom 6:

  1. Lacey Brown
  2. Andrew Garcia
  3. Paige Miles
  4. Tim Urban
  5. Katie Stevens
  6. Aaron Kelly

Dismal, dismal, dismal season.  Today’s escape comes from one of my favorite Idol contestants of all time.  Elliott Yamin brought me to tears pretty much every week, and with “A Song For You”, he was at the top of his game.  I dare you to find me one man in this year’s competition who is half as good as Elliott.  Enjoy…

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