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Survivor Recap – Week 5 – ‘Roids and Chocolate

We start off, as expected, with everyone on the Heroes tribe mad at JT for voting Cirie out at Tribal Council.  It was a move that could end up not being good for everyone’s favorite good ol’ boy, but actually a move that should help everyone else in the game, as Cirie is always a serious threat.

We join the Villains tribe being led in some Tai Chi-related session by Coach.  Almost all of them exchanging looks with one another about the ridiculousness of Coach.  Meanwhile, Russell is off finding the hidden immunity idol once again.  Is this going to be a replay of last season, or is this going to blow up in Russell’s face this time around?

At the reward challenge, the Heroes inexplicably refuse to partake in the free chocolate snack offered to them, saying they prefer to remain focuses.  Am I missing something here?  How would the chocolate take away from their focus.  As far as I can tell it would likely give them more energy, as well as tangible motivation for the chocolate reward.  Oh well, their loss.

James injures himself and is out of the challenge.  Rupert clearly throws Jerri against the fence and then insists he didn’t mean to do that.  Well – she got the best of him.  Jerri scores for the Villains, and the Villains win the reward.  Too bad, Heroes.  Maybe if you had just tasted the chocolate in the first place.

At the reward challenge, Russell reveals to Parvati that he has the hidden immunity idol.  Smart of him to tell her.  He’s absolutely right – you need to tell someone else so that you can actually leverage it to do something with.  Then he approaches Coach, which has to have thrilled the guy since his ego is so fragile.  As expected, Coach bows down to Russell, honoring him for trusting him.  Now I really, really love Russell in this game, but I love Rob a lot more.  And this does not bode well for Boston Rob.

Amanda gets all emotional about the potential of James leaving the game due to his injury.  Really?  You guys became that close?  Amanda – your big brother has ‘roid rage.  But apparently, James is still well enough to stay in the game, which even I think is good, since it would be pathetic for him to be evacuated two of the times he has played.

The Villains come from behind in the immunity challenge to win immunity once again and further decimate the Heroes tribe.  So Boston Rob is safe for at least one more week.

Everyone is debating whether or not to vote James out.  Given the crazy this guy has brought this season + his current injury, I feel like it’s a no-brainer.  That being said, it looks like we have a replay of last week, where JT is the swing vote, and everyone is questioning his loyalty.

‘Roid rage comes out once again at Tribal Council.  Not sure what has made him hate Tom so much, but there is certainly no love lost there.  If I were JT, my vote would now be set.  Go with Tom, dude.

Love Tom’s comment as he casts his vote: “James: All Mass, No Class.”

And the votes are…Tom…Tom…James…James…Tom…and finally, TOM is voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.  The Heroes really are a big mess.

Next week looks like the battle between Rob & Russell intensifies.  I hope this one continues for episodes to come.

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