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American Idol Top 12 – Results Show

Sorry I wasn’t able to blog about last night’s show.  It was actually a good one, as everyone seems to sound better in a bigger venue for some reason, and I no longer felt like this season was a total practical joke.  In short, still hate Big Mike (and glad Simon finally called him out), still love Crystal Bowersox, don’t know what the judges were hearing with Siobhan, and thrilled to hear that Paige actually DOES have some talent.  More comments along with the results.

And on to the results…

  • Paige is first.  That woman really did sound great given that she had laryngitis.  And, unfortunately for her…she is in the bottom three.
  • Lee: Apparently, people not only like his voice, but think he’s easy-on-the-eyes.  Someone tell me what I’m missing.  He’s safe, which is no surprise.
  • Siobhan is next.  Yes, she stands out and is different, but last night, she was just weird.  But she is deservedly safe.
  • Aaron.  Dude was fine last night.  Actually don’t hate him anymore.  He’s safe.  But he’s no Timberlake.
  • They then pull Andrew and Tim up together.  Two performances that were just eh last night.  As expected, Andrew is safe (seriously riding that Paula Abdul cover as far as it can go).  Tim winds up in the bottom three.
  • Didi is first up after the break.  I thought she was pretty good last night and want to see her stay…and she’s safe.
  • Crystal‘s up next.  I just like her more every time I see her.  She’s just 100% authentic.  And so, so talented.  And so, so safe.
  • Surprisingly, Ryan calls Katie up next.  Has to mean she’s safe, no?  And it does.
  • Oh, Big Mike.  I love that Simon called you “corny and a bit desperate.”  And he still is, saying he’s “in it for the people.”  Well, BM, the “people” are not all in it for you.  But clearly some of them are, because you’re SAFE.
  • And we’re down to Casey and Lacey.  Zero surprise here, as Lacey is in the bottom three.

So the bottom three are:

  1. Paige
  2. Tim
  3. Lacey

And immediately, they send TIM back to safety.  Geez.  This kid really does have nine lives.  Looks obviously go a long, loooooooooooooooooooong way.

And Paige is safe.  Glad to see that after a much improved performance this week.  And after hearing Lacey sing again.  I really like her, but she didn’t have a chance in hell of winning the competition.

I can’t believe it, but they brought the judges’ save back, and they make Lacey go through the process of singing for her life, even though everyone in the room and at home (including Lacey) knows that the judges would never use the save on her or on anyone in the first week of the final 12.  And so…Lacey is sent packing, after Simon announces that it was unanimous.  Come on, Simon.  Did you have to say that?  Oh, well.

Completely unexciting results show with no surprises.

For a little American Idol rewind, check out the most shocking elimination show of all time.  I don’t think any will ever compare:

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