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Survivor – March 24 2010 – Rob vs. Russell

Probst announces that there will be a double-elimination tonight, with both teams going to tribal council and voting a member out.  The teams each compete for individual immunity, with the Heroes going first.  Lucky for her, Candace wins individual immunity, because apparently, Amanda was gunning for her.  Then the Villains square off, and my man Boston Rob brings it home, saving him from the wrath of Boss Hog…I mean Russell…for at least another week.

Boston Rob and Candace then square off for the reward, which comprises the winning tribe having a hot-dog feast while watching the losing tribe’s tribal council.  No surprise here.  Boston Rob wins it for the Villains.

Rob and Russell are still duking it out.  This one is really tough to watch, as I think they are two of the greatest Survivor players of all-time.  A Russell-Rob final two would be the best finale ever.

Cut to the Heroes, where Colby has already given up, telling everyone not to worry, to just vote him out and not give the other team any information.  Ah, Colby.  How far ye have fallen.  As James said, “It’s very disappointing to see a grown man give it up like that.”  Rupert then goes on and on and on about how ‘Roid Rage is a god and deserves to be in the game.

Back at the Villains’ camp, Rob and Russell are scrambling like crazy.  Rob comes up with a move that Russell separately comes up with and he calls “genius smart”, not expecting anyone to figure it out for themselves.  Ah, Boss Hog, do not underestimate Boston Rob.

At the Villains’ tribal council, Russell shockingly gives Parvati the immunity idol in an attempt to win over Parvati and especially Coach’s deep trust.  WOW!!!  It worked.  Parvati is saved from what would have been her ouster, and Russell is SAFE, getting two votes, to Tyson’s three.  Can I please say again how much I love Russell?  Sad to see Tyson go too early once again, however.

Then it’s on to the Heroes, as the Villains enjoy their hot dog feast.  Rupert acknowledges that the Villains are schooling the Heroes on how to be heroes.  James prattles on with some jibberish before insulting Colby and rejecting any sense of politeness and chivalry.  This dude has truly gone off the deep end.  He’s so rude – how could he expect anyone to vote for him were he to make the finals.

Jeff goes to tally the votes and – HOLY COW – the Heroes come to their senses and get rid of James and save Colby.  Wow.  I must admit, I did not see that one coming.  These guys have made the wrong decision every week, I never thought they would spare Colby in favor of ejecting ‘Roid Rage.

WOW.  What an episode.  Two shocking tribal councils.  I feel sorry for all the folks that don’t watch this show.  It’s really the best show on television.  If only American Idol were a quarter as good this season.

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  1. Mike D
    March 25, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    I’m not as excited by the show – barely holding on — but the Russell vs. Boston Rob fued is indeed fantastic. Huge move by Russell – gotta respect it. I love how Rob sums it up as the guy is dangerous like a suicide bomber.

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