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American Idol Recap – Top 10 Results Show

OK.  This show has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark.  WTF with that mashup intro of “Clash of the Titans” and “American Idol”?  First of all, it couldn’t be a more blatant attempt at corporate synergy.  But more importantly, it was completely irrelevant.  What Titans are clashing on Idol this year?  Tim “Abs are All I Gots” Urban and Katie “Only-Randy-Thinks-I’m-A-Little-XTina” Stevens?  Almost no titans this year.  Poor Ellen.  What a year to join.

First guest performer tonight is RUUUUUUUUUUBEN.  Where have you been, dude?  And what happened to the other half of you?  I mean, he’s still big, but I would venture to say not much bigger than Big Mike.  Good for you, Ru.  You were on a fast collision course with a heart attack before.  And you’ve reminded everyone why you won, and again, how far Idol has fallen.  Ru’s going on tour with Gayken this summer.  Wow.

After another “Clash of the Titans” promo, on to the results…

LEE…Please stop talking, Lee.  All of you guys talk too much during the results shows.  You’re safe.  Please sit down.

CASEY…Also, please stop talking.  You too are safe.

AARON…Sorry that Ryan/Simon banter derailed these guys from giving you your results.  You too are safe.

SIOBHAN and KATIE…Could it be?  Could Siobhan be in the bottom 3 and Katie be safe?  Naw.  Siobhan is safe and Robot Katie is in the bottom three.

A welcome break from the boring results comes in the form of Usher.  Is it wrong to say I liked Ruben better?  Ush – you can get both a better song and better choreography than that.  Best part was the guest appearance by will.i.am.

Back to the results…

DIDI…Also has loose-lipped syndrome.  He asked you whether you will pull the guitar out or not.  It was a yes or no question.  And…you are in the bottom three.



And we’re left with TIM and ANDREW.  Andrew is safe, Tim is in the bottom three, and I successfully called tonight’s bottom three.

Immediately sent back to safety is…ROBOT KATIE.

Oh no.  Please don’t let Didi go home.

Wow.  We are treated to a THIRD guest performance.  This time from Diddy, which I ultimately find to be a lot more impressive than Usher’s performance, even if the song kind of sucked.  Apparently, his new name is “Diddy Dirty Money”.  Usher must be pissed that Diddy and RUUUUUUUUU stole his thunder almost completely.

And we’re finally on to the moment of truth.  As predicted, Tim Urban lives to see another day.  Very unjustly, DIDI has to sing for her life.   And…my DVR cut off before the end.  I barely have to go check Twitter to know that the judges do not use their save on Didi.  Of course not.  They need to save it in case their dearests Lee, Siobhan, or Big Mike are “unjustly” voted out.

Well, I picked it right this week, but I still think America got it wrong.  Didi – you most certainly deserved to outlast Tim and Katie.

Instead of featuring a great former performance, I’m going to feature one of last night’s performances.  America, if you’re listening, this is who you voted through instead of Didi Benami.  Enjoy:

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