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Survivor Recap – March 29, 2010

April 29, 2010 1 comment

The show starts off with Russell confronting Parvati about keeping the idol a secret from him and Rupert lamenting having been ignored about his Russell opinions and now being down in numbers.

But don’t count Russell out.  He goes right for Candace, spotting his chance on the Heroes tribe and his insurance against Sandra.

In a move that has restored the shred of masculinity he has left, Colby wins the reward challenge for his team, which includes Danielle and Amanda.  They get to spend the night in Robert Louis Stevenson’s house, where Danielle finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol in a bowl of popcorn.  In one of the best scenes I have seen in Survivor so far, Amanda yanks the clue away from Danielle and they have a catfight about who has a right to it.  Proving themselves to be true LOSERS, Colby tells Amanda that it is rightfully Danielle’s and Amanda stupidly gives it back to Danielle.

Back at camp, Danielle finishes the idiot triumvirate and shares the clue with all of the ex-Villains.  I mean, she doesn’t know that Russell’s middle name is “Immunity Idol”, but she DOES know that Russell is pissed off at Parvati and might do something to get back at her.  And he does.  He finds the idol in no time flat and keeps it from the rest of his team and completes his strategy of flipping Candace by showing her the idol.

Sandra decides to flip to the Heroes’ side and starts to cook up a plan to vote Russell out at tribal council.

The immunity challenge involves competing to build a house of cards to a height of ten feet.  It turns out to be a head-to-head between Russell and Jerri, with Jerri winning immunity.  Apparently, it’s Jerri’s first immunity ever.  While Colby has embarrassed himself irredeemably, Jerri has basically redeemed her reputation this season.  Who would have thought she would be a contender?

While the Heroes are planning to vote for Russell, Russell tries to orchestrate a vote for “Boston Rob in a Man’s Body,” aka Amanda.

I can’t even keep track of what happens next as Candace and Sandra scramble to convince both sides that they are on each side.  This is nuts.  As Rupert said, they squeeze three days’ scrambling into three minutes.

At tribal council, Russell plays the hidden immunity idol before the votes are read, which turns out to be a waste, as the votes come down to a choice between Parvati and Amanda.  In the end, Amanda goes home.  While I’m somewhat sad to see her go, she did give up the clue to the idol and she would have inevitably slipped up eventually, because she always does.

So Russell lives to survive another week.  I’m starting to wonder how much longer he’ll really last now that he has an enormous target on his back.  But I have learned to never underestimate Russell Hantz.  This guy could keep winning immunity, finding hidden idols, and manipulating players who are less intelligent than himself.

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American Idol Recap – Top 6 Results Show

Before sitting down to watch Idol I watched last night’s Glee, which is compensating for this terrible Idol season.  I didn’t warm to Glee immediately – the singing was great, but the plots were terrible.  But since its return from hiatus, it has hit its stride.  Last week’s Madonna episode and this week’s episode were the best yet, with great performances, good character and plot development, and a lot of heart.  If you haven’t given this show a chance yet, give it a look.

THIS is American Idol.  Or is it?

  • Rascal Flats Performance
  • Long intro to Ford Music Video
  • Ford Music Video
  • Long Shrek 4 promo
  • Appearance by very old-looking Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz

Oh yeah – this is an American Idol results show.  Now for some results!  They’re forming three groups:

  • Siobhan & Lee
  • Aaron & Crystal
  • Big Mike & Casey

Oh, I have a bad, bad feeling.  Bad, bad, bad feeling.

Never mind.  Ryan walks Siobhan to Big Mike & Casey and announces them as the bottom three.  I’m surprised this is Siobhan’s first time in the bottom three.  Best news of all – if Crystal didn’t hit the bottom three tonight, she pretty much has this contest locked up.  Now, back to our distractions…

  • Carrie Underwood introduction
  • Sons of Sylvia performance
  • Lady Antebellum performance
  • Rascal Flats performs with Shakira – probably the most random pairing ever

Back to the results.  Big Mike is safe.  Deservedly so.  You know how much I hate him, but he was good last night.  And finally, Casey is deservedly safe as well.

So going home tonight is strange, but talented bird, Siobhan Magnus.  I can’t say I am immensely disappointed.  I think Michael Slezak was dead-on in his comments about Siobhan in his Idol recap today:  “I still can’t shake that feeling that she’s like a little kid with an expensive oil-paint set: Is she creating a work of art, or just randomly throwing colors down on the canvas?”  It became clear to me that the answer was really the latter.  Fare thee well, Siobhan.  It has been an entertaining ride.

American Idol Recap – Top 6 Performance Show

Well, we’re down to six.  And tonight is the music of Shania Twain.  I am cautiously pessimistic.  I mean, Shania’s great and all, but what are we going to be treated to?  Big Mike singing “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”?

Lee Dewyze – “You’re Still The One”
I know what’s going on here.  I’m being punked.  For sure.  Who the hell is this guy?  Is he really a front-runner?  If this guy wins, what he is winning is the prize for biggest dumb schmuck to ever make it big.  This is not a rhetorical question – please please please – someone tell me why the judges like this guy so much.

Big Mike – “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing”
I hate this guy, yes.  But you know, there isn’t any denying that he’s got a great voice.  And if I’m going to be completely honest, I think he deserves the crown 100 times more than Lee Dewyze.  I still think you’re an arrogant prick, Mike, but I liked your performance tonight, and you’re no longer the #1 contestant in my cross hairs.

Casey James – “Don’t”
Not sure how this guy gets more attractive each week, but he does.  He’s right.  He did show another side of him tonight.  It was actually an emotional performance that showed he can connect with audiences.  I agree with the judges.  His best performance so far.

Mama Sox – “No One Needs To Know”
Oh, Mama Sox.  You know you have my vote no matter what you do.  But definitely my least favorite performance by you so far by a long shot.  I mean, what was that?  And what were you wearing?  The judges agreed with me.  But I just love this woman.  She is so real and feels no need to apologize and at this point I think she knows that she’s going to have the career she wants even if she doesn’t win – and perhaps more so if she doesn’t win.

Aaron Kelly – “You Got A Way”
Wait – this guy is still here?  Really?  Make it stop.  Please.

Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine”
If I’m not mistaken, this was the song that sealed Mandisa’s fate in Season 6.  And it could possibly do the same for Siobhan.  She ended strong – she’s in her element when she’s belting.  But the rest was eh.  I didn’t like her nearly as much as the judges did.  I actually think Mandisa’s version was better.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Casey James
  2. Big Mike
  3. Lee Dewyze
  4. Mama Sox
  5. Siobhan Magnus
  6. Aaron Kelly

Who’s Going Home:

I don’t see how Aaron Kelly could not be in the bottom three.  Who he will be joined by is a tougher question to answer.  Casey and Lee will be safe.  And all rational thought tells me that Crystal will as well, despite a clearly weak performance.  So that would leave Big Mike and Siobhan in the bottom with Aaron.

Since I have been proven wrong again and again about Aaron, my guess on this week’s departure is going to be Siobhan.  I think she’s just too weird, and is unfortunately just not amazing enough to compensate.

What a waste of time this season has been.  Bad year to start blogging.

Survivor Recap – The Merge – April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Wow.  Another terrific episode.  This one had so many twists and turns.  Absolutely tremendous.  Why doesn’t everyone watch this show?

Parvati spouts off about her and Russell being the King and Queen of Idol and the Queen needing to keep some secrets of her own to share only with her Lady-in-Waiting, Danielle, as the Villains head toward the Heroes camp for the merge.

Upon seeing Parvati, JT thinks Parvati must have played an idol and so must have Russell, so that there are no more idols in the game.  If only Russell and Parvati were able to get the whole team to stick by that story.  Ah – spoke too soon.  He DOES try to sell that story to JT and Rupert, who buy it hook, line, and sinker.  But will anyone buy it long-term?

Sandra immediately goes to Rupert and tells him otherwise.  Um…yeah.  How could Russell think that this wouldn’t happen?  I absolutely love Rupert’s confessional where he says he thinks Russell and “Poverty” might be running the game.  Wow.  Rupert got a brain.  He tries to convince JT, but neither he nor Amanda believe him.  They think Rupert is paranoid, but they seem to agree to switch their vote last-minute from what they tell Russell in order to test him.  Ooh, boy!  Hope they stick to that plan.

Amanda tells Parvati that everyone is gunning for Parvati and claims to be trying to get rid of Sandra.  Oh, dum-dum Parvati.  Why did I praise you last week for keeping your mouth shut when this week, you immediately blab that you have the idol to Amanda?

At the immunity challenge, Colby proves for the ump-teenth time this season that he has become a complete and utter lightweight and becomes the first to fall out of the challenge.  And then he’s followed by one of the people who probably need it most, Sandra.  Everyone else steps down except for Danielle and Parvati, who decide together that Parvati will step down since Parvati already has the idol.

Somehow, Rupert really did get a brain tonight, and interprets Parvati’s action to mean that she HAS to have her own idol, since it is so out of character for her.  So now the ex-heroes are choosing between Jerri and Sandra, and plan to vote in a block of five.

Stupid-in-love Russell gives Parvati his (I guess, JT’s) idol.  So she doesn’t even have to waste the idol she already has.  Amanda tries unsuccessfully to convince Parvati that the ex-Heroes are voting for her, and Parvati debates whether or not to waste one of her two idols.  Does she waste one?  Or does she pull a James and have two in the hand and find herself voted out?

As the merged team heads into tribal council, we know the ex-Heroes are voting for Sandra or Jerri, but we don’t know who the ex-Villains are voting for, nor do we know for sure that they are voting as a block.  Ah – there it is.  I should have known.  At least three of the ex-Villains are voting for JT.  And the Heroes have chosen Jerri, because as Candace so harshly says, “If there is a hidden immunity idol, the least likely person they would give it to is Jerri.”

Then, in one of the BOLDEST moves I have ever seen, Parvati whips out one of her immunity idols and gives it to Sandra.  Bold move.  But that’s not all.  Parvati actually whips out her OTHER immunity idol and gives it to Jerri.  With five votes for Jerri and five votes for JT, JT feels the sting of being voted out for the first time and rightfully pays the price for what I will now finally admit is…


Why the retraction, you may ask?  Is it because he ended up getting burned?  No.  My mind was changed early on in this week’s episode when JT uttered “There’s a reason why I’ve been doing Rupert’s strategical play so far…Rupert, do you believe Sandra’s story, or do you believe the obvious truth.”  That “obvious truth,” according to JT, was that Russell was on their side.  Oh, JT.  You now get the crown not for having had the dumb move backfire on you, not for talking about Rupert’s “strategical” play, but for your arrogance and hubris attached to your dumb move.  Buddy, hold tight to that original million, because you’re not likely to earn much more in this lifetime.

I can’t wait to see how Parvati’s move plays out for her.  It was either really, really stupid, as she could have easily retained at least one idol, or it was brilliant – proving herself to be a very loyal ex-Villain.  Regardless, this season has proven to me without a shadow of a doubt that Parvati and Russell are in the top three or four players in Survivor history, if not the top two.  Right now, Parvati would be my pick for top player, given that she has a good shot at being the first double-winner.  Russell is second right now, but would definitely take the top spot if he wins, since he would be basically a double-winner, since he was robbed by a lame jury last season.  But lest anyone forget, both Danielle and Sandra are former winners and still in the game.  While neither lady plays as flashy a game as either Parvati or Russell, if either takes home a second win, they get the prize.

Boston Rob, don’t fret.  I still love you, man.  And you’re still my favorite Survivor.  But you went out early in your first season.  Your future wife stole the title from you during All-Stars.  And you got taken by Russell Hantz this season.  You’re a great player, but you don’t compare to these Survivor monsters.

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American Idol Recap – Idol Gives Back

Barrack and Michelle open the show.  She just looks better and better every day.  “To this year’s finalists,” Barrack says, “you’re all my dogs.”  Michelle closes the segment with a message to Simon: “Be nice.”

Apparently, this year’s show is hosted in two locations, the traditional theater and another in Pasadena hosted by Queen Latifah.  You know, I think the demise of this show is way over-predicted.  This show has created a mass outlet for musical performances that has not existed in years.  The music industry is going to do all it can to keep this show alive.

The Top 12 kick off the performance segment of the show, all dressed in white and led by MAMA SOX.  This woman’s voice really gives me chills in a way that only Fantasia, Melinda, and Elliott have done in the past.  She had better win.  It’s actually good to see the rest of the top 12 back.  Makes me miss Didi Benami.

The first guest performers are the Black Eyed Peas.  Is it bad that I love these guys?

George Lopez is a “guest host” for the results.  He says that it is about time that someone judges the judges for a change…

  • Randy – Every night you say pitchy.  My friend works in the dog house and he doesn’t say “dog” as much as you.  But you’re the only brother on this show, so you’re safe.
  • Kara – “Kara Carla DeGuido or however you pronounce your name.”  Every night you say “I wanted you to make it your own.”  And I wallpaper my room with your nudie pictures from the magazines.  You are safe.
  • Ellen – Every night you say “Simon stop touching me.”  I don’t know how you stay seated with all the music since on your show there is a commercial jingle and you get up and dance.  You are safe.
  • Simon – Every night you say “Ryan stop touching me.” I’m not saying your shirts are tight, but people at home know how cold it is in the studio.  America has voted and you have to go back to England.  But since there is a big cloud of volcanic ash keeping people from traveling, Simon, you are safe.

Next is the Ford music video.  Every time I see these, I just think about how thrilled Crystal will be when she never has to do product endorsements again.

Crystal & Casey are the first to receive their results.  Crystal is safe and Casey is not shockingly in the bottom three.

Aaron and Lee are next.  Lee is safe and Aaron is, as predicted, in the bottom three.

Joss Stone & Jeff Beck are the next performers.  What ever happened to her?  Why didn’t she become a bigger thing in the US.  That woman can REALLY sing.

Alicia Keys is the next performer.  She’s good, as always, and that Empire State of Mind is sure a catchy tune.  After Alicia, Carrie Underwood sings “Change”.  Let me be the first to admit that I was not a big Carrie fan during her season.  I found her to be robotic and boring.  But somewhere between “Jesus Take The Wheel” and “Before He Cheats”, I became a big fan.  She is great tonight, as usual.  My favorite performance of hers is still “Praying for Time” a couple of seasons back on “Idol Gives Back.”  Check it out:

And finally, we’re back to the results.  Siobhan, Mike, & Tim are pulled up together.  Siobhan is safe.  UUGGGGGH – BIG MIKE IS SAFE.  Turban rounds out the bottom three.

David Cook stops by, sporting the bad hair he wore during his Idol season to recount his trip to Ethiopia.

OK.  The Annie Lennox segment with the little girl with HIV who was saved from death’s door by medication provided by donations brought me to tears.  Time to pull that credit card out and make a donation.

The final performances of the night are a kick-ass version of “Stairway to Heaven” led by Mary J. Blige, and one of my favorite songs, “Your Song”, performed by Elton John.

And…finally.  To the results.  Aaron Kelly is inexplicably sent to safety, as is Casey, leaving Turban finally going home after truly, truly having nine lives.  No loss here no matter how you look at it.  The kid redeemed himself from becoming a Sanjaya punchline, and I would put most of my savings on his having a career of some sort.

So overall, a pretty boring show.  A boring final 6.  Let’s get this season wrapped up quickly with a triple-elimination next week, shall we?

Some of the other celebrities featured in the show tonight:
Jennifer Garner
Sully the Pilot
Russell Brand
Jonah Hill
George Lopez
David Duchovny
Demi Lovato
Josh Groban
Justin Bieber
Secretary General of the UN
Morgan Freeman
Jim Carrey
David Arquette
Elliott Yamin
Bill & Melinda Gates
Wanda Sykes
Annie Lennox
Elton John

American Idol Top 7 Recap – Performance Show

April 20, 2010 5 comments

Tonight I have a very special treat for all you readers out there.  Mike D is sitting next to me and will be guest blogging this evening.  I’m not quite sure how this is going to work, and he’s already giving me tons of crap as usual, but let’s see how this goes.  I’m not sure that he hates Big Mike as much as I do, but hopefully this will be entertaining nonetheless.

Michael Derezin has goosebumps about blogging.  He wants to know if Ryan is on drugs.  Michael, haven’t you heard that he was just tired this week?  It has been all over the news, including The Today Show this morning.

The top seven enter, with Big Mike as the focal point.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send him home tomorrow night.  Oooh – Alicia Keys is the mentor.  I love her.  Simmons thinks she doesn’t like men – do you?  Regardless, she is more qualified than Glambert.  Tonight’s theme is songs of inspiration.

Casey – “Don’t Stop” – Fleetwood Mac
Michael Wertheim’s Take: Tough to listen to this song without thinking about Bill Clinton.  Good performance.  Randy’s totally right – every week we see the same thing, as is Ellen.  He’s consistently good, but he needs to be great.
Michael Derezin’s Take: Goofy smile, forced.  Looks like he went to a tanning salon.  I still wonder why Bill settled for Monica.  Couldn’t he have done any better?  Not very good.  Didn’t have his moment.  Does anyone else notice the zit in the middle of Kara’s forehead?  I am having a difficult time concentrating.

Lee – “The Boxer” – Simon & Garfunkel
MW’s Take: Again, Lee De-Why?  Not hating him tonight.  Though he sounds awful on the high notes.  Of course, the judges love him.  Ellen sees so much soul and depth.  Kara thinks he had his moment tonight.  Simon has a man-crush.  I am still scratching my head.  Please, someone, tell me what I’m missing.
MD’s Take: He looks like a deer in the headlights.  Is he going to get laid after this show?  Is this song by Jackson Browne?  Lee’s got some nasty tats.  He’s going to crush this one.  Great song choice.  He’s getting laid tonight.  Is he crying?  He’s crying.  Told you, I nailed it.

Turban – “Better Days” – Goo Goo Dolls
MW’s Take:  I can’t get my cousin Brett out of my head every time I watch him, for some reason.  I think it’s because Brett also had that Zac Efron haircut at some point.  Not bad.  This kid has really turned himself around.  Nothing special though.  Ellen calls him the soup of the day.  She wasn’t into it today.  I just noticed Kara’s pimple, by the way.  Simon gives him some credit, but says it was a little bit of a let-down.
MD’s Take:  What does it matter what I say?  The teeny-boppers are going to vote for this guy.  He’s doing ok.  I think he’ll hold up here.  I still wish Carol Brady were here instead of him.  The guy is boring, so my comments are boring.

Aaron Kelly – “I Believe I Can Fly” – R. Kelly
MW’s Take: Oy, this kid is still in the competition?  I thought Turban would definitely go this week, but I forgot about the ugly, less-talented David Archuletta.  I still don’t know who’s dressing this guy.  I mean, he was fine, but I’m not sure why anyone would CHOOSE to listen to him.  The judges are much kinder to him than they were to Tim Urban.  Not quite sure why.
MD’s Take: The 16-year-old’s gotta go.  What’s up with that lame black bracelet he wears.  Anyone else out there think that bracelet is lame?  That’s a horrible vest he has on.  What’s up with that outfit?

During the commercial for Glee, Mike Derezin waxes sentimental: “I would like to give a shout-out to my wonderful wife, Lisa, who loves Glee, and has borne me two beautiful children, Sage and Mia-Tia.”  Shout out from me too, Lisa.  You are truly a trooper.  Truly.

Siobhan – “When You Believe” – Whitney & Mariah
MW’s Take: Wow.  She’s taking on not one, but TWO big diva’s.  She has the voice.  Let’s just hope it’s good.  Alicia thinks she’s doing things most people can’t do.  Wow.  That outfit.  I actually liked her performance.  I don’t think it was transcendant, but I think she did the song justice as most would not.  It was just ok with Randy.  Ellen disagreed.  Kara doesn’t know who she is.  The leaves distracted Simon on the close-ups.
MD’s Take: She’s boring me now.  Always the same schtick.  She looks like some kind of garden fairy.  When is the screaming going to happen?  I love how she always tries to get tough at the end, saying she’s an individual and doesn’t want to get pigeonholed.

Big Mike – “Hero” – Nickleback
MW’s Take: Apparently, he started putting a playbook together years ago of songs he would sing were he ever on Idol.  I hate that he’s actually talented.  Dude could seriously be a contender if he didn’t love himself so much.  Not bad at all, but not “sensational” like last week.
MD’s Take: Is that a Member’s Only jacket?  He’s so yoked, he must use TravelFit.  How many necks does he have?  I have nothing else appropriate to say.

MAMA SOX – “People Get Ready” – The Impressions
MW’s Take: I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman.  I am thrilled that she started a cappella.  Wow.  For me, this was a truly breakout performance for her.  I wish she hadn’t broken down at the end, but I think that was truly, truly unbelievable.  Agree with Simon – that was inspirational.
MD’s Take: When is the last time she washed her hair?  She really needs to plug those gaps in her teeth.  Am I going to look like a d**k when this is published?  Can we play that again, Michael?  She looks like a linebacker from the back.

MW’s Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  2. Casey
  3. Lee
  4. Siobhan
  5. Turban
  6. Big Mike
  7. Aaron Kelly

MD’s Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  2. Lee
  3. Casey
  4. Siobhan
  6. Turban
  7. Aaron Kelly

Who Will Be In The Bottom Three:
MD: Aaron Kelly, Turban, and Big Mike, with Aaron Kelly going home.
MW: I have to say, Derezin hit the nail on the head.  I agree 100%, except that I could see Siobhan entering the bottom 3 instead of Big Mike, much as I would disagree with that vote.

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Survivor Recap – April 15, 2010

The show opens with a reward challenge, where the Heroes reaffirm their belief that there is a women’s alliance on the Villains team with the ejection of Coach.  The reward is a feast from Outback Steakhouse.  Great product placement.  It’s an endurance challenge that JT won during his season, but this time with individuals against one another.  Great face-off between Jerri and Colby and another between Sandra and Rupert.  Sandra reveals her back-country ways by professing her love for Outback Steakhouse, which I feel is a perfectly justifiable preference to mock, since she is a millionaire after all.  Probst also congratulates Amanda on today being the 100th day that Amanda has played survivor, which is the first time anyone has played so long.

Colby is the first to go.  Boy, this guy is really not bringing it this season.  He must be so embarrassed.  Jerri beat him, for cripe’s sake.  Then Rupert falls, followed by our 100-day player Amanda, and the Villains handily win an Outback “feast”.  At the feast, Parvati finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol in her napkin and intelligently acts like a true villain and keeps it to herself.  Among other things, not being an idiot is what makes Parvati a winner.  Wait – perhaps I spoke too soon.  Parvati shares it with Danielle almost right away.  I guess it’s a good tactic to secure Danielle’s loyalty.  Hopefully, she’ll stop there, unlike JT.

Back at the Heroes’ camp, JT outlines his BRILLIANT scheme to give Russell the hidden immunity idol and tell him to vote off Parvati.  Thank goodness Amanda has sense enough to question the fail-safeness of JT’s plan.  Back at the Villains’ camp, Parvati & Danielle go digging for the idol and find it “in like four seconds.”  Cut to Russell heading somewhere, but evidently not right toward them.  Flip back to the Heroes’ camp again, and JT is actually writing a letter to Russell with the immunity idol and plans to follow-through with his plan.

At the immunity challenge, Colby has a moment alone with Russell and tells him their plan.  The Heroes win immunity, and JT and Russell make the exchange.  Oh, boy.  Russell’s ego has to be skyrocketing right now.  He’s right – “I don’t even have to find idols.  People are giving me idols.  You don’t hand the enemy the idol.  Especially when his name is Russell Hantz.  That’s a no-no.”

I was a little surprised to see Russell go right to Parvati with the news.  I figured he would at least consider voting her out, blindsiding her, and not even having to use the idol.  He could have revealed his plan to the team, kept everyone else, and had everyone lie to the Heroes once they merged and let the Heroes think the idol was played and instead use it to blindside later on.  That way, he would have had the idol and the trust of the other team.  I suppose he’ll have a good story about why he didn’t vote for Parvati.

Was JT’s move the dumbest move ever, as the producers are trying to paint it out to be?  I have to come down on the “no” side.  It is a big risk, and one we know to be a bad risk, because WE know Russell, and WE know there is no alliance.  But had there actually been a female alliance, it could have been a brilliant move by JT.  Worst move in Survivor?  Perhaps.  Dumbest move in Survivor?  I don’t think so.  Now, that letter, that might be the dumbest.

Courtney is voted out at Tribal council and the Parvati-Danielle-Russell alliance walks off with an immunity idols in their pocket, and the Parvati-Danielle alliance walks off with two.  If either Russell or Parvati don’t win, it will be a travesty.

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