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Survivor Recap – April 8 2010 – Missing Boston Rob

Boy, did I chose a week to take off on the Survivor recaps.  My two favorite players of all-time faced off against one another and the one I love to hate sent the one I hate to love home.  Boss Hog Russell Hantz got the best of Boston Rob and sent the guy packing.  I love ya, Boston Rob, and this season you redeemed yourself as a hero and I no longer hate to love you.  The game will be way, way less exciting without you.  You went too soon, but at least you went at the hands of the master manipulator.

This week’s show opens with Russell opining on his prowess, and Jerri whinging about how she misses Rob already.  The Dragon Slayer gives her the cold shoulder, as she deserves, and he proclaims that the Villains have ruined their game and are now “toast”.  SEE – YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE VOTED OUT MY MAN, BOSTON ROB!

The Heroes have agreed to find the immunity idol together and use it as a team.  Thank goodness, JT gets a clue and goes off to find it on his own.  Oops – spoke too soon.  Amanda came up on him and he had to tell her.  OK, that works.  But then he tells Candace and the rest of the tribe, thinking it will bring the tribe together and make it stronger.  What an idiot.  Candace is wise to his game and declares JT dangerous.  Oh, JT.  I was excited at the thought of you being smart enough to realize that you needed to play this one differently to win, but you seemed to give up on that.

The Villains pack up their entire camp on their way to the reward challenge in anticipation of a merge, only to learn that there is no merge happening today (or ever?).  The Heroes win the boring bowling reward challenge and feast on pizza, garlic bread, and brownies.  Yum.  The Heroes assume there is an all-female alliance on the Villains’ side, which is certainly an understandable guess, given that no one knows how Russell plays the game.  CAN THIS GUY BE ANY BETTER?!?!?  The Heroes will go straight for Russell once they merge to get him on their side, not knowing what a huge mistake they’re making.

The Villains tribe is crumbling quickly as everyone hates everyone else.  Sandra has a plan to save herself and Courtney by convincing Russell that Coach is gunning for him, which seems to be working, and applicable, since the Heroes pretty handily win immunity.  BET YOU’RE MISSING BOSTON ROB NOW, HUH, VILLAINS?

Coach has all the arrogance that comes before a fall, excited that he has come into his own and planning to vote out Courtney.  Danielle comes to her senses and tries to convince Russell that voting out Coach is a mistake since he is their strongest player.  As we head into tribal council, we are show footage of Russell considering Danielle’s suggestion seriously.  As well he should.  I have a suspicion that there isn’t going to be a merge this season, or at least not a straight-forward merge, so they would do well to keep themselves strong.  Not to mention the fact that Coach would be the easiest person to blindside whenever that may be necessary.

In the end, the Villains make what I suspect is a very big mistake for most of them, and get rid of The Dragon Slayer instead of Courtney.  Turns out, Russell DID switch his vote and voted for Courtney, which should ultimately work out very well for the little man, as Coach is now the first person on the jury.

The previews for next week’s show are either the biggest tease ever or indicate that Russell will continue to dominate this game, as we are treated to a shot of JT saying he’s going to give the immunity idol to Russell, suspecting he is the odd-man-out on the Villains’ tribe.  The producers are hailing it as perhaps the stupidest move in Survivor history.  In general, I find this show to be pretty spot-on when they use their superlatives, but I’m not sure this one surpasses the many amazing idiotic moves made in past seasons.  I clearly smell a Dalton Ross brewing up a gallery of stupidest Survivor moves ever to appear on EW.com.  Stay tuned to see if I’m right.

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  1. eileen
    April 10, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    The Jacobs household was amazed that Sandra did not realized that if she could swing both Coach and Jerri to her that they could then dominate the game and blindside any of the Trunculent Trio. With Coach gone, the best she can hope for is a tie at the next tribal counsel.

    The Jacobs household has always wondered whether the timing of the merge is pre-determined before a season or whether it is timed according to how the season unfolds. If it is the latter, we would like to see a merge when the Heroes are down one member, in order to see if they can swing a vote from the Villains.

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