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American Idol Recap – Down to 7

Four words: Please stop the medleys.

The show begins with a bizarre grouping of Aaron, Andrew, and Casey in the middle of the stage, followed by the immediate declaration that Andrew is going home.  Weirdly delivered, but a forgone conclusion, and kind of nice to get it over with right away.  Shocked that Aaron is safe though.

After the commercial, they bring back my BOY Elliott to do an Idol Gives Back segment in Angola.  Just a reminder that there is no one I like nearly as much this season.  And his mother, may she rest in peace, can also be proud of what a mensch her son is.

Brooke White performs with some dude named Justin Gastin, which was pretty good.  I think my favorite part of it was finally seeing Brooke at ease on the Idol stage.

Now to narrow down the remaining contestants.  Crystal is safe.  Siobhan is safe.  Lee is safe.  We are left with Tim, Michael, and Katie.

On to this weeks mentor.  Glambert performs his “hit” “Whaddaya Want From Me.”  Good performance, which is no surprise from Adam.  But it would be great to see this guy sing songs that are actually worthy of his voice.

Back to the results.  Tim is the first one sent back to safety, leaving us with Big Mike and Katie Stevens.  And Katie is going home.  Wow.  I mean, no big loss, but I didn’t expect to see her go home tonight.  And, if I haven’t said it enough yet, I HATE BIG MIKE, who was apparently not even in the bottom three tonight.  All I can think is that Katie was robbed of one more week in the competition due to the bad decision to save Big Mike.  Though her swan song is making me re-think that statement.

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