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Survivor Recap – April 15, 2010

The show opens with a reward challenge, where the Heroes reaffirm their belief that there is a women’s alliance on the Villains team with the ejection of Coach.  The reward is a feast from Outback Steakhouse.  Great product placement.  It’s an endurance challenge that JT won during his season, but this time with individuals against one another.  Great face-off between Jerri and Colby and another between Sandra and Rupert.  Sandra reveals her back-country ways by professing her love for Outback Steakhouse, which I feel is a perfectly justifiable preference to mock, since she is a millionaire after all.  Probst also congratulates Amanda on today being the 100th day that Amanda has played survivor, which is the first time anyone has played so long.

Colby is the first to go.  Boy, this guy is really not bringing it this season.  He must be so embarrassed.  Jerri beat him, for cripe’s sake.  Then Rupert falls, followed by our 100-day player Amanda, and the Villains handily win an Outback “feast”.  At the feast, Parvati finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol in her napkin and intelligently acts like a true villain and keeps it to herself.  Among other things, not being an idiot is what makes Parvati a winner.  Wait – perhaps I spoke too soon.  Parvati shares it with Danielle almost right away.  I guess it’s a good tactic to secure Danielle’s loyalty.  Hopefully, she’ll stop there, unlike JT.

Back at the Heroes’ camp, JT outlines his BRILLIANT scheme to give Russell the hidden immunity idol and tell him to vote off Parvati.  Thank goodness Amanda has sense enough to question the fail-safeness of JT’s plan.  Back at the Villains’ camp, Parvati & Danielle go digging for the idol and find it “in like four seconds.”  Cut to Russell heading somewhere, but evidently not right toward them.  Flip back to the Heroes’ camp again, and JT is actually writing a letter to Russell with the immunity idol and plans to follow-through with his plan.

At the immunity challenge, Colby has a moment alone with Russell and tells him their plan.  The Heroes win immunity, and JT and Russell make the exchange.  Oh, boy.  Russell’s ego has to be skyrocketing right now.  He’s right – “I don’t even have to find idols.  People are giving me idols.  You don’t hand the enemy the idol.  Especially when his name is Russell Hantz.  That’s a no-no.”

I was a little surprised to see Russell go right to Parvati with the news.  I figured he would at least consider voting her out, blindsiding her, and not even having to use the idol.  He could have revealed his plan to the team, kept everyone else, and had everyone lie to the Heroes once they merged and let the Heroes think the idol was played and instead use it to blindside later on.  That way, he would have had the idol and the trust of the other team.  I suppose he’ll have a good story about why he didn’t vote for Parvati.

Was JT’s move the dumbest move ever, as the producers are trying to paint it out to be?  I have to come down on the “no” side.  It is a big risk, and one we know to be a bad risk, because WE know Russell, and WE know there is no alliance.  But had there actually been a female alliance, it could have been a brilliant move by JT.  Worst move in Survivor?  Perhaps.  Dumbest move in Survivor?  I don’t think so.  Now, that letter, that might be the dumbest.

Courtney is voted out at Tribal council and the Parvati-Danielle-Russell alliance walks off with an immunity idols in their pocket, and the Parvati-Danielle alliance walks off with two.  If either Russell or Parvati don’t win, it will be a travesty.

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