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American Idol Recap – Idol Gives Back

Barrack and Michelle open the show.  She just looks better and better every day.  “To this year’s finalists,” Barrack says, “you’re all my dogs.”  Michelle closes the segment with a message to Simon: “Be nice.”

Apparently, this year’s show is hosted in two locations, the traditional theater and another in Pasadena hosted by Queen Latifah.  You know, I think the demise of this show is way over-predicted.  This show has created a mass outlet for musical performances that has not existed in years.  The music industry is going to do all it can to keep this show alive.

The Top 12 kick off the performance segment of the show, all dressed in white and led by MAMA SOX.  This woman’s voice really gives me chills in a way that only Fantasia, Melinda, and Elliott have done in the past.  She had better win.  It’s actually good to see the rest of the top 12 back.  Makes me miss Didi Benami.

The first guest performers are the Black Eyed Peas.  Is it bad that I love these guys?

George Lopez is a “guest host” for the results.  He says that it is about time that someone judges the judges for a change…

  • Randy – Every night you say pitchy.  My friend works in the dog house and he doesn’t say “dog” as much as you.  But you’re the only brother on this show, so you’re safe.
  • Kara – “Kara Carla DeGuido or however you pronounce your name.”  Every night you say “I wanted you to make it your own.”  And I wallpaper my room with your nudie pictures from the magazines.  You are safe.
  • Ellen – Every night you say “Simon stop touching me.”  I don’t know how you stay seated with all the music since on your show there is a commercial jingle and you get up and dance.  You are safe.
  • Simon – Every night you say “Ryan stop touching me.” I’m not saying your shirts are tight, but people at home know how cold it is in the studio.  America has voted and you have to go back to England.  But since there is a big cloud of volcanic ash keeping people from traveling, Simon, you are safe.

Next is the Ford music video.  Every time I see these, I just think about how thrilled Crystal will be when she never has to do product endorsements again.

Crystal & Casey are the first to receive their results.  Crystal is safe and Casey is not shockingly in the bottom three.

Aaron and Lee are next.  Lee is safe and Aaron is, as predicted, in the bottom three.

Joss Stone & Jeff Beck are the next performers.  What ever happened to her?  Why didn’t she become a bigger thing in the US.  That woman can REALLY sing.

Alicia Keys is the next performer.  She’s good, as always, and that Empire State of Mind is sure a catchy tune.  After Alicia, Carrie Underwood sings “Change”.  Let me be the first to admit that I was not a big Carrie fan during her season.  I found her to be robotic and boring.  But somewhere between “Jesus Take The Wheel” and “Before He Cheats”, I became a big fan.  She is great tonight, as usual.  My favorite performance of hers is still “Praying for Time” a couple of seasons back on “Idol Gives Back.”  Check it out:

And finally, we’re back to the results.  Siobhan, Mike, & Tim are pulled up together.  Siobhan is safe.  UUGGGGGH – BIG MIKE IS SAFE.  Turban rounds out the bottom three.

David Cook stops by, sporting the bad hair he wore during his Idol season to recount his trip to Ethiopia.

OK.  The Annie Lennox segment with the little girl with HIV who was saved from death’s door by medication provided by donations brought me to tears.  Time to pull that credit card out and make a donation.

The final performances of the night are a kick-ass version of “Stairway to Heaven” led by Mary J. Blige, and one of my favorite songs, “Your Song”, performed by Elton John.

And…finally.  To the results.  Aaron Kelly is inexplicably sent to safety, as is Casey, leaving Turban finally going home after truly, truly having nine lives.  No loss here no matter how you look at it.  The kid redeemed himself from becoming a Sanjaya punchline, and I would put most of my savings on his having a career of some sort.

So overall, a pretty boring show.  A boring final 6.  Let’s get this season wrapped up quickly with a triple-elimination next week, shall we?

Some of the other celebrities featured in the show tonight:
Jennifer Garner
Sully the Pilot
Russell Brand
Jonah Hill
George Lopez
David Duchovny
Demi Lovato
Josh Groban
Justin Bieber
Secretary General of the UN
Morgan Freeman
Jim Carrey
David Arquette
Elliott Yamin
Bill & Melinda Gates
Wanda Sykes
Annie Lennox
Elton John

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