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Survivor Recap – The Merge – April 22, 2010

Wow.  Another terrific episode.  This one had so many twists and turns.  Absolutely tremendous.  Why doesn’t everyone watch this show?

Parvati spouts off about her and Russell being the King and Queen of Idol and the Queen needing to keep some secrets of her own to share only with her Lady-in-Waiting, Danielle, as the Villains head toward the Heroes camp for the merge.

Upon seeing Parvati, JT thinks Parvati must have played an idol and so must have Russell, so that there are no more idols in the game.  If only Russell and Parvati were able to get the whole team to stick by that story.  Ah – spoke too soon.  He DOES try to sell that story to JT and Rupert, who buy it hook, line, and sinker.  But will anyone buy it long-term?

Sandra immediately goes to Rupert and tells him otherwise.  Um…yeah.  How could Russell think that this wouldn’t happen?  I absolutely love Rupert’s confessional where he says he thinks Russell and “Poverty” might be running the game.  Wow.  Rupert got a brain.  He tries to convince JT, but neither he nor Amanda believe him.  They think Rupert is paranoid, but they seem to agree to switch their vote last-minute from what they tell Russell in order to test him.  Ooh, boy!  Hope they stick to that plan.

Amanda tells Parvati that everyone is gunning for Parvati and claims to be trying to get rid of Sandra.  Oh, dum-dum Parvati.  Why did I praise you last week for keeping your mouth shut when this week, you immediately blab that you have the idol to Amanda?

At the immunity challenge, Colby proves for the ump-teenth time this season that he has become a complete and utter lightweight and becomes the first to fall out of the challenge.  And then he’s followed by one of the people who probably need it most, Sandra.  Everyone else steps down except for Danielle and Parvati, who decide together that Parvati will step down since Parvati already has the idol.

Somehow, Rupert really did get a brain tonight, and interprets Parvati’s action to mean that she HAS to have her own idol, since it is so out of character for her.  So now the ex-heroes are choosing between Jerri and Sandra, and plan to vote in a block of five.

Stupid-in-love Russell gives Parvati his (I guess, JT’s) idol.  So she doesn’t even have to waste the idol she already has.  Amanda tries unsuccessfully to convince Parvati that the ex-Heroes are voting for her, and Parvati debates whether or not to waste one of her two idols.  Does she waste one?  Or does she pull a James and have two in the hand and find herself voted out?

As the merged team heads into tribal council, we know the ex-Heroes are voting for Sandra or Jerri, but we don’t know who the ex-Villains are voting for, nor do we know for sure that they are voting as a block.  Ah – there it is.  I should have known.  At least three of the ex-Villains are voting for JT.  And the Heroes have chosen Jerri, because as Candace so harshly says, “If there is a hidden immunity idol, the least likely person they would give it to is Jerri.”

Then, in one of the BOLDEST moves I have ever seen, Parvati whips out one of her immunity idols and gives it to Sandra.  Bold move.  But that’s not all.  Parvati actually whips out her OTHER immunity idol and gives it to Jerri.  With five votes for Jerri and five votes for JT, JT feels the sting of being voted out for the first time and rightfully pays the price for what I will now finally admit is…


Why the retraction, you may ask?  Is it because he ended up getting burned?  No.  My mind was changed early on in this week’s episode when JT uttered “There’s a reason why I’ve been doing Rupert’s strategical play so far…Rupert, do you believe Sandra’s story, or do you believe the obvious truth.”  That “obvious truth,” according to JT, was that Russell was on their side.  Oh, JT.  You now get the crown not for having had the dumb move backfire on you, not for talking about Rupert’s “strategical” play, but for your arrogance and hubris attached to your dumb move.  Buddy, hold tight to that original million, because you’re not likely to earn much more in this lifetime.

I can’t wait to see how Parvati’s move plays out for her.  It was either really, really stupid, as she could have easily retained at least one idol, or it was brilliant – proving herself to be a very loyal ex-Villain.  Regardless, this season has proven to me without a shadow of a doubt that Parvati and Russell are in the top three or four players in Survivor history, if not the top two.  Right now, Parvati would be my pick for top player, given that she has a good shot at being the first double-winner.  Russell is second right now, but would definitely take the top spot if he wins, since he would be basically a double-winner, since he was robbed by a lame jury last season.  But lest anyone forget, both Danielle and Sandra are former winners and still in the game.  While neither lady plays as flashy a game as either Parvati or Russell, if either takes home a second win, they get the prize.

Boston Rob, don’t fret.  I still love you, man.  And you’re still my favorite Survivor.  But you went out early in your first season.  Your future wife stole the title from you during All-Stars.  And you got taken by Russell Hantz this season.  You’re a great player, but you don’t compare to these Survivor monsters.

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  1. howard
    April 24, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    The Jacobs household still thinks that Richard Hatch remains the greatest Survivor player. Why? It’s because he had never seen the game played yet he manipulated the whole season in such a way that he got people to vote the laziest, nastiest person $1,000,000.

    Even “I’m Russell Hantz” could not convince last year’s Samoa jury to vote him the money.

    I think that Parvati made a monumental mistake by giving away the 2nd idol. By doing this she has double-crossed Russell. I understand why she did this: it not only saves the ex-Villain majority over the ex-Heroes but within the ex-Villains she now has the majority over Russell by winning Jerri’s loyalty by directly saving her.

    BUT, Sandra has now become the overall power broker. The ex-Heroes now know she was telling the truth and if no new immunity idols show up next week, I suspect Sandra will flip, give the ex-Heroes a 5 to 4 edge, and an ex-Villain will be leaving.

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