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American Idol Recap – Top 6 Results Show

Before sitting down to watch Idol I watched last night’s Glee, which is compensating for this terrible Idol season.  I didn’t warm to Glee immediately – the singing was great, but the plots were terrible.  But since its return from hiatus, it has hit its stride.  Last week’s Madonna episode and this week’s episode were the best yet, with great performances, good character and plot development, and a lot of heart.  If you haven’t given this show a chance yet, give it a look.

THIS is American Idol.  Or is it?

  • Rascal Flats Performance
  • Long intro to Ford Music Video
  • Ford Music Video
  • Long Shrek 4 promo
  • Appearance by very old-looking Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz

Oh yeah – this is an American Idol results show.  Now for some results!  They’re forming three groups:

  • Siobhan & Lee
  • Aaron & Crystal
  • Big Mike & Casey

Oh, I have a bad, bad feeling.  Bad, bad, bad feeling.

Never mind.  Ryan walks Siobhan to Big Mike & Casey and announces them as the bottom three.  I’m surprised this is Siobhan’s first time in the bottom three.  Best news of all – if Crystal didn’t hit the bottom three tonight, she pretty much has this contest locked up.  Now, back to our distractions…

  • Carrie Underwood introduction
  • Sons of Sylvia performance
  • Lady Antebellum performance
  • Rascal Flats performs with Shakira – probably the most random pairing ever

Back to the results.  Big Mike is safe.  Deservedly so.  You know how much I hate him, but he was good last night.  And finally, Casey is deservedly safe as well.

So going home tonight is strange, but talented bird, Siobhan Magnus.  I can’t say I am immensely disappointed.  I think Michael Slezak was dead-on in his comments about Siobhan in his Idol recap today:  “I still can’t shake that feeling that she’s like a little kid with an expensive oil-paint set: Is she creating a work of art, or just randomly throwing colors down on the canvas?”  It became clear to me that the answer was really the latter.  Fare thee well, Siobhan.  It has been an entertaining ride.

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