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Survivor Recap – March 29, 2010

The show starts off with Russell confronting Parvati about keeping the idol a secret from him and Rupert lamenting having been ignored about his Russell opinions and now being down in numbers.

But don’t count Russell out.  He goes right for Candace, spotting his chance on the Heroes tribe and his insurance against Sandra.

In a move that has restored the shred of masculinity he has left, Colby wins the reward challenge for his team, which includes Danielle and Amanda.  They get to spend the night in Robert Louis Stevenson’s house, where Danielle finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol in a bowl of popcorn.  In one of the best scenes I have seen in Survivor so far, Amanda yanks the clue away from Danielle and they have a catfight about who has a right to it.  Proving themselves to be true LOSERS, Colby tells Amanda that it is rightfully Danielle’s and Amanda stupidly gives it back to Danielle.

Back at camp, Danielle finishes the idiot triumvirate and shares the clue with all of the ex-Villains.  I mean, she doesn’t know that Russell’s middle name is “Immunity Idol”, but she DOES know that Russell is pissed off at Parvati and might do something to get back at her.  And he does.  He finds the idol in no time flat and keeps it from the rest of his team and completes his strategy of flipping Candace by showing her the idol.

Sandra decides to flip to the Heroes’ side and starts to cook up a plan to vote Russell out at tribal council.

The immunity challenge involves competing to build a house of cards to a height of ten feet.  It turns out to be a head-to-head between Russell and Jerri, with Jerri winning immunity.  Apparently, it’s Jerri’s first immunity ever.  While Colby has embarrassed himself irredeemably, Jerri has basically redeemed her reputation this season.  Who would have thought she would be a contender?

While the Heroes are planning to vote for Russell, Russell tries to orchestrate a vote for “Boston Rob in a Man’s Body,” aka Amanda.

I can’t even keep track of what happens next as Candace and Sandra scramble to convince both sides that they are on each side.  This is nuts.  As Rupert said, they squeeze three days’ scrambling into three minutes.

At tribal council, Russell plays the hidden immunity idol before the votes are read, which turns out to be a waste, as the votes come down to a choice between Parvati and Amanda.  In the end, Amanda goes home.  While I’m somewhat sad to see her go, she did give up the clue to the idol and she would have inevitably slipped up eventually, because she always does.

So Russell lives to survive another week.  I’m starting to wonder how much longer he’ll really last now that he has an enormous target on his back.  But I have learned to never underestimate Russell Hantz.  This guy could keep winning immunity, finding hidden idols, and manipulating players who are less intelligent than himself.

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  1. howard
    May 4, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Sandra is brilliant! By voting for Amanda she keeps herself with the Villains but she can swing her votes (Candice and herself) to Rupert and Colby if she wishes. The Jacobs household predicts that she will be the one who will drive a wedge between Russell and Parvati which will make both vulnerable next week.

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