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American Idol Recap – Top 5 Performance Show

Back by popular demand, Mike D is joining me again as a guest blogger.  For the fresh fruit on the Pinkberry (Mike D would like to give a shout-out to Saar and Patty and Fraiche in Palo Alto), Joanne Clain is also here to join us this evening.  As we head into the show, Mike D is still trying to get over the fact the Pinkberry ran out of mango fro-yo tonight.

“How does this live-blogging work?” – Joanne

“Crystal looks like a fat Kate Hudson.” – Mike D

“Ryan has had so much work done.” – Joanne

“This is the worst top 5 of any season.” – All

Tonight is Frank Sinatra night featuring Harry Connick Jr. as guest mentor. Apparently, he has also orchestrated all of tonight’s performances, so perhaps they will be better than usual.

ALERT – AT THIS POINT IN THE NIGHT, WORDPRESS SCREWED US ROYALLY AND ERASED ALL OF OUR AARON AND CASEY COMMENTS, WHICH IS PROBABLY FOR THE BEST.  In short, if you had taken Nyquil or an Ambien, you would have enjoyed them more.  Although Mike D disagrees, I think Casey’s performance has sealed his fate and he was horrific.

JC says that Casey is not her type, but he is better looking than the little kid.  I think looks don’t matter here.  Casey’s a goner.

Crystal – “Summer Wind”
Crystal has some deep connection to the song.  “Didn’t Kate Hudson get a boob job?” – Mike D.  Wow – she is quite glam tonight.  “Is 1-800-DENTIST still a website?” – Guess Who.  “She has a butterbody.  You know, the opposite of But-her-face?”  Randy thinks it was a little sleepy – I agree.  I think she’s not as good at the soft and subtle.  Oh, Crystal.  Please come back.  Don’t let America think that Lee Dewyze is the front-runner.

“Can I just not guest-blog this show anymore?  It’s so pathetic.” – Mike D

Big Mike – “The Way You Look Tonight”
Personal trainer.  Come on.  This dude needs to lose some weight.  But he is singing one of my favorite songs.  Gotta give this guy credit for song choice.  How sad is it that he is head and shoulders the best tonight.  “He does have more swagger than the others,” Mike D says, “you’ve gotta admit that.”  Joanne says that Big Mike is EATING UP Sinatra week.  It really wasn’t particularly good.  It was just so much better than everyone else tonight.  Nothing has changed in my sentiments, however.  I still HATE Big Mike.  Joanne hates him too.  “UGH.  He has diarrhea of the mouth” – Mike D.

Lee De-Why? – “That’s Life”
Harry’s wife thinks Lee is a new and improved version of Harry.  WHAT?  What is going ON with this guy?  I mean, yes, he was better than the first three.  But with any other season’s worth of contestants, he would have gotten bad reviews.  None of us get it.

MW’s Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Big Mike
  2. Lee
  3. Aaron
  4. Crystal
  5. Casey

MD’s Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

Mike wants to vote for Harry first.  Harry – if you’re reading – he wants to go out for beers with you.  But I am forcing him to rank the five performers.

  1. Big Mike (because the others had no charisma)
  2. Crystal
  3. Lee
  4. Casey
  5. Aaron (he should be taken out of a barn and shot)

For some more Mike D commentary (since you haven’t had your fill yet, I’m sure), “all I want to do is talk about Breaking Bad.”  Michael.  This is MY blog.  Go get your own.

JC’s Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Lee (because I can’t bear to put Big Mike first)
  2. Big Mike
  3. Crystal
  4. Aaron
  5. Casey

I am perplexed at how Sinatra night could have been so horribly mediocre.  We didn’t even have much material to work with.  That being said, you did miss out on some goodies that were deleted by WordPress.

Who’s Going Home Tonight?

MW – Casey
MD – Aaron
JC – Casey, with a potential Crystal surprise

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