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American Idol Recap – Top 5 Results Show

I actually did not plan to blog tonight at all, because I am so bored with this season, but the lat 10 minutes grabbed me.  Big Mike and Aaron were in the bottom two and Aaron was sent home.  Not that I have any particular affinity for Aaron, but I figured he was sure to be safe, given how he has avoided the bottom three repeatedly and he was certainly not the worst last night.

But I guess Big Mike’s attitude still plays a part in people’s votes (whew!), Crystal is a lock for the final two, and Casey’s looks + poor performance inspired a lot of folks to get out the vote last night.  I must admit, I was completely ready to bid farewell to Mr. James last night, but began developing a tinge of regret for that tonight, as he actually sounded great in all of his parts in the group performances tonight.  Mr. James – here’s hoping you last longer than Big Mike.

And I leave you again by asking Lee De-Why?

And I also leave you with Kris Allen’s take on Sinatra last year, which had more charisma than all this year’s contestants combined, if actually a middling performance overall.

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