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Survivor Recap – May 6, 2010

The episode starts off with a recap of how Russell has dominated the game, which gives me the sinking feeling that tonight is the end of Russell.  Hope I’m wrong.  Then everyone starts railing on Candice.  The Heroes are railing on her for her betrayal, and the Villains think they can’t trust someone who flips so easily.

Rupert tears into Russell, saying he’s a bad person and that he’s worse than Johnny Fairplay.  They have one of the nastiest fights I have seen since Sue Hawk.

Probst announces that the reward challenge is actually an immunity challenge.  Russell and Sandra step out of the challenge after one minute for some cookies and milk.  Wow.  That cannot have been the best decision ever.  Then Colby steps out for some donuts.  Huh?  Why would Colby step out?  That dude is in so much trouble.  It could have kept him in for another week.  Either he has given up on the game, or he’s just stupid.  For PB&J sandwiches, chips, and a bowl of candy, the rest of the Survivors step out, except Parvati and Rupert.  Everyone is counting on Parvati beating Rupert so that they can vote him out tonight.  And Parvati wins immunity.

Really?  Is it that much of a done deal?  Is Rupert definitely the one going home tonight?

Probst reads a clue for another immunity idol, which is hidden at camp.  Sandra finds it this time.  Rupert decides he’s going to pretend that he found the idol and puts rocks in his pants.  Russell falls for it and confesses his suspicions to Sandra.

At tribal council, Colby goes off on Candice, who he votes for, saying that he can honestly say he feels proud of how he played this game – can she?  Give me a break, Colby.  You’re proud of under-performing in almost every challenge?  You’re proud of doing nothing to fight for the clue to the idol last week?  You’re proud of stepping out of the challenge today?  You played TERRIBLY.  At least Candice has been IN this game.

But Colby gets to walk away with a smile on his face, as Candice is voted out.  Smart move on the part of the Villains.  Candice was definitely more of a threat than Colby or Rupert.

At the second immunity challenge of the night, Russell proves me wrong once again and wins immunity.  So he’s safe for yet another week.  He immediately decides to start playing Parvati and Danielle against each other.  Smart thought, but poorly executed.  Parvati and Danielle go right for one another and tell each other what’s going on.

But Russell continues to work his manipulation and drives Danielle to break down at tribal council.  And worse than that – he succeeds in getting Danielle voted out.  SMART MOVE.  He breaks Parvati and Danielle up before their alliance causes a serious problem for him, and he sends a message to Parvati about crossing him.  WOW.

My cousins Eileen and Howard insist that Richard Hatch was the best player of all time.  I considered this and my error in leaving him off of my list of top three players.  But after some thought, I stand behind my omission.  Richard was masterful, for sure.  But Richard only had to figure out that making an alliance would keep him in the game.  That was his move.  And no one had ever played before, so he was working with a very unsophisticated group of people.  He deserved the title, for sure.

But the game Richard played was far simpler than the games Russell Hantz has been playing.  Russell has been on seasons 19 and 20 of Survivor, where folks have seen almost every trick in the book.  On season 20, he is playing with the some of the best players of all time.  He is despicable and unlikeable.  But he manages to continue to play hard and prevail despite all of these things.  I don’t like this guy one bit.  There is nothing likable about him.  He’s no Boston Rob (miss you, buddy!).  But Russell Hantz is an unbelievable Survivor player.  My hat goes off to this guy.  If he is able to bring Colby and Rupert to tribal council with him, I think that could be a brilliant move.  How could either of them argue that they played a better game than Russell?  They would still be around simply out of dumb luck.

My cousins (who are, incidentally, the parents of a newly-engaged doctor-to-be) are right on another observation, however.  Sandra is truly the wild card and could steal this game away from the little troll, especially since she now has the immunity idol.

Now that we’re this far, I’m going to do some handicapping.  Tough to do in this game, given the role immunity plays, but I’m going to try.  Here’s my order of likeliness to win from most likely to least likely.

  1. Russell (35%)
    Pros: I don’t know how, but I do know that he finds a way to come out on top every time I think he won’t.  I think he’ll make it to the final 3 or 2, and even though he has made some folks on the jury angry, I have to believe that this group will not be able to ignore his gameplay.
    Cons: He’s Russell.  Everyone hates him.  Anyone who’s he’s not welcoming into his circle each week wants him gone.
  2. Parvati (26%)
    Pros: Despite all the gerrymandering we are seeing, Russell would be wise to keep her at his side.  If they are the final two, he proves that he HAS been loyal to one person throughout and can dispel criticism of him stabbing everyone in the back.  And Parvati could make her way to the final two.  She’s great at challenges, and she has that irrefutable charm.
    Cons: Everyone else knows she’s a threat as well.  And the jury may not want to hand her a second million-dollar prize.
  3. Sandra (23%)
    Pros: She is crafty and sneaky and hasn’t really pissed anyone off, despite being calculating and cantankerous.  If she makes it to the finals, she could make a very good argument for herself – and she doesn’t have many enemies.  Cons: She’s not good at challenges, and Russell could certainly wise up and recognize what a threat she is.
  4. Jerri (10%)
    Pros: I truly cannot believe I have Jerri three away from my top pick, but I do.  She has played well this season.  She has milked the fact that NO ONE considers her to be a threat, and she has toned down the qualities that annoyed people about her in her two previous installments.  If she makes it to the finals, she could conceivably be given the Amber Brkich award, especially since her lovah Coach is on the jury.
    Cons: She’s not great at challenges and at some point, she will be expendable.  And would the all-star players really feel comfortable giving Jerri Manthey the crown of queen of them all?
  5. Rupert (5%)
    Pros: I would not even include Rupert or Colby on this list had I not seen the preview for next week’s episode which teases that Russell may switch alliances.  But given that fact, and the fact that Russell could bring Rupert to tribal council, he is the more likely candidate to garner votes than Colby, since Colby = DUMBASS.
    Cons: Rupert doesn’t win challenges.  Rupert hasn’t played a good game.  Rupert has been dragged along.  His “gentle giant” personna has worn off, and he has won $1MM already.
  6. Colby (1%)
    Pros: He could be pulled through by Russell and could win in a challenge against Rupert if he is the third left and it’s a final two.
    Cons: DUMBASS.  Has not done anything worthy of being given the title, except prove that he’s no longer a threat.  The jury would be remiss in awarding Colby the prize against anyone other than Jerri, and even that would be a mistake.

My bet is that the final three will include two of my top three picks and Jerri.  If that doesn’t happen, I would say it will be one of my top three picks and Rupert + Colby.

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  1. howard
    May 7, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    The Jacobs family, after much deliberation, and after observing yesterday’s events, concedes that Russell Hantz is indeed the Greatest Survivor.

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