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American Idol Recap – Top 4 Performance Night

Thank goodness.  I only have to do this for three more weeks.  What a season to have chosen to blog on American Idol.  I wanted to follow-through on my original plan, so I didn’t stop even though I question my sanity in spending 2+ hours each week with this middling group of vocalists.

Jamie Fox is the guest mentor again.  I think he was a good pick to bring back.  He has shirts to give the final four that say they are either “contestants” or “artists”.

Lee – “Kiss From A Rose” – Seal
Serviceable.  Good voice.  Not an artist in the least – has never done anything new with any of these songs.  FINALLY, the judges at least addressed this.  He just did a Seal imitation, and if there were any other good contestants aside from Crystal, they would have all said that was just good Seal karaoke.  Ah – spoke too soon – Simon did say he was verging on Karaoke.  I guess they are all having a little Lee regret in realizing that he really could beat Crystal.  CONTESTANT.  No argument.

Big Mike – “I Will Be There” – Michael Jackson
The “Free Willy” song.  Big task to take on MJ, Big Mike.  Jamie Foxx had nothing particularly nice to say about him.  I still do not like this guy, but he does have a very good voice – both technically and tonally, and he can honestly sing so many types of music.  Randy didn’t like it much.  Ellen thought it was a little bit predictable.  Kara wanted goosebumps and she didn’t get them.  Simon doesn’t know what “Free Willy” is.  I think they are hesitant to give him better feedback than they gave Lee.  I think he treads the line between CONTESTANT and ARTIST.

Lee & Crystal – “Falling Slowly” – Once
Another ballsy choice, given that Kris Allen sang the hell out of this last year.  It sounded good, and I loves me some Crystal, but they didn’t give the song the same tenderness of either the original or of Kris Allen’s version.  The judges, of course, adored it.  They need to signal to America that this is the pair they want to see in the finals.

Casey – “Mrs. Robinson” – Simon & Garfunkel
It’s too bad that Casey doesn’t have a lot of emotional depth.  He has amazing looks, he has a good “look”, and he really does have a good voice.  But his inability to connect emotionally with a song or the audience really prevents him from dominating this season, which he may have actually been able to do were he to have more depth.  The judges seem to agree.  More CONTESTANT.  Less ARTIST.

Crystal – “I’m Alright” – Kenny Loggins
Wow.  A Kenny Loggins song!  She gets Jamie’s Artist T-Shirt.  I’ve never heard this song before, but man I enjoyed seeing Crystal back in fighting form.  Ellen thinks she took the song and made it better.  Simon thinks she’s back in the game.  I think she’s this season’s only choice.

Casey & Mike – “Have You Ever Loved A Woman”
I thought this was going to be horrible, but it was actually pretty damned good.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Crystal
  2. Crystal & Lee
  3. Casey & Big Mike
  4. Big Mike
  5. Lee
  6. Casey

Going Home Tomorrow:

Toss-up between Casey and Big Mike.  Or perhaps we get a Chris Daughtry surprise and Lee is sent packing?

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