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American Idol Final Results Show – The Breakup

Fair readers – some of you have expressed disappointment at my premature abandonment of this blog.  I apologize for leaving you high and dry.  I do understand that my hastily typed out musings while I watch television are more entertaining than American Idol itself at this point.  But I just found it difficult expend any more energy on this season, and tonight proved me right in my premature feelings of defeat.

Despite an egregiously lopsided finale performance night last night, Lee De-Why – NOT Mama Sox –  is now your American Idol.  The guy who didn’t sing one song this season on-key.  The guy who never once looked like he thought he deserved to be there.  The guy who had no originality.  The guy who the judges would have skewered in any other season.  The guy who made it to the top two because there were no other decent contenders.

While most will blame America for this, I blame the judges and the producers.  They cast this season.  Things looked bad at the top 24 and just went downhill from there.  I have gone back and watched a lot of past Idol performances this year, since I did not enjoy the current season.  Even the mediocre folks were stronger than Lee.  In ANY other season, he would have been fairly criticized every week.  But the judges knew that since their pool was mediocre at best, they had better pump up someone else just in case Crystal didn’t win.  They didn’t want a repeat of last year where they declared Adam Lambert to be the holy trinity and ignored Kris Allen for 12 weeks only to be rewarded with a Kris victory.  But then the judges became antsy when Crystal had a couple of so-so weeks and they pumped Lee up TOO much.  And America bought it.

Good job, judges.  Even you realized your folly last night when the nicest thing you could muster after Lee’s abysmal performance of U2’s “Beautful Day” (he took on BONO, for cripe’s sake!), was that Lee “deserved to be in the final two.”

Am I upset for Crystal?  No.  I don’t think she cares.  And I don’t think this will affect her career one way or the other.  I am upset for Idol.  You have lost all credibility.  You put forth a bad slate of folks for us to chose from (who was excited to see Andrew Garcia again?  Aaron Kelly?  Paige Miles?), you chose bad themes, boring guest mentors, you went soft on the judging, and you have now officially proven that any Joe Schmoe can win the competition.

I’m sorry, American Idol, but I think we have to break up.  Our relationship started off strong with Kelly Clarkson and entered the Honeymoon phase with Fantasia Barrino.  It proved to have staying power with Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks, and even still felt comfortable in the later years with David Cook and Kris Allen.  But after your dalliance with Lee Dewyze by way of Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, and Paige Miles, I realize that it’s just not going to work out for us long-term.

  1. Edge
    February 28, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    I heard that Idol blogging is BACK!! With a very promising line-up (strongest ever?) and much much better-than-expected judges……is it true? is it?

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