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American Idol – Top 24 – The Ladies

So it now seems pretty clear that Steven and Jennifer are going to be pretty nice to everyone, and Randy will likely be the only one willing to be harsh.  Consequently, I find myself agreeing with Randy frequently, which is a new experience for me.

On the whole, I think the ladies had a way stronger night than the guys did last night.  At the same time, it wasn’t as clear-cut.  The big problem tonight was song choice.  Most of the songs did not serve their singers well.  You would think that 10 years in folks would get better at song choice.

On to tonight’s performances…

Ta-Tynisa Wilson – “Only Girl In The World” – Rihanna – Ballsy choice, Ta-Ty.  Big current Rihanna hit.  And you’re not as good as Rihanna.  Or as hot as Rihanna.  Or as on key as Rihanna.  Steven and Jennifer were too polite to give any real criticism.  Randy was right.  Amazing how now I am agreeing with Randy.  All I can say for Ta-Tynisa is that it wasn’t as big of a disaster as Jordan Dorsey’s “OMG” last night.  Ta-Ta, Ta-Ty.

Naima Adedapo – “Summertime” – Firstly, she looked incredibly striking in that yellow dress.  Oh no – she’s doing Summertime.  Oh, thank goodness.  It’s uptempo and nothing like Fantasia.  Randy is right – it was a little loungy – but I don’t know that was a bad thing.  She sounded great and is a great performer.  Wow.  Impressed.

Kendra Chantelle – “Impossible” – Christina Aguilera – Thought it was just OK in the beginning, but as the song progressed, I definitely warmed to her.  She really has a great voice.  I’m interested to see who she is.  I agree with JLo.  I think there’s more there.

Rachel Zevita – “Criminal” – Fiona Apple – Well, she definitely came tonight to win.  Sexy dress, strong performance.  But I don’t think she sounded that good.  Neither did the judges.  And she needed to hit the ball out of the park.  She just didn’t.

Karen Rodriguez – “Hero” – Mariah Carey – She looked beautiful, and she did a very solid job on Mariah, which is more than I can say for most of the unfortunate semi-finalists that have tried her before.  She sang in both English and Spanish, which will appeal to a lot of folks.  Will also turn off Arizona.  Not blown away.  But she was good.

Lauren Turner – “Seven Day Fool” – Lauren Turner – She sounded great.  She gave a terrific performance.  Very, very solid.  She’s not like anyone I have seen on Idol before.  Not sure how that will go over with America.  But she’s very talented.

Ashton Jones – “Love All Over Me” – Monica – Blah.  Blah.  Blah.  It was not interesting at all.  All I can say is that she looked good and wasn’t off-key at all.  Bad song choice, I think.  Steven and JLo think she’s great.  Randy agreed with me on the song choice.  Maybe she is good.  I just don’t know.

Julie Zorrilla – “Breakaway” – Kelly Clarkson – Bizarre choices all-around.  She’s in this baby-doll dress singing Breakaway.  She chooses Kelly, who is certainly up there with Mariah and Christina, and defined this show.  Randy was right.  She sang it not nearly as good as Kelly.

Haley Reinhart – “Fallin'” – Alicia Keys – Happily she sounded great.  In contrast to Julie, it did not pale in comparison to the original.  It wasn’t as good as Alicia, but it wasn’t bad.  She needs a lot of work as a performer, but I think she was pretty strong.

Thia Megia – “Out Here On My Own” – Irene Cara – One of my favorite songs, obscure as it is.  Not a great arrangement of it.  And not a great performance either.  I expected more from her.  I don’t know WHAT the judges heard.  But maybe it sounded better live.  I want to see more of her though.

Lauren Alaina – “Turn On The Radio” – Reba McEntire – Lauren is the real deal.  Jennifer is right – she is a natural.  I don’t think the song did anything for her.  But once again, Randy agrees with me – with what I said two nights ago – Lauren reminds him of a combo of Kelly and Carrie.  Totally.

Pia Toscano – “I’ll Stand By You” – Celine Dion – Best performance of the night.  Effortless.  Beautiful.  And she looked beautiful.  If it were just based on tonight, she would easily be my pick.  She will go far.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Pia Toscano
  2. Lauren Turner
  3. Naima Adedapo
  4. Lauren Alaina
  5. Karen Rodriguez
  6. Kendra Chantelle
  7. Haley Reinhart
  8. Thia Megia
  9. Ashton Jones
  10. Rachel Zevita
  11. Julie Zorrilla
  12. Ta-Tynisa Wilson

A Lock For The Top 5:

  • Pia
  • Kendra
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Haley

I think Thia is likely the fifth.

Should Make The Top 5:

  • Pia
  • Lauren Alaina
  • Kendra
  • Lauren Turner (but she may not look the part enough)
  • Naima (but America may not get her)

The Judges Will Look Favorably On:

  • Karen
  • Naima
  • Thia

Gone For Sure:

  • Ta-Tynisa
  • Rachel


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