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American Idol – Top 24 – The Results

Wow.  This is a 2-hour results show?  I know there are a lot of folks to get rid of.  But TWO HOURS?  Ah, OK.  The judges are going to ask some of those not in the top 10 to sing again before they choose the wild card pics.

Steven is wearing a pink ruffled blouse.  Wow.  Something only he could pull off.

TEPID applause for Jordan Dorsey, Ta-Tynisa, Robbie Rosen, and Rachel Zevita.  Anyone surprised?

Gratuitous recap of last night, which I forwarded through.

Then some (actually fun) interviews with the guys.  Brett, Scotty, James, and Casey are just great.  I hope they all make it through.

Dim the lights for the first group of boys…

  • Scotty and Robbie are the first pair to be brought up, and Scotty is the first to make the Top 10.  Robbie is not in the top 10.
  • Clint, Jordan, and Jovany are the next three to be brought up.  Clint is all emotional and I actually don’t hate him completely anymore.  Neither Clint nor Jordan have made the top 10.  For some reason, Ryan draws out Jovany’s results, but he hasn’t made it through either.

And dim the lights for the first group of girls…

  • Lauren and Pia are the first pair to be brought up, and no surprise to me, they both make it through.
  • Ta-Ty and Julie are the next two to be brought up.  And no surprise to anyone, neither of them make it through.
  • Kendra, Ashton, and Karen are brought up, and Karen is the only one who makes it through to the top 10.

And now to the rest…

  • Jacob, Casey, and Tim are the next three guys.  No surprise, Jacob makes it through to the top 10, followed quickly by Casey.  Which leaves Tim competing for a wild card slot.
  • Naima, Thia, and Lauren Turner are next.  Naima is sadly, but not shockingly, and the Top 10.  Lauren Turner is sadly, and a little more shockingly, not in the Top 10.  Thia makes it through.
  • Paul and Brett take the stage.  Paul makes it through, which doesn’t shock, but does disappoint me.  Brett does not make it through, which also doesn’t shock, but does disappoint me.
  • Haley and Rachel are the last two ladies.  No big shocker here.  Haley makes it through, Rachel doesn’t.

So…at the risk of sounding arrogant, I called 9 of the top 10.  I had Kendra over Karen.  Here are the top 10:

  1. Scotty
  2. Lauren
  3. Pia
  4. Karen
  5. Jacob
  6. Casey
  7. Thia
  8. Paul
  9. Haley
  10. James

Wild Card Round

  • Ashton. “And I Am Telling You…” by Jennifer Hudson, apparently – The judges unfortunately pick Ashton to be one of their performers.  I cannot stand her attitude.  Or her pitchiness.  I doubt I will have to bear it for much longer.
  • Stefano.  “I Need You Now” by Smokey Norful – No surprise that he was picked.  He’s adorable.  Really too bad he didn’t give this performance yesterday.  He almost certainly would have made it through.
  • Kendra.  “Georgia On My Mind” – She was a very good choice.  First verse in her lower register did nothing for me whatsoever, but she quickly took it up and kicked ASS!  Randy agreed.  Hopefully she will make it through, though her limited command of her lower range was a bit distressing.
  • Jovany.  “Angel” by John Secada – Very surprising choice by the judges, which will now leave me mad that they wasted the opportunity to hear someone else.  And he panders to JLo and Karen’s success by singing in both Spanish and English.  He sounded much better than last night.  What tepid critique from JLo – “You did a good job, baby.  You did all you could do.”  I guess she realized it was a waste as well.
  • Naima.  “For All We Know” by Donnie Hathaway – Interesting choice by the judges.  I love her.  But I don’t know how versatile she will be, and if America didn’t like a good performance last night, will they like her in the future?  I think she needs to smile more.  But she sounded great.
  • Robbie.  “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” by Elton John.  Well, color me incredibly shocked on this one.  I thought for sure they would choose Clint over Robbie, but perhaps they knew folks like me didn’t like him.  Robbie can really sing.  But I just can’t see him winning this.

So sad that Lauren Turner didn’t get the chance to strut her stuff again.  She deserved the slot so much more than Karen did.  I understand why they didn’t have Tim sing again.  Tim winning would be David Cook/Kris Allen/Lee Dewyze.  They can’t have #4 in a row be boring white guy (love you David/Kris).

The judges pretend they are not ready to choose the final few so Ryan says they will air JLo’s new video, as if he hadn’t announced 100 times that they always planned on airing it.  The song/video was nothing special, but also not bad, like most JLo songs.  But it will benefit IMMENSELY from JLo’s new Idol identity and of course, by airing during Idol.

Wild Card Winners Are:

  • Ashton.  What a waste!
  • Stefano.  No surprise.
  • Naima.  Yay.

So, pretty much as it should be.  Except for Ashton and Karen.  Lauren and Kendra wuz robbed.

Should be a very difficult top 13 to whittle down.

Wertheim out.

  1. Mike D
    March 5, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    I actually thought Robbie got robbed. I think he hit it out of the park. I don’t see what you do in Naima — bit too emotional for me. Glad Clint or Jovany didn’t go through — neither were likable. What’s up with Brett coming down to give hugs — that was kind of awkward.

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