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American Idol Recap – Top 13 Results Show

Oh no!  The show starts off with Ryan saying that Casey is sick and in the hospital.  I guess the good news is that it’s clear that he was not voted out this week.  Get well soon, Casey.

Group numbers are back.  At least this one is a Michael Jackson medley.  A few notable things:

  1. I love Pia.  She sounds amazing.
  2. Ashton actually sounds GOOOOOOD.
  3. They are pushing Stefano hard.  Always front and center, with the most solo lines.
  4. Thia sounds terrible.  She may now be my least favorite finalist.
  5. Unfortunately, I have to own up to the fact that Jacob Lusk has quickly gone from my favorite to my second least favorite finalist.  Just creepy.

Adam Lambert performs.  He pulls off two earrings much better than Jacob Lusk does.  I never particularly liked Adam, as evidenced by my “gays for Kris Allen” campaign a couple of year back.  Tonight helped me refine my dislike.  Dude is really just a very good musical theater performer or cover artist.  He’s an actor, not an artist.  He is better performing other people’s songs than he is his own.  Just my opinion.

Ditty Dirty Money performs, and in my opinion is more entertaining than Adam Lambert.  A bit weird to see JLo’s ex up there, but I guess that was a long time ago.

The Results…

  • Jacob, Karen, and Stefano are up first.  Lucky gents.  Only Karen is in the bottom three.
  • Lauren, Ashton, and Haley are up next. Ashton and Haley are in the bottom three.
  • The rest of the folks are safe.
  • And Ashton has the least number of votes, as we head toward the very annoying Judges’ save, as if there is any way they would save contestant #13.
  • The judges decide not to exercise their save, and Ashton goes home.

Lesson for future contestants – I think it was largely her attitude that got Ashton booted.  The same could probably be said for Mr. Magoo – aka – Clint Jun Gamboa.  No huge loss here.

Wertheim out.

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