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American Idol Top 11 Redux – The Performances

Lots and lots of recap of last week’s “SHOCKING” results show.  And it’s on to Elton John night once again.  I guess it’s actually Season Three redux, as the theme nights have closely mirrored Season Three so far.  And WHOA – it’s an “Entertainment Weekly Fashion Photo Shoot”.  Good for you EW getting that partnership.  And congrats to the brand police at EW for confusing the world about what the magazine covers!  Dalton Ross + Fashion?!?!  No offense, Dalton.  You’re the best, but I know you’ll agree that it’s a bizarre pairing.

Scotty – “Country Comfot” – He’s just so solid.  His fans will love the performance.  I will be content if he wins the whole thing.

Naima – “I’m Still Standing” – The Reggae Version.  Wow.  She really does not have a strong voice at all.  But she sure did change up the song and offer a creative version.  I like the fact that she has a personality and a vision and gives a real performance every week.  Seems like the judges have decided it’s time for Naima to go.

Paul – “Rocket Man” – No surprise here.  Of course he’s singing Rocket Man.  Yuck.  Do I need to keep listening to him week after week?

Pia – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” – One of my favorite Elton songs.  Also done quite well by Archie three seasons ago.  But not done like PIA.  WOW.  I had no idea how a woman would sound on this song.  Then she sang the heck out of it.  Damn.  She is gooooooooooood.  But do we have to listen to her talk?  I would rather not know who she is.  She’s too Jersey.

Stefano – “Tiny Dancer” – First of all, Stefano – please shave off that awful facial hair.  Second, please stop being such a CHEESEBALL.  Hold me closer, Tony Danza.

Lauren – “Candle In The Wind” – Bleh.  Standing O from the audience?  Kind of bizarre.  Randy thought it was Lauren’s best performance.  I didn’t.  I think she should stick to uptempo.  I didn’t hear what the judges heard, but I’m glad they liked her, because I’m rooting for Lauren.

James – “Saturday Night’s Alright” – Flaming piano?!?!?!  This dude is the real deal.  Completely.

Thia – “Daniel” – Do they staple Thia to the floor before her performances?  Why doesn’t she ever move?  It was fine.  Just fine.  But as Randy said, safe.

Casey – “Your Song” – Another favorite Elton song.  YES!!!  He is GROOMED!  He chose the right song.  He had no gimmicks.  He just sang the heck out of it.  And he tried to be humble.  Not sure he succeeded 100%, but he did mostly.  I think he will be safe this week.

Jacob – “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – Wow.  Powerful.  Still a little too overly dramatic for my taste.  But he was still great.

Haley – “Benny And The Jets” – Dang.  She looked great.  And she got the pimp spot.  This girl can saaaaang.  Not sure what she does with her body when she sings.  A little weird, but she really proved that she deserves to be here.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Pia
  2. James
  3. Casey
  4. Jacob
  5. Haley
  6. Scotty
  7. Lauren
  8. Stefano
  9. Thia
  10. Naima
  11. Paul

Who Will Be Leaving Us Tomorrow

With a double-elimination on hand tomorrow night, I think it is a pretty clear Thia-Naima farewell evening.  Naima is by far the weakest singer.  And who is really voting for Thia?!?!?  Should they do a bottom four, I want to say Stefano and Paul will slip in, but I think it’s more likely that there will be a surprise.

Another solid night with a great group of performers.  Some better than others, but no disasters like Camile Velasco’s performance on Elton night in Season Three, deemed by EW to be the worst Idol performance ever.  I think that was overdoing it, but you should judge for yourself:



Wertheim out.

  1. benjamin n
    March 31, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    This week really started the show for me. We’ve finally had a few performances to see who is growing and who has staying power. And quit frankly, who is overstaying their welcome. It’s also time to revisit odds as they have changed over the last few weeks.
    Let’s start with last week’s crazy elimination round. Obviously the judges (producers of the show) created “the save” in order to insure that something as random as losing a key cast member of this well produced show doesn’t go home prematurely and kill the ratings. Best example is Alex Lambert and Lilly last year. The list was probably five deep and included the stand outs. The reason that Casey was voted off was more than likely a large group of passionate voters who believe he is safe no matter what, so why bother voting when I can sit on facebook for an extra 5 minutes. Also going first in the line up never helps. On to the songs from last night.
    Here we go…

    Scotty – “Country Comfort” – Scotty is not taking my advice and it’s starting to really piss me off! He’s beginning to sound like a one trick pony. (The judges think that one trick is a good one) Come on, Elton John! and you pick his only unknown country song. Yes he sounds good, but 9 more weeks of the same will not help Scotty. He needs a breakout performance. Something that gives people the chills. He needs to connect on an emotional level which has yet to happen. Odds at 3 to 1 are not great right now. He may well win based on the fact that he cleans up in so many critical categories. I.e. Country, southern, young, male….
    Naima – “I’m Still Standing” – At this point if you can’t hit every note every week it’s over. All the theatrics are just window dressing for a mediocre singer. She may stay a little longer because she divides the black vote with just Jacob. And Jacob is such a different sound. (Plus he’s gay) which leaves the “I’m black and would never vote for a gay guy whose black” vote to Niami. Should keep her in for a week or two more. At 25 to 1 odds look good but she can’t win. Stay away.
    Paul – “Rocket Man” – This is what I mean by a few weeks are needed. He sounded great week 1 mediocre week 2. Now he’s spiraling down and his voice just isn’t strong enough live to take on certain songs. At 12 to 1 the odds are good if he can somehow start to control the stage and up his game. I’m getting concerned.
    Pia – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” – So overplayed. It’s sad because she has a great voice but has the worst choices in songs. I’m really getting bored. At 2 to 1 odds as the favorite she is overrated and 9 more weeks of this will wear thin. The reason she does Ballads is because that’s all she can do. If she tries to pick up the tempo I think she will sound karaoke and she knows it.
    Stefano – “Tiny Dancer” – No need to comment on odds, it’s a lost cause he can’t win. Everything about him says “I will lose” from demographic to sound to song choice to voice. This kid has everything stacked against him and was cast for one reason and one reason only…to try to increase the Latin viewership on Idol. I don’t think its working.
    Lauren – “Candle In The Wind” – Same problem as Paul. When you start strong on week 1 it’s really hard to maintain that momentum. Her odds at 7 to 1 keep dropping and should continue to drop. I don’t see her maintaining or growing over the next few weeks.
    James – “Saturday Night’s Alright” – Poor song choice but was actually able to turn it into a great performance odds are 4 to 1 and should stay there for a few weeks. He needs a slow song to really close the deal.
    Thia – “Daniel” – Great song. Terrible performance. Elton John is rolling over in his grave. “What? He’s still alive, you say” okay he’s rolling over in his bed. Thia will go home this week.
    Casey – “Your Song” – This is what you need to win. High expectations. Great first week. Two bad weeks, voted off, saved, a full makeover, and a great breakout performance. At 7 to 1 this is a good bet. If last week was a fluke, Casey will make it to the final 3. If on the other hand he doesn’t have any support with two eliminations tonight he may go home. Tonight’s vote will determine that answer. This was such a great performance. He made the song his own but kept true to the original and made me want to rewind and listen again. That’s a break out performance. Casey needs to stay in this area of songs and will do great.
    Jacob – “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” – I really am getting annoyed by Jacob. The desire to fast forward is getting greater with every passing week! It’s like he is having a stroke while singing at a funeral. I really believe everyone feels this way but just won’t admit it because he is so emotional. I mean, come on! Will you buy his album??? Two more weeks of this and it’s time to say goodbye to Jacob. 10 to 1 odds stay away.
    Haley – “Benny And The Jets” – Another great example of having low expectations and slowly growing. 75 to 1 odds!!! Great bet. This could be the sleeper. We know she can sing, looks great, and is starting to break out! This could be the one to watch. Not my favorite song but did a great job with it.

    Bottom three tonight:
    Thia and Stefano should go home unless Casey was not a fluke and then it’s Thia and Casey.

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