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American Idol Top 11 Redux – The Results

Fun results show.  The contestants actually performed in duos or trios before getting their results, which was really the best use of time I have seen so far on a results show.

The first two to perform are Lauren and Scotty, who sing “I Told You So,” some country song that makes me remember loud and clear why I don’t like country music.  Snoozefest.  Thankfully, both are SAFE.

Jacob and Naima are next, performing Ashford and Simpson’s “Solid”.  They sound pretty damn good, but not good enough to propel Naima to safety, as she is in the bottom three, while Jacob heads back to safety.

I cringe when I hear that Fantasia will be performing a song named “Collard Greens and Cornbread.”  But AGAINST ALL ODDS, Fantasia IS BACK.  She’s got a retro vibe tonight, way more full-figured than ever, and she is actually CLASSY.  The song is actually pretty good and showcases Fantasia’s voice.  Thank goodness.  Most of Fantasia’s performances since Idol have actually made me cringe.  But this one was not bad at all.  I’m still pushing for you, ‘Tasia.

Back to the results…

Haley, Pia, and Thia perform Katy Perry’s “Teeenage Dream”.  They sound great, but oddly, only Haley and Pia have solos, as if to let everyone know in advance that Thia will end up in the bottom three.

Paul, Casey, Stefano, and James are up next with a medley that I don’t really enjoy very much, mostly because I never want to see Paul or Stefano sing again.  Unfortunately, it looks like I will definitely have to see at least one of them sing again as they are only doing a bottom three tonight.  Casey is the first to be SAFE.  James is next to be SAFE.  Shockingly, PAUL winds up in the bottom three, while Stefano is safe.  Though happy, I am certainly surprised.  I thought Paul surely had more fans than Stefano.

Jamie Foxx and will.i.am perform next, which marks will.i.am’s second time on Idol this season and is basically just a promo for Rio The Movie.

And to no one’s surprise, though to my dismay, Paul is safe and Naima and Thia are sent home.  Oh, well.  They were my picks for this week and they were bound to go soon anyway.  It just would have been nice not to have had to sit through any more Paul or Stefano performances.

All in all, even the results shows have been better this season.

Wertheim out.

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