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American Idol Recap – Top 9 Results

Not an evening I enjoyed.  Read on.

Requisite opening medley.  Followed by a special visit from Russell Brand to help them on their performance styles, or more precisely, to plug his new movie, “Arthur”.

Casey, Stefano, and Lauren are group 1.  Stefano is in the bottom three.

Constantine Maroulis performs “Unchained Melody” for some reason.  Fast-forward.

Segment with Gwen Stefani dressing the girls.  Fast-forward.

Paul, Scotty, and Pia are group 2.  Um…Pia is in the bottom three.  Ridiculous.

Some silly media training session with TMZ.  Fast-forward.

James, Haley, and Jacob are group 3.  Not surprisingly to me, but surprisingly to the judges, Jacob is in the bottom three.

Iggy Pop performance.  Fast-forward.

Ryan pronounces Jacob safe first.  Damn.  He really needed to be taught a lesson.  And then…the travesty of all travesties…PIA is sent home.

The judges do a horrific job of pretending they are shocked.  They obviously knew ahead of time.

What a disgusting travesty that Stefano, Paul, Jacob should outlast Pia.  Ugh.  I am truly disappointed.  I wish I could say I am truly shocked, but I did worry that Pia wasn’t connecting with anyone, that her personality was bland, and that she didn’t have a built-in fan base.  I just thought her voice would trump all of that.  But it is clear now, with 2 women and 6 men left in this competition, that it is only little-girls still voting.  Paul’s little girls and Stefano’s little girls came out in force to vote for them since they have previously been in danger.  But no one came out for Pia because anyone rational thought she was safe.

So now I am going to put my flag in the sand and say that SCOTTY is your next American Idol.  No question in my mind.  And I’ll be happy for him.  And he’ll be a huge country music star.  And you know what, Pia will be a big star too, unencumbered by the Idol machine.  Good luck, Pia.  I’ll buy your albums.

Wertheim out.

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