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American Idol Recap – Top 7 Performances

We’re still on the 1.5 hour shows, I guess.  I seem to remember that in the past, we would have been down to 1 hour by now.  But I guess there are just too many advertisers to integrate now that the extra half hour is likely the most profitable decision Fox can make.

Tonight’s theme is “Music of the 21st Century”.

A welcome surprise as all of the ladies who were previously voted out return to sing Pink’s “So What”.  Enjoyable until Paul returned in one of his awful suits.  Karen and Ashton seem to relish their return engagement more than the rest, as they won’t be going on tour.  Pia of course shows everyone why they made a big mistake.

will.i.am is not in the house this week, in case you were wondering.

On to the contestant performances…

Scotty – “Swingin'” by Leann Rimes.  Not his best vocal, but potentially his most entertaining performance.  The judges apparently woke up this week and decided to be critical and tell Scotty he needs to bring it more.  That should double his votes.  Even if he wasn’t the best, he’s still mesmerizing.

James – “Uprising” by Muse.  This guy gets the full-on concert production for every song.  This week, it’s a mini-marching band.  Great performance, as always.  Dude is the real deal.  The issue is going to be how much of America is comprised of Scotty folks vs. James folks.  My instincts say Scotty, but I would be happy with James.

Haley – “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.  She looked amazing and sounded amazing.  What an underdog story.  Who would have ever thought Haley would consistently be one of the better performers. (not me)  Happy for her.

Jacob – “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross.  Someone clearly told Jacob a couple of weeks ago that less is more, because he has been so much more restrained.  Randy wants him to bring back the old Jacob.  I hope he comes back with a compromise.  I am just starting to like him again.  I don’t think I could bear full-on Jacob.

Casey – “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5.  Lots of growling tonight.  At least it was somewhat appropriate.  Definitely rockin’.  Definitely different than Adam Levine, who feels about as dangerous when he sings as Bambi.  Enjoyable.

Stefano – “Closer” by Ne-yo.  I love Jimmy’s feedback before the performance.  “It’s not whining, it’s not pleading, it’s sexy.”  I might be able to enjoy his voice if I didn’t have to wade through those mountains of CHEESE surrounding Stefano.  Not as good as last week, but still decent.

Lauren – “Born to Fly” by Sara Evans.  Okay.  I think I need to officially say that Lauren Alaina has disappointed me.  I had high hopes that she would go from her original amazing performance to blossom into unbelievable.  Unfortunately, I don’t think she has ever had magic on the Idol stage.  She is clearly too young and too self-conscious.  I was rooting for you to win the whole thing. Lauren.  But I don’t think you’re ready.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. James
  2. Casey
  3. Haley
  4. Jacob
  5. Scotty
  6. Lauren
  7. Stefano

Who’s Going Home

I truly think that Scotty, Lauren, and Stefano should be in the bottom three tomorrow night.  But I am fairly sure that Jacob will take Scotty’s place, and Haley will take Lauren’s place.  So my prediction for the bottom three are Jacob, Haley, and Stefano.  While Stefano should say goodbye, I fear that it is Jacob’s week.

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