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American Idol Recap – Top 6 Results Show

The show kicked off with a mediocre Carole King medley, which I only enjoyed when James Durbin was present.  Then we’re treated to a thinned-down, teeth-fixed, confident Crystal Bowersox, who reminded me that last season wasn’t completely talentless.  Although it does make me mad again that Lee DeWHY? could have ever beaten her.

Haley is up first and she is thankfully SAFE!!!!

Scotty, Haley, and Lauren are all brought up individually and told that they will get their results later.

Best quote tonight is from Jimmy Iovine – “Casey needs to realize that the family dog doesn’t vote on this show.”

James is SAFE!!!

And I am starting to get the sinking feeling that Jacob has somehow eluded the bottom three.  A feeling that is quickly proven wrong, as Lauren is sent back to safety.

Or…am I?

Bruno Mars performs.

Idol pulls something on us that they haven’t pulled in awhile and doesn’t tell us who the bottom folks are.  Instead, they tell us that tonight’s results are not in any particular order.

And…Ryan sends Jacob to safety.  Almost inexplicable.  I mean, who the hell is still voting for Jacob?  And why must I endure his histrionics for yet another week?

I said ALMOST inexplicable because Casey ends up going home.  If Jacob was going to edge anyone else out, it would have to be Casey, who has already shown once that he may not have much fan support, and who continued to growl his way through performances despite being told repeatedly that no one wanted to hear it anymore.

Which leads me to draw some conclusions….

First, arrogance never wins Idol.  Can you remember an Idol who wasn’t genuinely humbled and overwhelmed by their winning?  Can you remember an Idol who you thought was arrogant during the competition?  Kelly, Reuben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordin, Cook, Kris, and Lee – every single one of them possessed deep insecurity of some sort and came across as overwhelmed and couldn’t believe this was happening to them.  Do you think Justin Guarini would have given off the same vibe?  Or David Archuletta?  Adam Lambert?  No.  Casey was too confident and frankly arrogant to win Idol.  He was immensely talented, but also too high on himself, as were Justin, David, and Adam.  This is ultimately what leads me to pick Scotty as the winner over James.  American loves an unassuming underdog.  Though James does still have the autism/Tourette’s going for him.

Second, the producers are up to their old tricks again.  I thought this might be the case last week, but I am now sure of it.  They didn’t have a “bottom three” this week because either Lauren or Scotty (likely Lauren) were going to be in it.  They don’t want America to associate either with the bottom.  They want Lauren to win now, for some reason.  They think she is eminently marketable.  Having her show up in the bottom this week could lead to an “early” ouster next week for her.  That is the only reason that makes sense to me for skipping the bottom three.  Because an ACTUAL bottom three involving Lauren would have been a lot more dramatic.

Oh, well.  I can’t say I am devastated to see Casey go, but I am definitely devastated to have to endure Jacob for yet another week.

Wertheim out.

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