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American Idol Recap – Top 5 Performances

So we’re at the Top 5 already, also known as the Top 4 + Jacob Lusk.  Each contestant is singing two songs tonight: “One from today and one from back in the day.”  And Sheryl Crow joins Jimmy as guest mentor this week.  Contemporary songs first…

James – “Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars – James demonstrated tonight why he might not grab the Idol crown.  Of course, he sounded great, but I had no interest in the song.  He is showing us the kind of record he could make, and it ain’t one I am gonna buy.  I hope he doesn’t do something like this in the inevitable James vs. Scotty final.  He also didn’t look like a badass.  He just looked bad.

Jacob – “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown – Hmm….Interesting choice.  Love the song.  Do it in Karaoke all the time.  But with a woman.  OMG.  HORRIFIC.  It was like one of those first auditions that the old panel would have laughed through and promptly said “no thank you.”  What a poor choice.  That’s ok, since tonight is the Top 4 + Jacob Lusk.

Lauren – “Flat on the Floor” by Carrie Underwood – Well, she looks better and better every week.  And she also seems more comfortable every week.  I also think it may have been her best performance in the finals.  Not a magical moment, but certainly enjoyable enough to buy herself another week.

Scotty – “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry – Probably the first time Scotty actually seemed his age.  He gave a spirited, energetic, fun performance that showed a lot of personality.

Haley – “You and I” by Lady Gaga – Wow.  She got an unreleased song by Laga Gaga and actually talked to Gaga herself.  Haley has come further than any other Idol contestant has ever come.  From dead-in-the-water to true contender.  She was great.  I don’t think she had the “moment” Jimmy thought she was going to have, but I thought she was great.  And I think the judges are trying to sabotage her.

And now back to the ’60’s and ’70’s…

James – “Without You” by Harry Nilsson – Wow.  Well there was the moment.  A shaky start then became magical when he started belting.  Marry the flawless belt with tears streaming down his face and there came magic.  I enjoyed this one way more than his first performance, and I think it will win more people over.

Jacob – “Love Hurts” by Keith Richards – What are you trying to do to my theme for the night, Jacob?  Oy vey.  You may have thrown a fly in the ointment.  I cannot tell a lie.  I think this was his best performance in ages.  I think he sounded great and really chose the right song.  And I don’t think the judges gave him nearly enough credit.  Dude is annoying and first song sucked, but this one was pretty damned good.

Lauren – “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers – Much better than I expected it to be.  Thank goodness, Lauren has finally delivered on her potential.  Why did it take her so long to start REALLY performing.  She has finally earned her spot in the top.

Scotty – “Always on my Mind” by Elvis Presley – And Scotty is back.  Perfect song for him.  Nothing exciting, but he did his thing and his shining cross was well-positioned.  And he’s 1/4 Puerto Rican – who knew?!?!?!

Haley – “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals – Go Haley.  She started out a cappella and sounded amazing.  And boy did she bring it for the rest of the song.  As far as I’m concerned, the best performance of the night.  The judges seemed to think so as well as she got their only standing ovation.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Haley – “House of the Rising Sun”
  2. James – “Without You”
  3. Lauren – “Unchained Melody”
  4. Jacob – “Love Hurts”
  5. Scotty – “Always on my Mind”
  6. Haley – “You and I”
  7. Scotty – “Gone”
  8. Lauren – “Flat on the Floor”
  9. James – “Closer to the Edge”
  10. Jacob – “No Air”

Who’s Going Home

Well, despite a very strong second showing, I think that Jacob will truly be going home tomorrow night.  “No Air” was really the only disaster of the evening, and he just needs to go home.  Haley will clearly be in the bottom with him, which is completely undeserved.  Frankly, I would put Scotty there with Jacob.  But I suspect Haley will have to sweat it out once again.  Let’s just hope Jacob doesn’t pull an upset this week as well.

An overall enjoyable night.  James cemented his front-runner status, and both Lauren and Scotty started fighting to win.  Haley is the Little Enigne That Could and continues to prove that she deserves to be in the final two, though I doubt she will get there.  Who cares at this point anyway.  She has done what she needed to do and will have her shot at a career one way or the other.

My odds are now on James and Scotty 50-50.

Triathlon Update

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Wertheim out.

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