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American Idol Recap – Top 4 Performances

Before I start tonight’s recaps, I just have to say that if you’re not watching Survivor this season, you’re really missing out.  Boston Rob is seriously the best Survivor player ever.  Dude has played four times and no one has even SUGGESTED voting him out and now he’s in the final four.  Simply amazing.  Certainly the most entertaining.

On to Idol…

Tonight, each contestant will be singing two songs.  One that is “meaningful to them”, and another from the songbook of Leiber & Stoller.  Oh, and they will be coached by Lady Gaga – who is everywhere.  Including Farmville.

Songs that Move…

James – “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey.  Great song.  Great voice.  Great performance.  Nothing particularly special though for James.  And we had to hear Randy prattle on and on about having been in journey.  A bit afraid that he is getting too confident…

Haley (aka Punching Bag) – “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson.  Interesting choice.  Glad that she didn’t choose a very well-known Michael song.  Not my favorite song ever, but once the chorus came in and Haley started belting, it was good.  JLo was totally right.  Who is she going to win over with a song people don’t know?  But Randy was ridiculously hard on her.  Boy, they really don’t want Haley in the finals.  No way she deserved that much criticism.  Thank goodness she fought back.  Because she was right.

Scotty – “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning” by Alan Jackson.  OK.  It’s songs like this that make me not like country music.  Did nothing for me.  But I bet it did TONS for America, with Scotty singing over and over again “I love Jesus.”  WTF – Randy said it was the “perfect song choice”.  Give me a break.  Why didn’t Scotty get the ribbing that Haley got?  Still love Scotty too, but didn’t love this performance.

Lauren – “Anyway” – Martina McBride – Again, Lauren has redeemed herself from the first part of the season.  She sounded great, she looked great, and she picked a powerful song.  She sang about loving the Lord and the judges are in her corner.

Songs of Leiber and Stoller…with Gaga coaching…

Haley – “I Who Have Nothing” – First of all, I love Gaga.  She is phenomenal.  And she loves Haley.  Second – interesting choice for Haley, given that this was one of Jordin’s signature songs.  Third – she SANG it.  Awesome.  Sounded amazing.  Wonderfully dramatic.  Loved the string section behind her.

Scotty – “Young Blood” – Enjoyable.  I like it when Scotty shows personality. Would be nice if he delivered a vocal tour-de-force once in awhile.  Not really an “in it to win it” performance.  But of course the judges didn’t call him on it because they want him to win.

Lauren – “Trouble” – My favorite Lauren performance so far.  So nice to see her get out of that sappy, wholesome schtick.  She has really upped her game.

James – “Love Potion Number Nine” – Amazing.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. James – “Love Potion Number Nine”
  2. Haley – “I Who Have Nothing”
  3. James – “Don’t Stop Believin'”
  4. Lauren – “Trouble”
  5. Lauren – “Anyway”
  6. Haley – “Earth Song”
  7. Scotty – “Young Blood”
  8. Scotty – “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning”

Who’s Going Home

Based on tonight’s performances, Scotty deserves to go home.  Based on the entire season, Lauren deserves to go home.  But based on what the Idol powers-that-be are trying to achieve, Haley will be going home.  I don’t want to see it happen (and I voted for her tonight – my first vote of the entire season), but I think it may be inevitable.  James is a lock, and both Scotty and Lauren are way too wholesome to be ejected before Haley.  The good news for her is that she made it so much further than anyone expected her to, and she is going to have a lot of people in her corner based on the way she was treated and how well she handled herself.  There is a chance that Lauren will go home instead of Haley (which is really what should happen), but that’s a long shot.

A note on the order tonight – although he clearly is good enough to both open and close the show, it is totally unfair of the producers to give James BOTH pimp spots – opening AND closing the show.  Come on, Nigel Lythgoe.  That is an unfair advantage.  You can’t pull out every stop to guarantee James’ win.  Let him win it on his own.  Not cool.

And a final note once again to say how amazing Gaga is.  If you didn’t watch her HBO special on Saturday, find it and watch it immediately.  Weird as she may be, she is refreshing, inspiring, and mad talented.  Compare her to Madonna all you’d like – she deserves the comparison.  She has all the talent Madonna has plus an actual AMAZING voice and a healthy message.  She deserves her success and superstardom.

Alright.  Wertheim out.

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