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American Idol Recap – Top 4 Results

If Pia’s departure wasn’t enough to convince the Idol producers that the show’s voting process is deeply flawed, tonight’s results should nail it into their heads once and for all.

Here is the play-by-play of the evening…

James & Scotty sing some country song called “Sorry Man”.  Solid.

Lauren and Haley sing “Gunpowder and Lead”.  They actually sounded great together.  The pairing also demonstrates how much more interesting Haley’s voice is than Lauren’s.

Windows 7 plug.

Lauren is sent to safety.  And the producers must be thrilled.  They orchestrated this, after all.

We then watch the Idols watching Gaga perform “You and I” taped at one of her tour dates, which I swear is the exact performance they taped for her HBO special this past weekend.

Enrique Iglesias performs “Dirty Dancer” backed by a video of Usher.  Kind of bizarre, as it is actually a duet, just with one of the performers on video.  Then he segues into “Baby I Like It”.

Ford Music Video featuring “Fireflies”.

Out comes Jordin Sparks looking and sounding fierce, singing her new single, “I Am Woman”.  Ah, makes me nostalgic for the days when Idol winners were really worthy.

Stuffing both another song and another product placement in, Idol gives us the world premiere of Steven Tyler’s new video “It Feels So Good”, brought to us by Coke.

Haley is sent to safety as the horrifying reality of what is about to happen manifests itself on James Durbin’s face.  He is certainly bright and savvy enough to know that the America that has been keeping Lauren in the competition is certainly going to keep the more worthy Scotty in.  Ugh.  My heart is already breaking.

Finally, Scotty is sent to safety, leaving James Durbin as the contestant going home tonight.

Look, I would have been alright with James not winning the whole shebang, but I very disappointed to see him going home tonight.  He is hands down the most talented contestant left – no question.  But consider a few things:

  1. He is truly a metal guy at heart.  He won so many of us over, but ultimately most of America, including myself, will not be purchasing the album he ultimately produces.  It’s just going to be too metal.
  2. His first performance last night did not raise the bar for him at all.
  3. He was just too damned consistently good.  Even though he shockingly did continue to improve incrementally, he didn’t have the arc that made him the triumphing underdog.
  4. The judges did him in last night by first pimping Lauren out to the heavens and second by trashing Haley.  The teeny-boppers were told to vote for Lauren, and everyone else (including me) rallied around the deserving Haley with their votes.  No one came out for James because they didn’t think he needed the votes, even though Ryan very clearly told America to do what they could to avoid a Chris Daughtry moment tonight (incidentally – could the Idol franchise be any meaner to Taylor Hicks?!?!?).

So it doesn’t completely shock me that James went home tonight.  But it definitely makes me way less interested in the rest of the competition.  James should absolutely have been in the final two.  He should have been accompanied by either Scotty or Haley.  That would have been a deserving final two.  None of the combinations left have nearly as much star-power, especially the most likely scenario, with Scotty and Lauren in the final two.  The teeny-boppers and the Idol producers will get their way, and the rest of us will be bored to tears.  I do loves me some Scotty, but he doesn’t need to win and doesn’t deserve it.  And Lauren isn’t ready.

Congratulations to Haley for triumphing over the unsupportive Randy and JLo.  You are truly the best example we have had yet on Idol of a little engine that could and of someone who turned the audience’s opinion completely around.  You are more talented than I gave you credit for, and I hope you win the whole darned thing.

Farewell to James Durbin, who many initially suggested was a “poor man’s Adam Lambert” but who turned out to be at least twice as talented as Adam.  What an inspiration to see someone with not only Autism but also Tourette’s Syndrome show the world that anyone can be gifted with talent and make the most of it.  I hope you join Pia in getting a record deal before those who still remain do, and I wish you heaps of success.

I will be shocked if they don’t change the voting process next year to resemble that of Nigel’s other big success, “So You Think You Can Dance”.  America chooses the bottom three and then the judges choose who will go home from that group.  It ensures that huge mistakes like Pia or James don’t happen.  I hope you’re reading this, Nigel.

Wertheim out.  GO HALEY!

  1. Mike D
    May 13, 2011 at 12:27 am

    Michael, last night you said James was a “lock”. Something’s wrong with your crystal ball. I thought Haley was a bit whiny yesterday whereas you thought she handled it well.

    • Michael Wertheim
      May 13, 2011 at 6:28 am

      Shut it, Derezin. Why did you stop playing me in Words for Friends? Upset that it’s not a smackdown?

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