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American Idol Top 3 – The Performances

Much to my dismay, Idol has super-sized this week’s edition to two hours again.  And I am home late tonight.  And I lost a lot of interest after Durbin’s elimination.  But since I will be in Spain next week and will NOT be blogging, I feel like I should soldier through tonight.  Oh, and Beyonce is the guest mentor this week.  Now that’s a get.  Gaga followed by Beyonce.  JLo seems a bit icy at being out-diva-ed.  Yes, JLo, we do love you, but you are nowhere in the league of Beyonce.

Round 1 – Songs Chosen by Contestants

Scotty – “Amazed” by Lone Star.  Beyonce loves Scotty.  Except for his high range.  Everyone loves Scotty.  Just put the crown on already.  I must say though that for you for me, each week has shown us more and more of Scotty’s vocal limitations.  Despite his huge appeal, he really does have the weakest vocal instrument in the top 10.  Steven loved it.  JLo inexplicably thinks he has grown as a performer because he added some vibrato.  Randy did his usual name-dropping and said Scotty was money.

Lauren – “Wild One” by Faith Hill.  Beyonce gives Lauren some good pointers on being a diva.  I would listen carefully, Lauren.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  For me for you for all of us, I thought it was boring overall and not phenomenal.  JLo said she had a moment – huh?  Randy talked around the actual performance.  Steven said Lauren is ready for American to be all over her.

Haley – “What Is And What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin.  Beyonce thinks Haley is a rock star.  She even got the Idol powers-that-be to agree to have her father back her up on guitar.  Didn’t like the song, but liked Haley, as usual.  Too bad she took a spill when coming back up the steps.  JLo better say something nice, because we KNOW she tripped on her face at the Grammy’s last year.  Randy actually thought Haley slayed it.  Steven loved her too.  And thank you JLo for acknowledging your own fall and for complimenting Haley.  GO HALEY!

The judges give Round 1 to HALEY!!!

Round 2 – Jimmy’s Choice

Scotty – “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” by Thompson Square.  Scotty breaks out the gui-tar.  Certainly better than the first song.  The girls love it.  The judges heap unadulterated and over-exaggerated praise on Scotty.

Lauren – “If I Die Young” by Perry.  Much, much better than her first song, even though there were a couple of sour notes.  The judges actually acknowledged her flaws and gave her normal praise.

Haley – “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac.  Holy wind machine!  And overall – wow.  As Randy said, a little somber.  But so good.  JLo thought it was a beautiful, ethereal moment.  And I continue to be impressed with JLo’s vocabulary.

Steven gives round 2 to Lauren.  JLo and Randy give round 2 to Scotty.

Beyonce Break

We then take a very special break to premiere Beyonce’s new video, “Run The World Girls”.  Hot video.  Not sure what I think about the song yet.  Although it does seem destined to be another anthem.

Round 3 – Judges’ Choice

Scotty – “She Believes In Me” by Kenny Rogers.  It’s just way too much country for me tonight.  He did a good job though.  He put it over the top for Steven.  JLo is so proud of Scotty.  Randy says it was very nicely done.  And Ryan makes Scotty’s father sing “Baby Lock Them Doors…”

Lauren – “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.  Love this song.  Lauren did a good job, but she’s no Le Ann Womack.  I just keep thinking that had she had two more years before performing on the show, she would have been AMAZING, but she just seems too young.  Lauren gave JLo goosebumps.  Randy says Lee Ann is a good friend of his.  Steven says she’s his friend too.  WHO CARES?

Haley – “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette.  One of the most amazing songs of all time.  And she sang the hell out of it.  I think the judges were trying to sabotage her though.  That song is SO iconic.  Bizarre to hear anyone other than Alanis sing it.  And it’s certainly not a “feel good” song.  But Haley most definitely proved to me that at this point – she deserves to win the whole shebang.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Haley – “What Is And What Should Never Be”
  2. Haley – “You Oughta Know”
  3. Haley – “Rhiannon”
  4. Lauren – “I Hope You Dance”
  5. Lauren – “If I Die Young”
  6. Scotty – “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?”
  7. Scotty – “She Believes In Me”
  8. Lauren – “Wild One”
  9. Scotty – “Amazed”

Who Should Be In The Final Two

Well, my rankings are pretty clear.  Haley most definitely deserves a spot.  And I think that Scotty has proven that he is not as talented as either of the ladies, so Lauren should be by Haley’s side.

Who Will Be In The Final Two

I will be very surprised if Scotty doesn’t make it into the final two, which means that either Lauren will go home, which would be fine with me, or that America will turn their backs on Haley.  I pray that the latter doesn’t happen.  But I can’t really call it between Haley and Lauren.  VOTE FOR HALEY, AMERICA.

Wertheim, tired and out.

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