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American Idol Top 3 – The Results

After the requisite introductions and shots of all of the finalists in the audience, we get a plug (actually welcome this time) for Super 8, when the top 4(!) meet with JJ Abrams.  This one’ so top secret that they didn’t even get a screening of Super 8, just a screening of a preview!  Elle Fanning is also in the house, who looks like she just raced through puberty and is already taller than Ryan Seacrest.

On to footage of Haley’s hometown visit which is crazy crowded, despite the rain.  Glad to see her get the love she deserves.  She has been raked over the coals all season by the judges.  30,000 people show up to hear Haley perform with her father on backup.

Ford Music Video at the beach, which is a little odd, since the beach is deserted and it’s Scotty and two girls.  Doesn’t seem very wholesome to me…

Italian group “Il Volo”, featuring three barely post-pubescent crooners singing “O Sole Mio”.  These guys have unbelievable voices.  They also look like a combination of The Jonas Brothers and The Sopranos.  Someone really needs to style them.  Though I do love that only one of them is actually good-looking.  They should really be on “The Voice”.

Everyone goes nuts for Scotty, who lives in a HUGE house in North Carolina.  And Scotty gets WAY emotional and breaks down sobbing in his limo.  Dude has gotten a little boring on stage, but you know, he’s a great kid and is going to be as big as Carrie Underwood in the country music scene.  Maybe not a crossover artist, but huge in his community.  He’s surprised by Mr. Lock-them-Doors himself, Josh Turner.

Nicole Scherzinger performs her new single featuring 50 Cent.  Where you been, Fiddy?  And where did you go, Fiddy?  You came on just to do one line?  Guess you really need the career boost.  Song was catchy, and I like Nicole, but I prefer her on Dancing with the Stars, or even on the Sing-Off.

After the break, we’re on to Lauren’s hometown.  She’s off to see the destruction in the South.  Oy.  That’s incredibly sad.  Oh boy.  The whole visit just makes me wish Lauren had waited a few years to try out for Idol.  Her parents are younger than I am.  And she looks like she needs the extra years being a normal kid.  Alas, that will never be.

And on to the results.  Lock them doors and turn them lights down low, folks.  SCOTTY is your first contestant to make it to the finals.  Did anyone ever doubt it?  And then, without delay, as if reveling in their luck and celebrating their Tween dominance, Idol kicks Haley Reinhart to the curb sending LAUREN to the finale.  The judges cannot even feign disappointment.  Shame on them.

CONGRATULATIONS to Haley for triumphing over all odds and being such a pleasant surprise to watch week after week.

So now we are left with a finale with two contestants who should have starred in “From Justin to Kelly”.  Two of the most boring contestants in Idol history.  Two of the most wholesome contestants in Idol history.  They may as well rename the show “Country Idol”, or “Christian Idol”, because at this point, those are the only folks voting.

At least the Idol machine has gotten what it wanted and will have not just one, but two very marketable recording artists as their winners.  The crown is now firmly Scotty’s, no matter what he or Lauren do next week.

As I head off to Barcelona tomorrow just in time to miss this year’s finale, I cannot help but think that the ambivalence I feel about missing the show would have truly been regret had we had a very deserving Pia-James finale, Pia-Casey finale, Casey-James finale, or even James-Scotty finale.  America gets it wrong over and over again.

I’ll try to blog the finale shows when I am home after Memorial Day, but I suspect everyone will have moved on by then.  Have a great holiday, and thanks for reading.

Wertheim – off to Spain!

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