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Addendum – Top 24 – The Girls

My apologies for not noticing this before. Being the only person in America who does not yet own every song off of Adele’s album, I do not know ‘One and Only’ and completely did not realize that Jen and Elise sang the same song tonight. Given the fact that Jen’s performance was not memorable enough for me to recognize the song again an hour later or that Elise put such a stamp on it that it seemed unrecognizable, I have to say that Jen’s future may be even more precarious than I originally thought it to be. Which is too bad. She was astounding during Hollywood week.

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  1. Brian Dunkleman
    March 2, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Eileen and I are satisfied with the choices. We think that Jessica Sanchez has the best voice. We both think that Skyler should not have been chosen.

    When will Jermaine sing Old Man River? If you close your eyes his voice is eerily similar to Paul Robeson”s.

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