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American Idol Recap – Top 13 Results Show

The show starts off with the top 13 performing Stevie Wonder’s “As”, which was both uneven and made me just wish Mary J would come out and slay that song like she did with George Michael.  Unfortunately Jer Ber Rosado started the song off and continues to expose his being out of his depth.  The highlights for me were clearly Erika, Phillip, and Skylar.  Interestingly enough, the boys were split up into one group and Colton and Phillip were on their own.  I suspect the producers are trying to send a message that they are the two male contenders.

Jessica, Elise, and Holly are called up first.  Jimmy thinks Elise is in trouble.  Jimmy thinks Hollie “suited up and showed up.”  Jimmy thinks that Jessica’s performance was the best performance ever on American Idol.

Jessica – SAFE
Elise – In the bottom 3 girls
Holly – SAFE

Next up – HeeJun, Jermaine, and Colton.  Jimmy thinks that Stevie Wonder showed off all of HeeJun’s flaws.  Jimmy doesn’t think that Colton has found “his truth” yet.  Jimmy thinks Jermaine had an internal battle going on between timing and tone and he lost both.

Colton – SAFE
HeeJun – SAFE
Jermaine – In the bottom 3 guys

LAUREN ALAINA returns to the Idol stage.  She looks great.  She’s way more confident and at least I don’t feel like her voice isn’t going to hold up.  But she can’t hold a candle to pretty much any of the women on the stage right now. Except maybe Shannon.  What a difference a year makes.

Back to the results.  Erika, Shannon, and Skylar are next.  Jimmy thinks Erika did a great job.  Jimmy agrees that Shannon’s nerves tightened up her vocal chords last night.  Jimmy likes nasal, and he likes Skylar.  Yes, that’s what he said.

Erika – In the bottom 3 girls
Skylar – SAFE
Shannon – In the bottom 3 girls

And the final boys are called – Joshua, Deandre, Phillip, & Jeremy.  Jimmy worries that America will get bored of Joshua’s voice after awhile.  Jimmy thinks Deandre was a pleasant surprise last night – guess he’s not going home.  Jimmy worries that the girls’ vocal fireworks could outshine Phillip.  I agree, but as I said last night, it doesn’t matter if this dude doesn’t win.  Jimmy thinks Stevie Wonder ballads are made for Jeremy’s voice and he didn’t deliver.  He thinks Jeremy will go.

Phillip – SAFE
Jeremy – In the bottom 3 guys
Deandre – SAFE
Joshua – In the bottom 3 guys – America is racist AND homophobic

So, the bottom 3 girls are: Elise, Erika, and Shannon, as predicted.
The bottom 3 guys are: Jeremy & Jermaine, as predicted, and a shocker – Joshua.

Thankfully, Ryan sends Joshua and Erika to safety pretty much immediately.

Mary J. Blige is out next.  Wonder if she’ll outperform Lauren Alaina.  Ha.  I love you, Mary J.  You looked and sounded great.

Back to reality.  Steven says that Jeremy deserves to leave tonight.  Dang.  That’s harsh coming from Steven.  Jermaine is declared SAFE.  And in a horrific mistake by America, Shannon is declared safe.

So the Bottom Two are:

  • Jeremy
  • Elise

I have to believe the judges are going to do the right thing here.  Not only do they like Elise, but we have already have both Steven and Jimmy say Jeremy needs to go home.  Come on guys.

And the contestant going home tonight is…


Thank goodness.

So what have we learned tonight?

  1. Neither Elise Testone nor Joshua Ledet have a chance in hell of winning this whole thing.  America spoke clearly tonight.  At this point, it looks like Joshua will be the (more talented) Pia Toscano of 2012.  I can only hope that Elise puts aside the ridiculous flagellation she took this week and performs with the confidence she deserves to have next week.
  2. America isn’t totally tone-deaf.  They did have the sense to put Shannon, Jeremy, and Jermaine in the bottom.
  3. If it’s the entire Idol machine vs. JLo, the Idol machine wins.  Goodbye Jeremy Rosado.  You were a waste of a wild card, and I’m glad you won’t be taking up a valuable spot for weeks to come.

Frankly, I think it was a little silly to put 6 people in the bottom tonight out of 13 total. The bottom 4 were actually not shocking whatsoever.  Maybe they did it to create a need for people to get out and vote for Joshua and let them know we shouldn’t assume he’s safe?

In the end, it was as it should have been.  Jeremy was #13.

Wertheim Out.

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