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American Idol Recap – Top 12 (11!) Performance Show – Buh-Bye Jermaine Jones

It’s a big night tonight, given yesterday’s Jermaine Jones news. I’m looking forward to seeing how they choose to handle it. Ryan starts off saying that “one of our contestants had to be eliminated last night” but that we will find out about it later in the show. Smart strategy, Idol. Keep folks tuned in to increase ratings so they don’t drop off after you make the announcement.

Tonight, it’s “songs from your birth year” evening. If I were performing, I would sing “Papa Was A Rolling Stone,” because Lenny was a rolling stone. Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

Will.i.am joins Jimmy tonight.

Phillip Phillips – 1990 – “Hard to Handle” by Otis Redding (Black Crowes version)
Phillip performs for Jimmy & Will.i.am on his way to the hospital to have kidney stones removed. Damn. And he’s on the Idol stage giving another killer performance. Love this guy.

Jessica Sanchez – 1994 – “Turn the Beat Around” by Miami Sound Machine (their version)
What a risk – can she beat Diana DeGarmo’s season 3 version? Could anyone? The answer to both questions is a resounding – YES! Steven didn’t like it much. Yes, it wasn’t the best choice in the world for her. I give her points for trying to do something different and doing it well. But it didn’t show her being special.

HeeJun Han – 1989 – “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx
Will.i.am calls HeeJun out on his enunciation. Thank you. Randy thought he was terrible. Jennifer thinks his tone is so special and gorgeous. Steven thinks he has a special voice. Now look, I really like this guy. Great personality. And he got all spiffed up tonight. But come on, America. You can find a slew of much better singers in the Karaoke places in Koreatown in NYC. Had to say it.

Elise Testone – 1983 – “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green
YES ELISE! Thank you for showing everyone why you never should have been in the bottom last week. She has a great voice, is so charismatic, and such a great performer. I hope America gets wise to this. She has no business being the dark horse.

Deandre Brackensick – 1994 – “Endless Love” – Mariah & Luther Version
Well, I have never heard this as a solo before. It’s also a huge stretch to say this was a song from his birth year. But I guess neither were the others. Now, I don’t like DeAndre nearly as much as redacted friend does, but I do think this was his best performance so far. He wasn’t as cheesy as before. The judges didn’t think it was the right song for him. I can’t say I completely disagree. But I think they were harsher than necessary.

Shannon Magrane – 1995 – “One Sweet Day” by Mariah & Boyz2Men
Boy. Thank you, Shannon, for giving me so many reasons other than my first knee-jerk reaction to not want you to win. After last year’s debacle, WHY WHY WHY would you choose a MARIAH song? So so so so stupid. Have you never watched this show? Did you not listen to the critique last week? Come ON. Jennifer thinks she did a great job. Steven thought it was beautiful. Randy thinks she has mad potential. I think they were compensating for how critical they were last week and that they were neglectful in telling the truth, which is that she had no business singing that song.

Colton Dixon – 1991 – “Broken Heart” by White Lion
After an opening piece where Colton said he “hooked up” with Chris Daughtry last week, Colton gave a solid performance of a song no one knows. Steven thought it was the wrong song for Colton. Jennifer thinks Colton looks pretty when he sings. Randy thinks Colton was dope.

Erika Van Pelt – 1985 – “Heaven” by Bryan Adams
While I did not like the arrangement, I LOVE Erika’s voice. LOVE. The judges didn’t love the arrangement either. Well, Randy liked it. VOTE FOR ERIKA, AMERICA.

And now it is announced that Jermaine Jones is being booted. They filmed his booting! Nigel & Nigel confront him with his crimes. Four active warrants out for him! Dumb, Jermaine. Dumb. How could you think it wouldn’t get out? But on the other hand, Nigel & Nigel – unbelievable to film this, and not classy. Come on. I always tell people that talent shows are not the same as reality television. But this is crossing the line and proving me wrong. Oy. They do show his Tuesday rehearsal performance of “Somewhere Out There”, which was good. But doesn’t make me regret his loss. Ryan says that it’s business as usual though and that the contestant with the lowest number of votes tomorrow night “might” be in danger of being eliminated. Way to not commit!

Skylar Laine – 1994 – “Love Sneaking Up On You” by Bonnie Raitt
In the worst advice ever category, Will.i.am tries to get Skylar to sing Coolio’s version of “Fantastic Voyage”. Boy, Will.i.am is a bad guest mentor. Though I do think Skylar would have been better off choosing a different song. It wasn’t a good enough song for her. The judges thankfully recognized that she had a great performance, despite the fact that the song wasn’t great.

Joshua Ledet – 1992 – “When A Man Loves A Woman” – Michael Bolton Version
The State of Louisiana sent Joshua a huge vat of crawfish. Ewwwwww. On to the performance. I love Mantasia. America – stop being racist and homophobic. This guy is a real talent. There haven’t been many like him on this show, and he deserves to stay in this competition for a whole lot longer. Jennifer thinks it is the best thing she has ever seen on American Idol. Steven says he gave it up so big, God came through his eyes. And I like this guy. He’s neither arrogant nor fake humble.

Hollie Cavanagh – 1993 – “Power of Love” by Celine Dion
Hollie is clearly what keeps convincing Shannon that she can tackle the biggies. But Hollie can, Shannon. You cannot. Hollie did great. And I really like her. It’s amazing how this huge voice comes out of this little person. I haven’t yet heard anything to show me that she is unique or an artist, but she’s certainly a great singer.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Joshua Ledet
  2. Phillip Phillips
  3. Hollie Cavanagh
  4. Elise Testone
  5. Jessica Sanchez
  6. Colton Dixon
  7. Erika Van Pelt
  8. Skylar Laine
  9. DeAndre Brackensick
  10. Shannon Magrane
  11. HeeJun Han

What’s Going To Happen:

Alright. Let’s work this through:

  • Phillip Phillips, Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, and Skylar Laine are safe.
  • I am going to put my money on Shannon Magrane being safe as well, because America clearly doesn’t hate her nearly as much as I do, and the judges gave her a free pass this evening.
  • I want to want to want to believe that America will also vote Joshua Ledet through this week, but I can’t promise anything. After all, he was near the bottom last week. And we all know what once happened with Pia Toscano.
  • That leaves us with Jessica Sanchez, Erika Van Pelt, Elise Testone, DeAndre Brackensick, and Heejun Han. All could potentially appear in the bottom 3 (with an improbable, but possible, appearance by Joshua). If I had to put money on it, I would say that Jessica skates through based on her past performances, and Heejun also skates through (despite being the clear worst this week) based on his Heejun-ness.
  • So I am going to say your bottom three this week will be Erika Van Pelt, Elise Testone, and DeAndre Brackensick. Erica because of the arrangement, Elise because of last week, and DeAndre because of song choice. And while DeAndre is the only one of the three who I think deserves to be in the bottom three this week, one of the women will be the lowest vote-getter.

Should Go Home:

Heejun Han or Shannon Magrane.

Most Likely To Go Home:

Elise Testone or Erika Van Pelt

Will Go Home:

No one. I don’t think there will be an elimination this week.

Fare thee well, Jermaine. I guess the Gentle Giant wasn’t so gentle after all.

Wertheim out.

  1. Brian Dunkleman
    March 16, 2012 at 7:40 am

    Phillip Phillips is the person to beat. He has the right demographics (when one takes into account those of the most recent winners).

    Eileen and I think that the Jermaine interview was a staged event in that Jermaine seemed to have known what was coming. Would you like to be the one to break this news to someone accused of multiple violent crimes?

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