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American Idol Recap – Top 11 Results

This is…American Sponsorships/Promotions.  Tonight’s exhibits:

  • JLo on the cover of Vogue’s new issue
  • JLo pushing her new single
  • Tommy Hilfiger has signed on to be the “Image Advisor” for the rest of the season.
  • Ford Music Video.
  • Demi Lovato Performs
  • Daughtry Performs
  • The ubiquitous Coke cups

Phillip, Skylar, Elise, & Joshua
Jimmy’s rooting for Phillip.  Jimmy thought Skylar could have done better.  Jimmy thought Elise was captivating.  I agree.  And of course, Jimmy loved Joshua as much as we did.

Joshua – SAFE
Phillip – SAFE
Skylar – SAFE
Elise – Bottom Three –  I hate you, America

Colton, Shannon, DeAndre, Jessica
Jimmy tries to defend himself for suggesting Endless Love and just throws it back on DeAndre’s performance.  Jimmy thinks it’s a pass week for Colton.  Thank goodness Jimmy thinks Shannon pushed too hard.  Jimmy defends Jessica’s song choice, and says that if she goes home, we should all go home.

Colton – SAFE
DeAndre – SAFE
Jessica – SAFE
Shannon – BOTTOM THREE!!!  I love you America!!!

Erika, HeeJun, Hollie
Jimmy gives Hollie straight A’s aside from how she was dressed (was Tommy Hilfiger on duty yet?).  Jimmy truly believes that there is going to be an Asian pop music sensation, but he’s not sure it will be HeeJun.  Jimmy thinks that Erika oversung last night.

Hollie – SAFE
Erika – Bottom Three – I hate you America
HeeJun – SAFE

So your bottom three are Elise, Shannon, and Erika.

THANK GOODNESS, Elise is immediately sent to safety.

And your bottom two are Shannon and Erika.

And America, I have to give it to you.  You made the right decision.  Erika is SAFE!!!

So Shannon must sing for her life.  Why in the world do they have her singing the same song that put her in the bottom?  All emotional and upset and she’s supposed to sing it better?  Well, she didn’t.  And the judges did not use their save.  Wise choice.

At the end of the day, I can say without question that this is actually a top 10 without any complete disasters.  Jeremy Rosado, Jermaine Jones, and Shannon Magrane were actually not disasters either, but they were the right ones to go.  HeeJun should not be in it because this is a singing competition and he’s not the greatest singer, but at least he is entertaining and a nice guy.  And if he goes out next week at #10, I think justice will have been served (and he will have a career in comedy), and I will be thrilled with the top 9 and potentially even at peace with the order in which they are dispatched.

I mean, Phillip Phillips will be a star no matter what.  Of that I am sure.  Joshua Ledet will be better off making a gospel/soul/r&b album as a runner-up then he will if he is forced to make some bland mainstream album if he wins.  Skylar Laine has done enough this season already to cement herself a great recording contract and is positioned to become a big country star.  Jessica Sanchez already has enough adulation to get all Pia Toscano and get herself a recording contract immediately.  Colton Dixon has also already done enough to get himself a recording contract, especially if he wants to go the Christian music route.  DeAndre Brackensick will get a recording contract because they obviously think he is marketable and with a lot of work, he will have a great niche voice (even though he will never win).

So that leaves us with three who I feel really need to win the competition to have decent careers.  The first is Hollie Cavanagh, who’s got a killer voice, but has yet to show star quality, immense charisma, or signs of being an artist.  She’s cute as a button, but not striking either.  She needs to come in first or second.

The last two are Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt.  They don’t have killer looks, they aren’t tiny and cute, and they are both over 25.  America clearly isn’t rallying to their sides, and it ain’t their faults.  I think they both have the highest chances of going home unceremoniously early, but I also believe that if either of them were to win the competition, each could have big Kelly Clarkson-like careers.  They both have big talent and great charisma.

So based on who I like + who needs it most, I am rooting for Elise & Erika to make it to the very end.  I know the chances of this are about as good as Lee Dewyze’s of having any form of a real career.  But I’m not giving up hope just yet.


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Wertheim OUT.

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