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American Idol Recap – Top 10 Perform – Billy Joel Night

The show starts off with a ridiculous segment of the top 10 mourning the loss of Shannon Magrane. As if she had died. Um…she just overstayed her welcome. Ridiculous. Steven Tyler begins the live show by saying that if you can’t sing Billy Joel, you can’t sing. Throwing down the gauntlet. Then later in the evening, he says he has never heard “She’s Got A Way”. Um…weird.

Tonight’s guest mentor is Diddy, who is a welcome sight after last week’s Will.i.am, not to mention the new fashion mentor Tommy Hilfiger, who is unfortunately now in his own segment (+random lackey, who is apparently mute) before each contestant’s performance. Hilfiger is unpleasant to watch in every way. Truly, the joke is on him. Who needs his prognostications on how the performers will do tonight? And his styling seems to amount to: put huge earrings on all the women. Please let this be a one-week feature. I sense it may be, because he does not come off looking good. On to the performances…

DeAndre – “Only The Good Die Young”
Please. Go. Home. Now. DeAndre. Horrific. Now all I see when I see DeAndre is Milli Vanilli. The performance was cheesy, unpleasant, and unworthy. The judges talked around it, because clearly the producers see something promotable in DeAndre, but I think he was truly horrific.

Erika – “New York State Of Mind”
One of my two favorite Billy Joel songs. Not surprised that she chose it. Diddy and Jimmy tell her not to over-sing. Hilfiger wants to give her a total makeover. HOLY SCHMOLEY. I did not expect a Pink haircut and dyed jet-black hair. WHOA. She looks virtually unrecognizable, which I suppose is a good thing given that America had no interest in the old Erika. Maybe they will have an interest in the completely re-styled version? I’m not digging the look, but maybe that’s just me. It was hard for me to even focus on her performance because I still haven’t adjusted to what she looks like. But the vocals were great. I thought it didn’t necessarily cohere as an arrangement, but I still love Erika.

Joshua – “She’s Got A Way”
Well, if we use Steven Tyler’s logic, Joshua can’t sing. Unfortunately, he gave an incredibly lackluster performance of this very tender and moving Billy Joel song. No question, his worst performance to date. JLo was totally right by saying that he didn’t connect with the lyrics. He knows it too. Ah, well. He gets to have a bad week.

Skylar – “Shameless”
Awww. So cute. She was totally starstruck by Diddy. I just like her more and more with every viewing. This is a Billy Joel song? I’ve never heard it before, and I don’t particularly like it. Skylar does a great job with it. But it’s also not a moment for her. The judges didn’t say much.

Elise – “Vienna”
America, you are on crack. This woman is a star. So effortless. So much charisma. So much musicality. Standing O from the judges. Absolutely phenomenal performance. I was transfixed. Beautiful in every way. Goes up there for me in the top Idol performances of all time. America – wake the f*** up. Do not make her suffer the ridiculous indignity of being in the bottom 3 again this week.

Phillip – “Movin’ Out”
Tommy hates Phillip’s style. Phillip doesn’t care. Tommy thinks it will harm him. Yeah, right Tommy. Diddy tried to make him get rid of his guitar. That didn’t work either. YOU GO, PHILLIP. This guy knows exactly who he is. I mean, I generally hate this song, but he made it something so different. Phenomenal. I cannot take my eyes off of this guy when he performs and I just love to listen to him. Love it. I’m buying his album. As Randy said, brilliant. I love this dude.

Hollie – “Honesty”
You can put her in a glittery bustier, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t come across as staid and boring. Sorry. I’m just not feeling Hollie lately. She certainly has pipes, but I’m not paying to see her in concert. I think tonight was her worst performance by a mile. Steven thought she was pitchy.

HALEY RINEHART is in the audience!!! Could tonight get any better? And she’s performing tomorrow night.

HeeJun – “Just The Way You Are”….
In addition to his great personality, I will give the guy credit for improving his style every week. I love that he screwed with Tommy Hilfiger. My other favorite Billy Joel song. Um…fakeout. He ripped off his faux tux and actually sung “My Life”. I have to say, I was prepared to experience a HeeJun disaster this week, especially if he had sung “Just The Way You Are”. I thought it was his best performance to date. I thought it was fun, and I thought he sounded great. Steven called him out for “taking the piss” out of the song, saying that the music business is going to chew him up and that he needs to take it a bit more seriously. Weird time to have that reaction to him. And weird that I am coming around to HeeJun just when the tide seems to have turned against him. I was way more entertained than I was during Hollie’s performance.

Jessica – “Everybody Has A Dream”
Diddy gave her good feedback. Told her he didn’t believe her when she sang. I’m glad they are trying to undo some of that child-star training and helping her be the performer she can be. As for her performance – flawless. Simply flawless. Steven said “when God was giving out vocal chords, you were so at the front of the line.”

Colton – “Piano Man”
Someone explain the Colton fervor to me. I was prepared to have this performance make me change my mind about him, given the way they were pumping him up in advance. Yes, it was a very, very, very good performance. And he is definitely in the top half of this group. But I’m not buying the fervor. Props though for basically giving Tommy the bird.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Jessica
  2. Elise
  3. Phillip
  4. Colton
  5. Erika
  6. Skylar
  7. Joshua
  8. HeeJun
  9. Hollie
  10. DeAndre

Tonight was a good example of why it makes sense for the Idol season to be as long as it is. These different genres and week-after-week performances really show whether someone is versatile and someone folks will want to watch over and over. Hollie has been disappearing as a contender for me in recent weeks. Jessica, Elise, and Phillip, however, have pulled themselves into a different stratosphere tonight, as far as I’m concerned.

Who’s Going Home

I want to say that it’s an easy call tonight. DeAndre is clearly so out of his depth at this point. I do think that in the end, he will go home. But let’s break it down anyway.

  • Jessica, Phillip, and Colton are slam-dunks to stay.
  • I would love to say the same for Elise, but I think America may not be listening. Even so, I think she may avoid scraping the bottom this week finally due to a bunch of lackluster performances.
  • I think that America will totally disagree with the judges, and I’ll bet that HeeJun isn’t even in the bottom three.
  • I think that either Skylar, Joshua, or Hollie could find themselves as visitors to the bottom three due to unmemorable performances. I’m going to put my money on Hollie this time around, because Skylar gets the country vote, people have accepted that Joshua is talented despite one bad night, and Hollie just seems like an old lady.
  • Much as I love her, and despite her radical makeover, I still don’t think Erika is connecting with America, so my money is on her re-visiting the bottom 3.

So I am going to say that the bottom three are: Erika, Hollie, and DeAndre, with DeAndre going home. I’m Brackensick of him anyway.

Wertheim out.

  1. Brian Dunkleman
    March 22, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Demographics from recent seasons suggest a big red state vote; therefore, stick with the midwestern or southern male. That means PP.

    My only Idol vote ever was for Sanjaya. I may make it 2 when I vote for Heejun. He is a joke!

    Eileen and I believe Jessica to be tops last night.

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