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American Idol Recap – Top 10 Results

The show opens with our first lip-synched number – Billy Joel’s “For The Longest Time”.  Not horrific.  The only thing horrific is my realization that in all likelihood, not one of them actually knew that song.

First group:  Holly, Skylar, and Elise
Jimmy says you can’t get two individuals more different than Hollie and Billy Joel.  He said she was a sweet diva caught in the headlights.  Jimmy thinks Skylar needs to grow and do it now.  Jimmy says something transformed in Elise last night.

Hollie – SAFE
Skylar – SAFE

Casey Abrams is in the hizouse having taken a big step backward in terms of his fashion.  Wonder if he’s here to support rumored girlfriend Haley Rinehart?

Lana Del Ray performs.  Snooze.

Joe Perry shows up to join the contestants and the audience in singing happy birthday to Steven.

Second Group: DeAndre, Joshua, and Jessica
Jimmy says “someone was jumping up and down and it was too much.”  Jimmy agrees that Joshua over-sang the song and needs to figure out how he is going to win the show (he isn’t).  As for Jessica, Jimmy says “A’s across the board.”

Jessica – SAFE
Joshua – SAFE
DeAndre – Bottom Three

Haley Rinehart “returns home” next, says Ryan.  I guess so.  If home is a place where your talents were perpetually ignored and you were flagellated with criticism.  For some reason, she’s singing from inside an enormous birdcage.  She sounds great and looks great too, reminding America that she should have been in the finals last year instead of Lauren.  You go Haley.

Final Group: Erika, HeeJun, Phillip, Colton
Jimmy loved Colton and thinks Colton is horse #3, joining Joshua and Jessica.  Jimmy is irritated with Phillip for not taking his (or Tommy’s) advice.  Jimmy thinks Erika was brave on the makeover and thinks she deserves to be on the top of the batch (maybe she’s not gone?).  Jimmy thought Steven was right about HeeJun, who says that if he’s around next week, he is going to be crazier.  Jimmy says Interscope is not going to spend its money on him – he ain’t gonna win.

Colton – SAFE
Erika – Bottom Three
Phillip – SAFE
HeeJun – Bottom Three

So your bottom three are DeAndre, HeeJun, and Erika.  Jennifer is right – at this point, everyone who goes home is a loss.  I’m surprised that American finally turned on HeeJun this week.

First person sent to safety is…DeAndre.  Seriously?  Followed by…HeeJun.  DeAndre and HeeJun – you should both thank every lucky star out there for your ridiculous luck.

Erika sings her heart out and sounds simply amazing.  But it’s not enough for the judges to use their save.  Clearly, it didn’t matter how good she was in her swan song.  I don’t think I would have saved her either, much as I am a big Erika fan.  America has unfortunately shown that they are not interested in Erika repeatedly.  To use their one save on Erika would be a waste, since she had absolutely zero chance of winning.  Clearly, HeeJun could keep going and foil Joshua, Colton, or Elise on a bad week for them – or even Jessica.  The judges need to save the save for someone who really does have a chance of winning the whole thing but who had a bad week.  They learned their lesson last year by using their save too early with Casey (who had potential, but who hadn’t been flawless), and they found themselves SOL when Pia was the bottom vote-getter.  So I forgive them for not saving Erika.

Goodbye, Erika Van Pelt.  I’m sorry your makeover did not help save you.  I’m truly Brackensick over the whole thing.

I am very curious to see what happens with HeeJun next week.  I bet the Idol machine is having strategy sessions about how to handle the situation.  He’s clearly not going to start taking things any more “seriously”.  If they get too heavy-handed about criticizing him, it could backfire.

Will you miss Erika?  Is anyone out there not Brackensick of DeAndre?  What do you think will happen with HeeJun next week?

Wertheim out.

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