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American Idol Recap – Top 9 Results Show

The show starts with Tweets from Carrie Underwood, Mariah Carey, and other folks congratulating the contestants who sang their songs.  Then out comes Eric Benet to surprise the Brackensickness.  Does this mean DeAndre is safe tonight, or that this is his consolation prize?  The Idols move into their mansion, which seems more like an apartment building than a mansion to me.  For some reason I suspect they are also going to somehow commercialize this place and use it in the off-season.  Who really cares?  They have to spend no more than an hour there awake every day.  And on to the results…

Elise, Phillip, & Hollie
Jimmy loved Elise’s performance and thinks she is a contender for the crown.  Jimmy says that if Stevie loved him the way she did, he will be an enormous star.  Jimmy says that what Hollie lacks experience – she is technically right, but emotionally behind the pack.  I have to say I agree with Jimmy on all counts.

HollieBottom Three

Here comes Nikki Minaj.  Wow.  Boobies.

Colton, Joshua, & HeeJun
Jimmy says that Colton was good, but not good enough.  Thank you, Jimmy, for speaking your truth.  Unfortunately, he had a similar opinion about Joshua.  Jimmy doesn’t think HeeJun’s comeback was enough and that he just doesn’t sing as well as the other 8.  Well, that’s yet another truth.

HeeJunBottom Three

Scotty McCreery performs.  Welcome back, Scotty.  He sounded great, he looked so comfortable.  As expected, this guy is going to be an enormous star.  Jimmy presents Scotty with a framed album cover in tribute to his platinum-selling album.  This guy deserved to win and will most definitely follow in Carrie & Kelly’s footsteps, rather than those of Taylor Hicks and Lee Dewyze.

Skylar, DeAndre, & Jessica
Jimmy thinks Skylar will have to go to more melodic songs in the future.  Jimmy doesn’t know what he thinks about DeAndre except that he needs more experience.  He also thinks DeAndre is polarizing.  I agree on both fronts.  Jimmy is 100% behind Jessica.

SkylarBottom Three

Not crazy shocking, but unfortunate for Skylar.

Skylar is the first person sent to safety.  WOOOOO-HOOOOO.  Hollie is the next person sent to safety.  So HeeJun sings for his life.  And he does a pretty good job too.  Better than last night.  And to no surprise, the judges send him packing.  At least he left with some grace.

America – you have chosen wisely this season.  I mean, I still don’t know why you are voting for the Brackensickness, but at least your lowest vote-getters have been acceptable thus far.

Wertheim out.

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