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American Idol Recap – Top 6 Results Show

April 26, 2012 1 comment

The Queen Extravaganza opens up the show with “Somebody To Love”.  Ah, so that’s why we had a medley last night.  Because it ain’t happening tonight.  Eh.  So-so.

Then the Idols go to TMZ’s offices for some “coaching” on dealing with the paparazzi.  Kind of funny actually.  Anything to keep Tommy Hilfiger from appearing on the show.

The fact that the producers aren’t touting “another shocking exit” this week plus the fact that they didn’t separate the groups into two groups of three seems to be a sign to me that we won’t be shocked with tonight’s results.

Jessica and Elise are first up…
Jimmy hated “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but felt that “Dance With My Father” was perfect.  Jimmy thinks Elise doubled-down on bad song choices.

Elise is in the bottom three.
Jessica is SAFE.

Casey Abrams is in the house looking even more hirsute than last year and frankly, quite scary.

In other Season 10 news, Stefano Langone performs his new single “I’m On A Role”.  Well, lip sync’s it at least.  And it’s a teeny-bopper dance-fest.  Who knows?  There may be enough Bieber fans out there to vault the 7th place finisher from last year to a successful career (good news, Colton Dixon!).

Hollie and Joshua are next up…
Jimmy thinks “Save Me” was Hollie’s plea to the public.  He thinks “The Climb” was solid, just worries that it may have been too little, too late.  Jimmy thinks Joshua will take it to the finals and says that if he gets voted out tonight that there is something wrong with “the competition, the voting, the entire ball of wax.”

Hollie is in the bottom three
Joshua is SAFE

Katy Perry performs, America!  She sings “Part of Me” and her usual vocal shakiness is masked pretty well with a backing track, but once again shows the singers on Idol that it’s not necessarily the best voice that ends up succeeding.

Finally, we’ve got Skylar and Phillip
I was wrong about Jessica being in the bottom three, so now I have to face the fact that one of the two I said would definitely be safe will not be.  This will be interesting.  If it’s Phillip then he is no longer inevitable.  If it isn’t, he is most definitely winning this thing.  My gut tells me it’s Skylar.  Jimmy thinks that Skylar’s second song choice was self-indulgent.  As far as “lady killer” goes (Ryan’s moniker for Phillip, not mine), Jimmy thinks Phillip has been having a rough time with not feeling well and that it wasn’t the time to do a Dave Matthews song and thinks that he may have now left an opening for someone else to be in the finale.

Skylar is in the bottom three.
And Phillip Phillips is YOUR American Idol.  Premature?  Perhaps.  But he is SAFE.

Skylar is immediately sent to safety.  Whew.
Hollie’s comeback seems to have worked.  She is also SAFE.

As predicted, Elise is sent packing.

Now it is certainly a travesty that Hollie outlasted Elise.  But it’s also a miracle that Elise held on as long as she did.  She really had no fan base and lasted a lot longer than I thought she would.  She even lasted long enough for me to lose interest in her, especially because it was always painful to worry about how she would be received.

As I said earlier in this post, Phillip is an inevitability for making the finale, if not to win the whole thing.  I wish that fact would make me happy, but sadly it doesn’t.  Don’t get me wrong – I still love me some Phillip Phillips.  But I like the winner to have earned the title, not to coast through simply because his demographic votes more vociferously than does that of other contestants.  I want to believe that David Cook and Kris Allen (and even Scotty McCreery) earned their titles fair and square, and I want to believe that Phillip Phillips will earn his as well, but throw Lee Dewyze in there and the fact that Phillip’s win will make him the fifth white man to be crowned American Idol in as many years shows pretty clearly that the folks who have stuck with this show will always prefer a white man.  I mean, even Phillip has said repeatedly that others have much better voices than he does.

Oh, well.  At least the final 5 (final 8 actually) could all have careers.  Here’s hoping that Hollie doesn’t foil Skylar’s chances of making it past next week.  I doubt it will happen – Skylar’s bottom-three place should get her fans voting like mad next week.

Ta-ta, Elise.  Wertheim out.


American Idol Recap – Top 6 Performances – Songs of Queen and…Other Songs

Roger Taylor & Brian May join the top 6 who kick off the show with a Queen Medley of Fat Bottom Girls – Another One Bites the Dust – We Will Rock You – We Are The Champions.  Aren’t medleys usually reserved for results shows?  And what are the top 6 going to sing for their solos?  It wasn’t bad.  I have a feeling this week is going to belong to Phillip & Elise.  I don’t really see the rest of these guys shining.  But who knows.

It’s Queen week.  Which means the contestants each sing one song by Queen and one other song of no particular perceptible theme.

Jessica – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Is Idol filming Jessica in Black and White or is it just my TV?  Ah, yes.  Just the beginning in black & white.  Which was not as weird as their projecting Jessica’s head three times on the screen in back of her.  I thought it started off really strong, but when it picked up, she just became so-so.  Steven says rock isn’t Jessica’s forte.  JLo agreed with me.  Randy loved it because “she did no runs.”  I think she’d better have a better trick up her sleeve for her next performance.

Skylar – “The Show Must Go On”
I thought Skylar was terrific.  Not the song I would ever expect to hear from her, nor did it seem very Skylar, but she sounded great and has proven repeatedly that she can really sing, no matter what the song.  Randy thinks it was one of her best performances to date.  He also added “this girl right here, she’s got to have it.”  Oh, Randy, haven’t you learned yet that catchphrases should develop organically and not be foisted on us?

Joshua – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
Another terrific performance.  This guy really reminds me more of Fantasia every week.

Elise – “I Want It All”
I knew she would be good.  She seemed confident, comfortable, and having fun.  The judges loved it and said it was one of Elise’s best performances to date.  She agrees that the rock stuff is really her wheelhouse.

Phillip – “Fat Bottom Girls”
Ah, so they CAN do songs from the medley.  The second they sang this one in the medley, I thought “what a waste, this is so perfect for Phillip.”  And he delivered a solid-as-ever performance.  JLo says the most ridiculous “I feel like we get different flavors each week,” just as I was about to say that every song he sings does somehow seem the same.  I do still love him, but at this point his inevitability is starting to get on my nerves.

Hollie – “Save Me”
Interesting that they are giving Hollie the pimp spot.  Could she really be that good this week?  Nah.  Not bad, but nothing special.  And what’s with the pantsuit?  Steven thinks she did “a really good job.”  JLo wants to see her enjoy it more.  Randy thinks it was a good performance, but that she needs to take more chances and create a moment.

Jessica – “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross
JLo says it is the best she has heard that song sung.  I mean, that’s just not true.  She sounded good, but really nothing special.

Skylar – “Tattoos On This Town” by Jason Aldean
I thought this was way more in her wheelhouse.  The judges didn’t like it as much.

Joshua – “Ready For Love” by India.Arie
Awesome.  So nice to see a very different, toned down performance from Joshua.  He was controlled, confident, and captivating.  I’m so glad that someone with this much talent has made it this far.  Standing ovation from the judges.

Elise – “Bold As Love” by Jimi Hendrix
Well, the producers are doing Elise no favors.  While all of the other contestants had pre-song packages that were comprised of tongue-in-cheek ribbing from their fellow contestants, Elise’s package made it seem like no one actually likes her.  Steven says she needs to pick songs that people recognize (I agree).  JLo thinks she slayed it (I don’t).  Randy says it wasn’t the right song for this point in the competition (I agree).

Phillip – “The Stone” by Dave Matthews
Well, he finally did a Dave Matthews song.  Not my favorite Dave Matthews song and I suspect not going to win him new fans.  As JLo said – too obscure and too artsy.  Randy disagrees and goes back on his “Phillip is an artist” rant, which I must agree with Michael Slezak, means to Randy that you are “white, male, and a rocker.”  Phillip is apologetically himself all the time, which is artistic.  But he is also the same most of the time.  I also would have liked to have heard him sing this song even slightly different than Dave Matthews sings it.

Hollie – “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus
I think this song was a wise choice by Hollie.  It should make her seem younger.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t.  Where Miley sounds carefree singing it, Hollie just felt so controlled.  It was solid, but too contained.  The judges give her a (rather inexplicable) standing o.  I suspect the producers have insisted on giving Hollie another week of seeming triumph in case she ends up winning the whole thing so they don’t have to say she won despite being mediocre every week.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances

  1. Joshua – “Ready For Love”
  2. Joshua – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
  3. Elise – “I Want It All”
  4. Skylar – “Tattoos On This Town”
  5. Skylar – “The Show Must Go On”
  6. Phillip – “Fat Bottom Girls”
  7. Jessica – “Dance With My Father”
  8. Hollie – “The Climb”
  9. Phillip – “The Stone”
  10. Jessica – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  11. Hollie – “Save Me”
  12. Elise – “Bold As Love”

Who’s Going Home

Once again, anything can happen.  But I’m putting my money on Elise going home tomorrow night.  Here’s how I’m thinking about this:

  • I think Skylar and Phillip will definitely not be in the bottom three –  Phillip especially, since the judges said over and over that they are “worried about him,” which will most certainly send teenage girls all over the country calling in obsessively for him.
  • Joshua is most deserving of safety this week, but could be displaced from safety by a resurgent Hollie.
  • Jessica’s bottom finish two weeks ago should keep fans voting enough to safe her from elimination this week, but her lack of a moment tonight will likely cost her immunity from a bottom three finish.
  • So your bottom three will be either Elise, Jessica, and Hollie or Elise, Jessica, and Joshua.

It is definitely not outside the realm of crazy that Jessica would be sent packing tomorrow night, but I have a strong feeling that Elise has used up her nine lives.  She didn’t offer anything particularly new tonight, and her pre-performance package did her no favors.  While I am sad to see Hollie outlast her, I think it is time for Elise to go.

In general, I have to say, I’m a little bored with Idol now.  Not quite sure why.  Perhaps because they have all been so solid (minus Hollie) for so long that there don’t seem to be a lot of surprises left or much growth to see from week-to-week?  Perhaps it’s because folks who swept me away early, like Elise, Jessica, and Phillip haven’t shined as much in recent weeks?  Or maybe it was just not an exciting week.

Any way you look at it, it’s still a way better show than The Voice.

Wertheim out.

American Idol Top 7 – The Results (Take Two)

The opening credits include the phrase “Another Shock”.  I’m not sure how that could be possible.  Last week pretty much trampled on Idol’s ability to shock.  Anyone could go home now and I wouldn’t be surprised.  Oh – there’s the shock.  Jessica’s mic was off for her solo during the opening number, “Dancin’ In The Streets”.  Foreshadowing?  For all you Elise haters out there – Nate – the vision in orange definitely sounded the best during this opening number.

Joshua & Hollie are up first.
Jimmy thinks Joshua did himself a lot of good last night.  Jimmy thinks Hollie took a giant step this week, but thinks she will be in the bottom three.

Joshua is SAFE!!!
Hollie is in the bottom three.

Kris Allen performs after audience member Taylor Hicks announces that he’ll be “playing Vegas this summer.”  Oh, poor Taylor Hicks.  And I remember once again why I liked Kris Allen so much.  Unfortunately, he gets lumped into the Lee Dewyze years.  But this guy is charismatic and great.  I hope his new album does well.  He’s a mensch.

Up next…Elise & Skylar
Jimmy thinks Elise is going to spend time in her vacation home in the bottom three, if not going home.  Jimmy thinks Skylar is the best performer they’ve got.

Elise is in the bottom three.
Skylar is SAFE.

LMFAO performs and I fast-forward.

And finally…Jessica, Phillip, and Colton
Jimmy says Jessica is singing songs that are too old for her.  Jimmy think Phillip did an amazing job.  Jimmy agreed with me that Colton was completely wrong on “Bad Romance” and that he has to reboot.

Jessica is SAFE.
Phillip is SAFE.
Colton is in the bottom three.

Elise is immediately sent to safety.  Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!

Hollie had her comeback and is SAFE.


And America, we are back on track.  Colton, Elise, and Hollie were a perfectly acceptable bottom three.  Based on last night’s performance, Hollie deserved to stay.  Colton was ALL OVER THE PLACE last night.  And last week was the culmination of his transformation from fauxhawked rocker to frosted emaciated garbage-wearer.  He is most definitely a talented guy, but I must say I am glad he’s no longer “in it to win it.”  If another white guy is going to win this thing, it had better be Phillip Phillips.  Colton sings his goodbye song straight to Jesus, who clearly did not want Colton to win, because Jesus decides who should win American Idol.

I might now even wager that Hollie will make it further than anyone imagined, since she is the only one left who would really have a comeback story for people to get behind.


American Idol Recap – Top 7 (Take Two)

We are treated to a (justifiably) emotional recap of last week’s stunning turn of events, which is deemed “a new beginning for all.”  Well, hopefully not for Hollie, who needs to go no matter how good she may be this week.  Ryan then does a short tribute to Dick Clark, which felt inevitable given that he has been touted for the last ten years to be the new Dick Clark, and he has done a good job already of taking over.  RIP, Dick Clark.

Tonight’s themes are one song from today and one song from “back in the day” from Soul Train.

Hollie – “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele
OK.  I vote her out simply for choosing an Adele song.  She clearly learns nothing week-to-week.  That being said, it was her best performance in ages.  She didn’t look terrified, likely because she wasn’t in the bottom three last week.  I fear that in the new world order, she may last a lot longer than anyone thought she would.

Colton – “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga
Bad song choice, Colton.  It doesn’t work to go down an octave in all those parts.  Blech. The judges again like him more than I do.  I promise that Tommy Hilfiger did not outfit him tonight.

Elise – “No One” by Alicia Keys
Great choice of song.  She looks beautiful tonight and is treated to a wind machine to enhance the aura around her.  I thought she was great.  America isn’t likely to.  I agree with Jennifer that when she smiles it really opens her up.

Phillip – “You’ve Got It Bad” by Usher
Phillip is BACK.  As Jennifer said “That was so sexy.”  Randy says that this year there is a true artist on the stage.  He has not one thing whatsoever to worry about.

Jessica – “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys
RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.  Ridiculous.  How could the judges have not given her a standing-o after they just gave Phillip one?

Skylar – “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga”
Cool version of the song.  And I love Skylar.  But not my favorite of her performances.

Joshua – “I Believe” by Fantasia
Mantasia does Fantasia!!!!  Hard for me to listen to anyone else sing this song, since I (embarrassingly) know every nuance of Fantasia’s version.  I mean, he did a great job.  And he got a standing-o from the judges.  I love you Joshua.  But it’s ‘Tasia’s version that will always make me cry.

Hollie – “Son Of A Preacher Man” by Dusty Springfield
A very strongly sung, largely soul-free version of Son of A Preacher Man.

Colton – “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire
A very, very cool arrangement of September.  Basically a completely different song – in a good way.  Pretty shocked by the judges’ very tepid reaction.  I thought it was one of his most creative and well-done performances to date.

Elise – “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
Come on, you idiot judges.  Stand up for the woman.  That was great.  They basically skewered her, and I think sealed her fate.

Phillip – “In The Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett
Magnetic, fun, sexy Phillip is back.  I’m buying tickets to his concert.


Jessica – “Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding
Just stop the competition right now.  This woman can sing ANYTHING.  Come on.  How ridiculous that she won’t wear the crown.

Skylar – “Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
Again, good Skylar performance.  Not my favorite.

Joshua – “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke
Way more transformational for me than his version of “I Believe”.  The judges gave him a standing-o, but I suspect that it was driven in part by the need to school America into saving him this week.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Jessica – “Fallin'”
  2. Joshua – “A Change Is Gonna Come”
  3. Jessica – “Try A Little Tenderness”
  4. Phillip – “In The Midnight Hour”
  5. Joshua – “I Believe”
  6. Phillip – “You’ve Got It Bad”
  7. Elise – “Let’s Get It On”
  8. Colton – “September”
  9. Elise – “No One”
  10. Skylar – “Heard It Through The Grapevine”
  11. Hollie – “Rolling In The Deep”
  12. Hollie – “Son Of A Preacher Man”
  13. Skylar – “Born This Way”
  14. Colton – “Bad Romance”

My Results Predictions:

Well, all bets are pretty much off after last week.  That being said…

  • Colton and Phillip are SAFE SAFE SAFE.
  • Elise will most DEFINITELY and undeservedly be in the bottom three once more.
  • Based on last week’s shocker, Hollie will not be going home
  • While she may not escape the bottom three this week, Jessica most likely will not go home because her supporters will vote like mad.

Other than that, tough to say anything that would be reliable.  Bottom three should be Hollie, Skylar, and Colton, but Elise will take one of their places, and Jessica or Joshua are just as likely to fall back in as well.

My prediction to go home tomorrow night is Elise.  Boy, is Hollie lucky Elise doesn’t connect with America.

Wertheim out.

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American Idol Recap – Top 7 Results Show INSANITY

April 12, 2012 1 comment

The top 7 open the show performing Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”.  Hilarious moment with Phillip and Colton on “Why So Serious?”

First up…

Hollie and Jessica
Jimmy says they both have good voices, but Hollie is contrived, stiff, and not in the right place.  I have a bad feeling about this one for some reason.  Looks like they are doing the old two group thing.  Ryan sends Hollie to one side and Jessica to another.

Performance by James Durbin!  He’s a blond now.  And as I predicted last season, now that he’s singing his own songs, I have no interest.  Sorry, James.  You’re very talented, but it’s not my thing.  He got married and Stefano was his best man!

Next up…

Phillip & Elise
Jimmy thinks that both will be in the bottom three tonight.  Phillip is such a mensch.  Phillip is sent to join Hollie and Elise is sent to join Jessica.

Performance by JHud and Neyo.  Damn she looks good, aside from that animal that seems to have crawled up and died on her head.  Always good for non-winning former Idols to come back on a results night.  Has to take some of the sting off of whoever gets voted out.

Next up…

Colton & Joshua
Jimmy thinks they both did well last night.  He’s in on both of them.  Joshua is sent to stand with Jessica & Elise and Colton is sent to stasnd with Hollie & Phillip.

Skylar is left, which must mean she’s safe.  Jimmy is afraid she could get left behind because she’s subtle, but he loves her.  Yup.  Skylar is SAFE.

Ryan asks her to go with the group she thinks is safe and of course she is smart enough not to choose anyone.


Bottom three are Joshua, Jessica, and Elise.  Yup, America.  I knew you would have to break your normal streak at some point.  You brought the insanity tonight.  The fact that Hollie would not be in the bottom three is shameful.  Even more shameful, however, is Randy’s comment:  “11 seasons of doing this show I have never seen this happen.  This is a ridiculous bottom three.  I’ve never said this – America – they got it wrong tonight.  They got it so wrong.”  Um…Randy – did Jennifer Hudson not JUST vacate the stage?  Do you honestly not remember the night when JHud went home after she found herself in the bottom three with Fantasia and LaToya London?  Really?  This is the FIRST time America has gotten it wrong?  How do you even take yourself seriously?

Steven jumps the gun and says that the Judges are going to use their save tonight, saying what everyone already knew, but ruining any suspense that someone might go home.

Joshua is SAFE
Elise is SAFE

Jessica Sanchez is the lowest vote-getter.  Jesus.

Jessica starts her “sing for your life” moment, but the judges rush the stage, force her to stop, send her to safety and implore America to get its act together.  Randy tells the audience that Jessica is one of the best singers in America and that America should be voting for the BEST.  Boy, are these producers scared.

Let me say that I have really gained a lot of respect for Jessica in the past few weeks.  She handles this news with a ridiculous amount of composure.  Ridiculous.  She really does seem prepared for whatever was going to happen.  And you know, I think she’s a smart cookie.  She knows, as do we, that winning this thing is no guarantee of success (AHEM – LEE DEWYZE), and that being ejected even unceremoniously early (AHEM – JHud who Jessica is MOST LIKE and who is THERE TONIGHT) is no impediment to success.  This woman will be successful whatever happens in her life, because she just isn’t going to let anything get in her way.  Kudos to her.  She’s got my vote.

So what have we learned tonight?

  1. Colton and Phillip are most definitely the front-runners.  It may actually now be impossible for anyone but a cute white man to win this competition.  And no question, the Idol producers are going to be throwing as many obstacles in their way as possible in the next few weeks, because a win by either of these two, despite their talent. will likely be the final nail in Idol’s coffin.  Just not possible to pretend that other types of contestants will ever have a chance if either of these gents win.
  2. Neither Jessica nor Joshua are going to win this thing.  America is racist.  And America certainly ain’t voting for the best singer to win this competition.  Both will likely be safe next week due to the wake-up call tonight will provide to their fans.  But I don’t think that wake-up call will overcome what got them where they were tonight in the first place.
  3. Elise doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.  She has been in the bottom more times than Randy says stupid things.  Good for her for constantly having comebacks.  But it doesn’t spell “winner”.
  4. Skylar has a fighting chance.  With Jessica and Joshua so vulnerable and with her safe result tonight, Skylar could be the only chance of toppling the white gents.  The Idol producers have to know this by now and are likely to pump her up as a real contender.  Hey, I could live with this result.

I really don’t know who is voting for Hollie at this point.  I think it must just be folks who feel badly for her.  The fact that she didn’t even make the bottom three tonight was shameful.  But she still ain’t gonna win.

I’m not sure why I lulled myself into thinking America got a brain this season.  Despite the great way it was going so far, something like this had to happen.  Remember though – this week there was still a get-out-of-jail-free card.  Next week is the biggie.

Wertheim out.

American Idol Recap – Top 7 Perform

Looks like we’re going to start each episode now with a tribute to the fallen comrade as if there were really any true negative to being voted off of Idol at this stage in the game. Difficult to feel pity for them.

I guess Tommy Hilfiger was upset with his lack of screen time last week, because we’re back in some silly montage with him advising and dressing the contestants. They all looked about as excited to be there as we are to watch.

Tonight the contestants are singing songs from 2010 on forward and the guest host is Akon.

Skylar – “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” by Kellie Pickler
Amazing that little Kellie Pickler has folks singing her songs nowadays. Go Skylar!!! Girl has really raised her game the last couple of weeks. I agree with Jimmy – she didn’t need the guitar. It didn’t enhance her performance at all. But she still shined. Judges gave her deserved props.

Colton – “Love The Way You Lie” by Skyler Gray
They are setting up a Colton vs. Phillip competition. Um…no competition there. Would it be blasphemous of me to say that Colton could take some lessons from the Brackensickness on switching between chest voice and falsetto? Eww. Aside from that, it was good and solid. Thing is, dude is just not interesting enough to sustain. But he does know how to stare into the camera. Steven heard something I don’t and is dreaming of Colton singing his own songs. I just wish he would shave that skunk off of his head.

Elise & Phillip – “Somebody I Used To Know” by Gotye
Love. Judges all gave Elise more props than Phillip. I loved the way he performed this one. And I love what a mensch he is saying repeatedly that Elise is a better singer than he is. Love. And I love that Elise is finally getting some respek.

Jessica – “Stuttering” by Jasmine Sullivan
Great to see Jessica not yoked by a legendary song. Simply flawless. Amazing. And thankfully not a drop of pageant queen in her this week. Jennifer wants Jessica to take her on a ride.

Joshua – “Run Away Baby” by Bruno Mars
Mantasia just turned 20 and gets a video greeting for none other than Fantasia. Will my dream come true of a Fantasia-Mantasia duet in the finale? Jimmy and Akon both talk about Joshua’s humility, which I agree is a big part of his appeal. So great to hear him do an uptempo song and have some fun. And it earned him the night’s first standing-o! This guy truly is Mantasia.

Colton & Skylar – “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by Kelly Clarkson & Jason Aldean
Also known as Skylar harmonizes with some dude. I mean, girl is singing Kelly Clarkson REALLY well. I’m buying her country album. It was just ok for the Dawg. As if we care.

Hollie – “Perfect” by Pink
Hollie singing Pink? Wait – Hollie is still here? A good reminder that the weakest performer left in the competition still really SING. A little above the pitch I think. Jennifer started out telling her she was beautiful and that they would see how it all pans out. Oh boy. It wasn’t perfect for Steven either. Thank you Randy for saying she was better than last week, because she was. The judges are clearly trying to pave the way for her exit, which seems all but assured this week.

Phillip – “Give A Little More” by Maroon 5
Not sure why there was an old lady playing sax on the side of the stage. I agree with JLo that it was a little underwhelming for Phillip Phillips and that she has seen this performance before. But at least this week he was on pitch!

Hollie, Jessica, & Joshua – “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson
Firstly, why muss up last week’s dynamic duo with Hollie. Secondly, poor Hollie for being paired with the dynamic duo. Although apparently, Hollie & Joshua are “besties”. Actually, the only one who really stood out to me on that one was Joshua. Three people was unnecessary for that song.

Elise – “You And I” by Gaga
Jason Segel recorded a video message for Elise telling her he loves her. Awwww. Elise brings echoes of Haley Reinhart with her choice of song (remember how Haley was skewered for slaying a then-unknown song authorized for pre-release by Gaga?). I am not sure I agree with Steven that it was “brilliant”, and I’m not even sure I preferred it to Haley’s version last year, but it was very strong and enjoyable and should keep Elise safely above Hollie.

My Ranking of Tonight’s Performances:

  1. Jessica
  2. Joshua
  3. Skylar
  4. Elise & Phillip
  5. Elise
  6. Colton & Skylar
  7. Colton
  8. Phillip
  9. Hollie, Jessica, & Joshua
  10. Hollie

Who’s Going Home This Week

Hollie. Need I say more?

I guess a little. Elise will be in the bottom three again to be joined for the first time by either Colton or Phillip, unless their voting blocks are so strong that Skylar drops in. Hard to say at this stage for sure.

I also think that on the off chance that Hollie escapes elimination, the judges will use their save.

Please Help Me Out:
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Wertheim out.

American Idol Recap – Top 8 Results

We begin the show with a premiere of JLo’s new video.  Snoozzzz.

Jessica & Joshua
Jimmy gives Joshua 10’s all around.  Jimmy thinks Jessica needs to pick better songs.  Jessica said the ridiculous “unfortunately there weren’t a lot of songs from the ’80’s that fit my voice.”

Joshua – SAFE
Jessica – SAFE

Skylar & Colton, Hollie & DeAndre
Jimmy says that Skylar is now in the Hollie/Jessica power-voice competition.  Jimmy thinks Colton was good last night, but not great.  Jimmy thinks Hollie is approaching this as a high school performer and that she didn’t even give a good high school performance last night.  Jimmy completely agrees with me on DeAndre.  Not feeling it.

DeAndre – Bottom Three
Colton – SAFE
HollieBottom Three

Kellie Pickler performs.

Elise & Phillip
Jimmy agreed with me – Phillip’s worst performance of the entire show.  Hard for him to push himself when everyone just tells you you’re great.  Jimmy agreed that Elise wasn’t great in her performance.

Elise – Bottom Three
Phillip – SAFE

So the bottom three is as expected – Hollie, Elise, and DeAndre.  Hollie is shockingly immediately sent to safety, with Elise & DeAndre remaining as we head toward commercial.  I have a terrible sinking feeling…

Which was not correct!

Elise is SAFE!!!

And DeAndre, who barely tried in his “sing for your life” moment is finally GOING HOME.  The Brackensickness has finally ended.

And to the one DeAndre supporter out there, let me be clear.  I agree that DeAndre has a lot of potential, and could be commercial.  He is just not nearly there yet, and the Brackensickness was just taking out folks who were a lot more ready.

America, you got it right once again.  Next week – send Hollie home.

Wertheim – out.

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