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American Idol Recap – Top 8 Results

We begin the show with a premiere of JLo’s new video.  Snoozzzz.

Jessica & Joshua
Jimmy gives Joshua 10’s all around.  Jimmy thinks Jessica needs to pick better songs.  Jessica said the ridiculous “unfortunately there weren’t a lot of songs from the ’80’s that fit my voice.”

Joshua – SAFE
Jessica – SAFE

Skylar & Colton, Hollie & DeAndre
Jimmy says that Skylar is now in the Hollie/Jessica power-voice competition.  Jimmy thinks Colton was good last night, but not great.  Jimmy thinks Hollie is approaching this as a high school performer and that she didn’t even give a good high school performance last night.  Jimmy completely agrees with me on DeAndre.  Not feeling it.

DeAndre – Bottom Three
Colton – SAFE
HollieBottom Three

Kellie Pickler performs.

Elise & Phillip
Jimmy agreed with me – Phillip’s worst performance of the entire show.  Hard for him to push himself when everyone just tells you you’re great.  Jimmy agreed that Elise wasn’t great in her performance.

Elise – Bottom Three
Phillip – SAFE

So the bottom three is as expected – Hollie, Elise, and DeAndre.  Hollie is shockingly immediately sent to safety, with Elise & DeAndre remaining as we head toward commercial.  I have a terrible sinking feeling…

Which was not correct!

Elise is SAFE!!!

And DeAndre, who barely tried in his “sing for your life” moment is finally GOING HOME.  The Brackensickness has finally ended.

And to the one DeAndre supporter out there, let me be clear.  I agree that DeAndre has a lot of potential, and could be commercial.  He is just not nearly there yet, and the Brackensickness was just taking out folks who were a lot more ready.

America, you got it right once again.  Next week – send Hollie home.

Wertheim – out.

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